Turkish media: Cleaning up Russian mercenaries in Libya has become a necessity

Clearing Sirte and Al-Jufra airbase from Russian mercenaries is becoming a necessity. This was stated by the representative of the PNS, Muhammad Kanunu, according to the Turkish agency Anadolu.

Kanunu emphasized that Sirte, as the site of the concentration of Russian mercenary servicemen who were defeated by the Saraj army in Tripoli and Tarhun, has become the most dangerous place in Libya.

The PNS representative also noted that the Wagner PMC fighters created a large command center at the Al-Jufra airbase to take control of oil fields in southern Libya.

Recall that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said last week that Cairo, if necessary, could begin open hostilities in Libya. Al-Sisi considers such interference in Libyan affairs legal at the international level. He also mentioned that the seizure by the PNS fighters of the air base in Sirte and Al-Jufra is a “red line” calling on his army to be ready to carry out any military mission.

The UN recognizes the government in Tripoli, led by Faiz Saraj as the legitimate state power. In March, the PNS launched Operation Peace Storm Against Haftar to counter the Marshal’s attacks on the capital. Recently, government forces liberated strategically important points in Libya, including Tarhuna, the last stronghold of the LNA in the western part of the country.
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  1. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 29 June 2020 16: 29
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    Cleaning up Russian mercenaries in Libya has become a necessity.

    If there will be no betrayal, as in Syria, you are tormented by cleaning!
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Online
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 29 June 2020 18: 36
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      Not at all. They just mixed up with delight. The Libyan oil industry is controlled by American special forces. From the overthrow of Gaddafi.
      But Sirte and the rest are cleaned up - the Turks are not yet aware of where to meddle and where not to.
    2. Petr0vi4 Kirill Offline
      Petr0vi4 Kirill (Petr0vi4 Kirill) 30 June 2020 01: 01
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      Shots allegedly destroying "400 or 500 Wagnerites" - shots from a computer game.
      If you really look at them, turning on your brains (if they, of course, are), anyone will see that this is not a real shooting, namely a comp. game (AC-130 is called, sort of like).
      In Russia, PMCs are prohibited by law.
      1. Arkharov Offline
        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 30 June 2020 08: 16
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        Do not make me laugh....
    3. Michael1950 Offline
      Michael1950 (Michael) 1 July 2020 03: 15
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      How will it not be ?! You’re always betrayed by you ...
  2. Petr0vi4 Kirill Offline
    Petr0vi4 Kirill (Petr0vi4 Kirill) 30 June 2020 00: 54
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    Urin's trolls (and bulk cargoes praying at them), Sriel's trolls, Tri-ebaltics trolls (and other pro-banana "banana tribes"), relish and chew the lies about the "dead 400 Wagnerites"; and in New Russia, and in Syria, and in Libya, and in Limpopo.
    And even in the Schiaparella conflict (this is the Martian Republic - on the Sisyphus plateau near the Darwin crater on Mars), under the protection of the tyrant Barmaley, Wagnerites were killed more than 100 thousand ..
    But seriously, the first mention of the unknown and mythical “Wagner group” dates back to 2014, to the height of the invasion of the Urin Nazis in New Russia.
    Despite the fact that no one can reasonably say at least any factual data about the structure of the fictional "Wagner PMC", about its leadership and military tasks.
    Let me remind you - PMCs are prohibited in Russian law.
    Nevertheless, the story of a certain “Russian private military company” was picked up by both pissed off Urinsky and Western resources, as well as the defenders of Donbass, who perceived the reports about the “Wagner group” as the actions of free shooters on guard of the Russian World.
    Information about the actions attributed to the “Wagner” and his team is filled with fakes and rumors. So, the “Wagner fighters,” the media were sent to any possible hot spots, across all continents (and to other planets) - while no one could say with absolute certainty that they were really “Wagner”.
    This alone, should lead to the suspicion that there is no mention of any “Wagner group”.
    Rumors and gossip - with these words you can describe everything that runs around the history of the “Wagner group”. The main questions, of course, are caused by the personality of the “Wagner” itself — the liberal pro-mass media, attributed this nickname to Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Utkin, allegedly the commander of the 700th detachment of the 2nd brigade of the Special Operations Directorate of the GRU, stationed in the Pskov region.
    After the appearance of Dmitry Utkin in the Kremlin at a reception in honor of Heroes of the Fatherland Day, the opposition media literally choked in hysteria, painting the history of the nonexistent PMC.
    However, a number of contradictions come in here: firstly, Dmitry Utkin did not serve in this unit, his name is not mentioned in the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
    And secondly, after the reception in the Kremlin, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Utkin was indeed at the reception - but as a gentleman of the Order of Courage and a representative from the Novgorod region.
    Naturally - because the officer served in the internal troops.
    It must be understood that the personality of the mythical “Wagner”, as well as all the actions that are described as the operations of his PMCs, have either the nature of frank legends or fiction of the media.
    Often there is a situation when the operations of ordinary Russian military special forces and MTR are presented as actions of the “Wagner group”.
    For example, the mythical heroes of our day are credited with disarming the Urin soldiers during the Crimean events of 2014. Moreover, the assault on Palmyra in March 2016, which was carried out by the Syrian army with the support of our MTRs, was also attributed to the “Wagner attack aircraft”. Nevertheless, not a single source - not among the Syrian soldiers, and even less so in the Ministry of Defense, reports that the mythical PMC fought or is fighting on Syrian soil.
    As Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Market Studies, noted in a conversation with the Nation News media, the Wagner PMC myth was so widely known, first of all, thanks to the Urin information resources that tried to seize the West with new claims against Russia.
    “It was a kind of sensational information, which was used by a certain kind of press. In the West they grabbed onto this story very much - it was beneficial for them to increase the list of claims against Russia for actions in Syria. At the same time, private military companies have a rather odious fame for In the West: to recall the same infamous Blackwater, and to seize that Russia allegedly has PMCs in Syria was extremely beneficial, but the myth of PMC Wagner is untenable in the first place because Russian legislation does not provide the creation of such structures.
    In Russia, there are structures of a conditionally similar type (PSC and PSO) - but they do not engage in special operations and combat operations. Thus, the story of the “Wagner group” that allegedly participated in the assault on particularly significant fortified areas in Syria is nonsense, since even classic PMCs are primarily concerned with security issues.
    The problem is that we do not have a law on private military companies - and accordingly, it is problematic to talk about the presence of PMCs as such. We have companies of a similar type that operate under contracts with Western private military companies - but we do not have exactly the same companies, because there is no law on PMCs. In addition, PMCs are being established as a commercial enterprise for the implementation of security.
  3. kriten Offline
    kriten (Vladimir) 30 June 2020 12: 50
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    Another confirmation that the main patron of terrorists should not be taken as counterterrorism allies.
  4. AlexisCrow Offline
    AlexisCrow 30 June 2020 17: 14
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    If the Russians are really there - it ... they can not only clean the Turks, but ...
  5. Alexander Kharlamov (Alexander Kharlamov) 1 July 2020 09: 46
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    PMCs are prohibited in Russia !!! But in the USA it is just a thriving business. And they recruit any rabble from all over the world. So what kind of Russian mercenaries are we talking about is not clear.