Russia is trying to convict of a new radiation leak

An increase in the level of radiation was recorded in the sky over Scandinavia, according to the Norwegian online newspaper The Barents Observer, specializing in events in the Arctic.

It is believed that it (a radioactive cloud - ed.) Came from Russia

- wrote the publication, trying to convict Russia of a new radiation leak.

The publication noted that in the period from June 2-8, two radiation monitoring stations detected iodine-2020 in the atmosphere in the Norwegian Kirkenes region, near the Russian border and on the Spitsbergen archipelago.

Now we are very closely monitoring the readings of our air monitoring system

- said from the Norwegian nuclear and radiation safety regulatory authority DSA.

The DSA clarified that the radiation level is extremely small, it only slightly exceeds the minimum limit of sensitivity of devices.

At the same time, the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) recorded insignificant levels of cobalt, ruthenium and cesium radionuclides (cobalt-16, ruthenium-17, cesium-2020 and cesium-60) on June 103-134, 137.

Now it’s impossible to say what could become a source for elevated levels

- The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SRSA) said in an official statement.

The SRSA emphasized that the level of radiation is low and does not pose a danger to people and the environment. For clarity, all Scandinavian departments refused to speculate about the source. In addition, Rosenergoatom Concern JSC claims that there were no accidents or harmful emissions at the nuclear power plants of the North-West Federal District.

But the Norwegian publication was not at a loss and turned to "ecologists-grant-eaters." Thus, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands (RIVM) informed that "the radionuclides came from Russia." In turn, the Russian branch of Greenpeace went even further and stated that the source of radioactivity is the Russian nuclear reactor or spent nuclear fuel (SNF).
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  1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 28 June 2020 16: 13
    And green letters in Russia have not yet been closed? How tired of these cries of ecology. If you want to protect nature - do not touch plants and animals with your paws, take off your clothes and go into the desert, sprinkling your silly head with ashes, just don’t shout about protecting nature from a boat that you sail on water waving a poster made from cut down trees, do not spray paint on a fence about unity with nature. Hypocrites! Selling hypocrites!
    1. Konstantin Brykov (Konstantin Brykov) 29 June 2020 10: 25
      I agree completely. It has long been no longer environmentalists, but a powerful political force. As for the supposedly cloud of radiation - this is just nonsense. They planned something, it is unclear who wrote and pointed a finger towards Russia. And that’s it, type of wine is proven. Bullshit at all. Nothing exploded here, and this is not the first attempt to denigrate the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation in this way.
  2. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow 28 June 2020 16: 14
    Maybe it came from Japan? I remember, the nuclear power plant exploded.
  3. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 28 June 2020 20: 26
    This is not radiation - this is ALL coronavirus from the USA ..
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 June 2020 10: 23
    Just the other day they announced the testing of cruise missile nuclei.
    Coincidence? I do not think.