“Russian systems will threaten us”: Chinese media on the purchase of S-400 by India

India seeks to strengthen its air defense to match China amid growing tensions between the countries on the border in the Himalayas, writes the oldest Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

The publication notes that after the clashes in June 2020 between the military of the two countries in the disputed territories, New Delhi and Beijing are pulling reinforcements to the border. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Defense of India, Rajnath Singh, against the background of aggravation of relations with China, arrived in Moscow to convince Russia to expedite the delivery of the S-400 Triumph air defense system. India should receive the complexes by December 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their production slowed down. The contract value is $ 5,2 billion.

Russian systems will threaten us

- confident in SCMP.

According to analysts, the combination of the S-400 with the existing aircraft in India could pose a threat to China.

The last time a border dispute broke out between China and India in 2017, when Indian forces and the PLA staged a two-month confrontation in Doklam, claimed by both China and Bhutan, an ally of India. But the recent confrontation in the Galvan Valley, in Kashmir, has become the worst in recent decades. According to available information, at least 20 Indian soldiers died. How many Chinese have died is unknown.

China is actively strengthening its grouping at the border by sending Z-20 helicopters, modified J-10C and J-11B fighters, Wing Loong II multipurpose drones, 99A and Type 15 tanks, Dongfeng (DF) missiles and even J-20 invisible fighters .

The S-400 is unable to shoot down the Chinese DF-10 and Changjian-100 cruise missiles or the DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missiles. His biggest contribution could be to protect the area near the capital of New Delhi in the event of a war.

- Liang Guolyan, a military expert from Hong Kong believes.
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  1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 25 June 2020 16: 42
    China, it seems, arranged firing from its Russian S-400? They know what it is about ... They even tried 2 times ...
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 June 2020 17: 08
    Russia can now sell one weapon for $ 40-50 billion a year. If I could produce. And we don't have enough to produce ourselves. Air defense systems are sold out like hot cakes. India's request only confirms this. So what's the deal? And the fact is that it takes more to create brains (personnel) than to sell. Unified State Exam-shniki rule!
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 25 June 2020 19: 05
      Russia can now sell one weapon at $ 40-50 billion per year.

      My plus to you ... - You set out correctly ...
      - But the fact is that ... that Russia does not need money ...
      - Well, here ... before, money was needed to help the Russian defense industry survive; to help her stay afloat; to help her survive, etc ...
      - We all believed in this version ...- And personally, I also believed in it ...
      - But in reality, everything is far from being so ...
      - The population of Russia was simply instilled with a "kind of national idea" (a kind of national idea) ... - Gold, silver ??? - Green ???
      - Yes, Russia just bathes in money ...- just does not know where to put it ... - Russia does not know what to do with its money ... - There are so many that they do not even have time to plunder it ...
      - In Russia, money is dead capital, which is not used anywhere ... - Well, it’s not for the population to just give out this money ...- Hahah ...
      - But a legend has long been created that Russia just needs "import investments" like air ...
      - Yes, even these investments from Russia are in bulk ... - These investments come to Russia and ... and literally "collide with their heads" with the colossal Russian unclaimed money ... - After which these investments are partially plundered in Russia; and then they go abroad again ...
      - For a long time there has been such an international financial business ... - And foreign crooks have already come to taste along with Russian crooks ...
      - And why in Russia to bring their goods and weapons, including ...
      - No, well ... of course, they continue to produce weapons ... in small batches ...- for sale ... - But they create more visibility ... - two or five planes a year; 10-15 tanks per year; a couple of dozen UAVs in ten years, etc ... - a lot of equipment is ordered abroad .... and Russia does not skimp and bargain ... - it pays at an expensive price (although it can produce a lot by itself) ... - Well, in bulk ... - why not spend it ......
      -Yes, Russia today could sell its weapons for $ 40-50 billion a year ... - But where to put them ??? - Factories in Russia are not going to run at full capacity ... - Two or three dozen powerful factories are operating throughout Russia ...- that's all ... - So where to put this money ???
      - So the criminal governors and officials find themselves in whole cellars full of cash ... - literally ...- tons of money ....- any bank will simply envy ... - So this is cash ... - And how much is on the accounts. ..
      - So the new weapons enter the Russian army in tiny batches ... - and more and more are trying to send them for export ...
      - But in general it is not very profitable to produce it ...- and so much money ...- they just lie unclaimed ...
  3. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 25 June 2020 18: 16
    “Russian systems will threaten us”: Chinese media on the purchase of S-400 by India

    It's okay, get used to it. Armenians also did not find a place with Azerbaijanis. All right. No, but if you can’t afford it, buy everything instead of Indians. Business something. For a couple of dozen lard of American money per year. Pay and we will only sell to you.