How can Russia respond to the appearance of American boats in Azov

The patrol ship of the Diamond project. Photo: Alexey Fedorov /

As part of the navy of Ukraine in 2020 may appear the US military boat Mark VI. Washington will sell 16 such ships to Kiev armed with AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II) missiles, as well as heavy machine guns. How can Russia respond to the appearance of American boats on the Sea of ​​Azov?

Former Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Kravchenko believes that so far there is no need to create a separate Azov flotilla as part of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) of the Russian Federation. According to the ex-admiral, the available combat capabilities are quite enough to neutralize any threats of a potential enemy, including from Ukraine.

The zone of military operations of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia includes the waters of the Mediterranean, Black and Azov Seas. The structure of the Navy is built so that Russian ships can cope with any threats in the region. The resources of the Russian Navy are quite enough on Azov

- emphasized Viktor Kravchenko in an interview RIA News.

To ensure the safety of the Sea of ​​Azov, in particular, the use of the reserves of the Novorossiysk Naval Base in Temryuk is envisaged. Kravchenko also noted that the border forces of the FSB of Russia operate in the coastal area.

The forces of the Federal Security Service are armed with patrol boats of project 12200, which can be equipped with the Vikhr-K missile and artillery complex. It includes 4 anti-tank guided missiles "Whirlwind" with a launch range of 4 km, as well as 30-mm six-barreled automatic artillery mount AK-306.

Project 12200 patrol boat. Photo: Alex omen /

The FSB also has several patrol ships of Project 22460 Brilliant (in the main photo). The armament of the ship will be especially dangerous for American-made boats. The AK-630 six-barreled artillery mount, which has an incredible rate of 5000 rounds per minute, is capable of taking Mark VI out of combat operation in a short burst. In addition, the ship is equipped with machine guns of various calibers, as well as electronic warfare systems. If necessary, the guard can be equipped with anti-ship missiles X-35U "Uranus".
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  1. Do not let them into the Sea of ​​Azov - let them complain! Here is the best way out!
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 25 June 2020 09: 05
    How can Russia respond to the appearance of American boats in Azov

    Russia can respond by patrolling a series of Russian ekranoplanes over the surface of the Black and Azov Seas ... - There ekranoplanes would be useful ideally ...
  3. _AMUHb_ Offline _AMUHb_
    _AMUHb_ (_AMUHb_) 25 June 2020 11: 48
    The main thing is that the latches work, and the rest is dust ...
  4. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) 25 June 2020 19: 17
    It is necessary to re-equip the border ships now, and not wait until "a roasted cock bites in the ass."
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 June 2020 20: 20
      The Sea of ​​Azov is shallow and closed, boats, even if American, will not make the weather, all the more so since the entrance can always be blocked, and the Americans will not climb into a trap fraught with clashes over Ukrainians. For the Azov coastal complexes in the Kerch Strait and border guards for riders are enough ...
      1. Don36 Offline Don36
        Don36 (Don36) 29 June 2020 13: 39
        Bandera boats in the near future may receive missile weapons, and this will give them superiority over the border boats of the Russian Federation. Skakuas could be pressed even after the capture of the Crimean fishing seiner by them, but there weren’t any heroes in Moscow to give the order ... they were afraid to offend partners, damned. I don’t want the border guards of the Russian Federation to pay for the greed and stupidity of the leadership of the Russian Federation ... You don’t have such people at the front and Putin will not send your daughter to the border troops on the Sea of ​​Azov, but to save money from other people's lives, to put it mildly, it’s vile . You need to save on Serdyukov and Chubais, and not on the army and border guards!
  5. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 26 June 2020 00: 46
    Overlap the Sea of ​​Azov with oligarch yachts. The Americans will not shoot at their own)))
  6. Homo vulgaris Offline Homo vulgaris
    Homo vulgaris (Homo vulgaris) 26 June 2020 09: 46
    Quote: Citizen Mѣshkov
    Overlap the Sea of ​​Azov with oligarch yachts. The Americans will not shoot at their own)))

    And add to their crews all Euros and Americanophiles))
  7. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 6 July 2020 21: 55
    The most logical quick and cheap solution, in my opinion, would be to replace the AK-306 with a 57 mm naval artillery mount A-220M.
    Instead of rocket launchers, Uranus would have been enough to install launchers with Hermes-K missiles as missile weapons.