T-14 Armata became the largest modern tank in the world

A visual comparison of tanks around the world has appeared on the Web. Moreover, the Russian T-14 Armata turned out to be the largest modern combat vehicle.

The presented schematic images of the size of the tanks were published on the Twitter account of an engineer from Toronto (Canada) Michael Mikhailovich.

On the indicated visualization, the T-14 Armata is compared with other tanks: Type-99 (China), T-84BM Oplot (Ukraine), M1A2 Abrams (USA), Leclerc (France), Merkava ( Israel), "Leopard 2" (Germany). The K2 Black Panther tanks (South Korea), Type 10 (Japan), Challenger 2 (Great Britain) and several others did not participate in the study.

It is demonstrated that “Armata” surpasses all with whom it is compared in length of the case. For clarity, the hull length of this tank is 8732 mm and the height 2700 mm. At the same time, the overall characteristics of other tanks are also known.

The length / height of the tank hull is as follows: "Hold" - 7075 mm and 2285 mm; "Abrams" - 7925 mm and 2400 mm; Leclerc 6880 mm and 2953 mm; Merkava 7450 mm and 2660 mm; Leopard 2 - 7700 mm and 2790 mm. At the same time, the length with the forward gun of the Chinese Type 99 is 10920 mm, and the height is 2200 mm.

This information will help determine how the presented schemes correspond to reality. However, it should be noted that due to all kinds of equipment and weapons installed on the tank towers, their height can vary significantly.
  • Photos used: Alexey Vasilenko / wikimedia.org and https://twitter.com/MihajlovicMike
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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 23 June 2020 15: 06
    The T-14 Armata has become the largest modern tank in the world - is that good? We were constantly told the opposite about our older models.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 23 June 2020 15: 28
      The size does not play a special role here, it is not so much and differs in this comparison, the main thing is to equip the tank with all the necessary defense and defense components, as well as the quality and stability characteristics of the armor against enemy BOPS and ATGMs. Despite its size, our T-14 is inferior in terms of maximum weight to both Abrams and Merkava.
    2. smersh chek Offline smersh chek
      smersh chek (smersh chek) 23 June 2020 18: 46
      T-14 is the lightest 48 t and the most protected for the crew, that is, you can additionally increase the armor by 15 t.
    3. master2 Offline master2
      master2 (Zhora) 24 June 2020 21: 19
      You are absolutely right, all the time in all Soviet and Russian textbooks this was considered one of the main shortcomings, for which Abrams was blamed, and here on you - it turns out that everything is not so.
      1. Metapontum Offline Metapontum
        Metapontum (Alexander) 25 June 2020 10: 52
        Hayali Abramsy for their huge mass and, as a result, slowness!
        Feel the difference:
        Abrams (M1A2) - 62,1 tons. M1A2SEP - 63,1 t.
        And with the TUSK kit (Tank Urban Survival Kit - “Tank Set for Survival in the City”) plus 4-5 tons more.
        Armata (T-14) - 48 tons (maximum allowable, with a TUSK body kit - 53 tons).
        1. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
          Syoma_67 (Semyon) 25 June 2020 21: 37
          As a result, slowness

          - what do you say? And now a question for "experts" - how does Armata, large in size, weigh 15 tons less? Miracles don't happen, where's the catch?
          1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
            Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 5 July 2020 10: 59
            Is that for sure? What is it made of and what is inside with such ease?
    4. Igorzxc Offline Igorzxc
      Igorzxc (igorzxc) 5 July 2020 02: 26
      This is very bad.
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 23 June 2020 15: 27
    This is a fee for an uninhabited tower and an armored separate crew compartment. Previously, two people were sitting in a tower. Therefore, comparison with other tanks is incorrect. Make an uninhabited tower, then compare.
  3. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 23 June 2020 17: 43
    Comparing the dimensions of the "Armata" with the listed tanks makes no sense, because all these tanks are in service, participate in hostilities, are being modernized and equipped with new types of weapons, in short, they are in operation, and the "Armata", as a real combat vehicle, does not exist.
    1. Metapontum Offline Metapontum
      Metapontum (Alexander) 25 June 2020 13: 49
      Strange reasoning! And with what to compare? With a bicycle, or what? Or maybe with a scooter? At all times, military units are compared with military units of the same class, as well as fighters, and submarines, and armored vehicles.
      Even in everyday life, new cars are compared with similar ones in their class.
      So, do not talk nonsense!
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 25 June 2020 16: 44
        Quote: Metapontum
        Strange reasoning! And with what to compare?

        The characteristics of real combat vehicles should be compared, but the Armata tank is not yet one.
    2. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
      Syoma_67 (Semyon) 25 June 2020 21: 58
      Perfectly to the point! However, like the Su-57, of which there are as many as 5 unfinished, but all 144 Raptors are already in a panic, Petrel, who has not even tried to take off, but judging by the cartoon, the White House destroyed Poseidon, which no one saw, but the US coast already under threat, the super "Pantsir-C1", which shot down drones in batches, and the Turks and Israel simply mocked him.
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 26 June 2020 05: 44
        At present, the Russian military-industrial complex, for a number of reasons, is simply not able to successfully implement such large-scale projects, but loud statements, propaganda cartoons, etc. - only unsuccessful attempts to assure the broad masses of Russians that everything is all right, as in that old song popular on the eve of the war: "The armor is strong and our tanks are fast ..."
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 23 June 2020 19: 44
    And the point is to compare something that has long been in the series with what is only being tested and it is not known whether it will go into the series or will only march in parades for Putin.
    1. Metapontum Offline Metapontum
      Metapontum (Alexander) 25 June 2020 14: 06
      Firstly, the parades are not held for Putin, dear man, it would be nice to understand this!
      Secondly, if you really want to get rid of the Russian Armed Forces, then you should go to the Dozhd website, where they will understand you faster. And thirdly, if you do not know, do not understand the topic, then it is better to be silent or chew, it will be more useful.
      T-14 "Armata" after completion went into mass production. The first T-14 production tanks will take part in the parade on Red Square. In addition, the T-16 BMPT Terminator cars entered serial production. Until the end of the year, 12 T-14 Armata tanks and four T-16 BRPTs will enter the troops.
  5. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 23 June 2020 21: 03
    I wonder if there will be comments like "Armata is a good target for an RPG?"
    1. Dear sofa expert. 24 June 2020 20: 45
      I wonder if there will be comments like "Armata is a good target for an RPG?"

      Well, and sound (those) first this topic. For one thing, maybe you will find out why it is better to use PGO (if you can), rather than a laser range finder.
      1. Cyril Offline Cyril
        Cyril (Kirill) 25 June 2020 00: 47
        Well, and sound (those) first this topic.

        What for? I do not apply this argument against foreign armored vehicles.
        1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Hitmaster Offline Hitmaster
    Hitmaster (HitMaster) 24 June 2020 17: 41
    And at the same time the easiest among relatives. Say what you like, but competent booking rules. I think that this is the concept of the 5th generation tank.
  7. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
    Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 24 June 2020 20: 11
    It remains that he was not only the largest, but also the most protected, powerful, etc. But not the most expensive.
  8. master2 Offline master2
    master2 (Zhora) 24 June 2020 21: 16
    Chic target for the FGM-148.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 25 June 2020 08: 13
      Javelin hits from above, and therefore the height of the tank does not play a big role.
      But the range is small. Any modern tank shoots much further, and finding a “javelin” by a laser rangefinder is a matter of technology.
  9. Miron_1 Offline Miron_1
    Miron_1 (Miron 1) 25 June 2020 07: 35
    Deficiency of the author of the material.
    Armata comes with a built-in dynamic protection, which adds a significant amount to the silhouette. For other tanks, dynamic protection used to be an additional package, but two years ago the situation changed. Today, all Abrams are covered with plates of dynamic protection, which makes the silhouette much larger.
    And with this silhouette, everything will change in the opposite direction.
  10. I would, in the place of Comrade Putin, cast aside all doubts and start riveting Armata with a 150 mm gun, and also replenish the stockpiles of atomic shells for her. Then we will gather all this power in Kaliningrad and in case of an OTAN attack we will reach the English Channel in a week!
    PS And to renew the old Soviet junk is an empty matter, you just need to sell it to blacks. But what to take from the CIA general spy, Sir Borisoff!