US ahead of Russia in key scientific field

Darkness continues to thicken around the Russian space industry. Amid a general negative economic The situation in the country announced a serious reduction in funding for Roscosmos programs. The state corporation “missing the budget for the next three years,“ put under the knife ”a promising high-capacity space truck and a Soyuz-150 launch vehicle.

Now the blow has been dealt to domestic engine building from across the ocean. Russian Energomash supplies the United States with engines RD-180 and RD-181, which is a matter of pride for patriots. However, successful work is underway in the United States to create its own engines, which will surpass the Russian counterparts in performance.

RD-180 and RD-181 run on kerosene, but American developers are very close to creating rocket engines that will use methane as fuel. In its consumer properties, gas has advantages over kerosene: it does not produce carbon deposits, is more energy-intensive, cheaper and gives less loads on engine assemblies.

Blue Origin is the most advanced company of American billionaire Jeff Basos, the founder of Amazon. A competitor to SpaceX and Roscosmos is developing a heavy carrier rocket with a carrying capacity of 45 tons and a ship for the future reusable space tourist system. The engine for them, running on methane, called BE-4, as well as all the key components and assemblies, the American company is developing on its own.

The structures of Roscosmos are working on a similar engine, but its appearance is expected no earlier than 2020.
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  1. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
    Syoma_67 (Semyon) 2 June 2018 22: 21
    Is that really the only thing? I understand household appliances, computers, phones, sneakers, etc. they also do pretty well compared to Russia.
    1. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
      Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 3 June 2018 09: 41
      Yeah, you consume one piece of bread and some water, good mister, and shit on your country from anger or what? The whole world works for America, and there are about half a billion people, if not more. Yes, the West imposes sanctions on us so that you do not live well, but are dissatisfied with our president, which you are doing fine.
      1. master3 Offline master3
        master3 (Vitali) 5 June 2018 17: 04
        The question, dear, is not the number of the population but how the country creates the conditions for discoveries, developments and scientific activity. For comparison, in the USA there are 254 Nobel laureates, in the UK - 99, in Germany - 98, in France - 49, in Russia - only 38, and even some of them became laureates, living in Western countries. The numbers speak for themselves. A bad dancer knows what is in the way.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Primoos Offline Primoos
    Primoos 3 June 2018 09: 09
    Everything was gone Lelik! Everything is lost! Tomorrow, pin.dostants will land on Jupiter! Hollywood is already sculpting the scenery!
  3. Vkd dvk Offline Vkd dvk
    Vkd dvk (Victor) 5 June 2018 18: 54
    Strange talk. As for Russia, everything is presented in the past tense, although the future of the US space programs can be seen quite uncertainly. But the authors of these statements consider the future there real. Great, they were disfigured by socialism. Do not distinguish plans from their implementation.
    The present, in my opinion, is flights on engines from Russia. And what will be, we'll see.