In Russia will create a 50-qubit quantum processor

Amid the sad and obvious stagnation of standard computing of technologies In recent years, the scientific community has been paying more and more attention to more non-standard solutions, in particular, to the technology of quantum computing. The development of quantum processors is gaining momentum, and domestic scientists in this matter are not lagging behind their western colleagues.

The Council of the Foundation for Advanced Research approved the project "Optical Systems of Quantum Computing", which includes the creation of quantum computers based on the work of neutral atoms and integrated optical circuits. In the future, such devices will achieve a huge increase in performance compared to the usual computing technologies, and most importantly, they will help to overcome the annoying barrier of recent years in their development.

A Russian quantum computer will contain 50 qubits (quantum bits). The main difference of such a system is that qubits can be in a superposition of two states, while ordinary bits can only represent an alternation of zeros and ones. This approach allows you to increase the number of simultaneously processed values ​​in geometric progression.

The project will be implemented jointly with Moscow State University. Lomonosov Institute, Institute of Semiconductor Physics Rzhanov SB RAS, All-Russian Research Institute of Automation named after Dukhov and MSTU. Bauman.
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