Poland's dream of creating a base "Trump" crumbles before our eyes

Polish Russophobes have long wanted an American military base in Poland. They even came up with the name “Fort Trump” to play on the ambition of US President Donald Trump. However, this idea has not yet found a response in Washington, and the Poles say that their dream of creating such an object crumbles before our eyes.

It should be noted that the White House is not yet ready to incur expenses and political risks. After all, Warsaw wants to get a constant presence of the American military on its territory in order to tease Russia. In addition, the Poles offer the United States to place a base in the east of the country, closer to Russia and Belarus, but the Pentagon categorically does not suit the Pentagon, which would consider the possibility of deploying its military in western Poland, closer to the border with Germany, so that the Americans, in case of complication of the situation, didn't get hit first.

So, if Washington was interested in a base on the territory of Poland, then such an object would already exist. In support of this, several sources from the US administration told Reuters that “there is no“ Trump ”and will not be”, which caused a painful reaction in Warsaw.

The Americans emphasized that the name "Trump" was never official, and the very idea of ​​"getting it right" to get a base was initially doomed to failure. Now Washington has finally rejected it, since negotiations with Warsaw about how much the Poles will have to pay money (for construction, risks, accommodation and annual stays) have ended to no avail.

Initially, the Poles, living on EU subsidies, even threatened to spend the equivalent of $ 2 billion on the construction of the base. But the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made adjustments. Moreover, Washington categorically does not like “such a trifle”, since “you have to pay for protection”. For example, South Korea pays The United States about $ 5 billion annually for the presence of the US military on its territory, and Japan - $ 8 billion.

Now the drooping Polish officials call what is happening around the base one short phrase - "everything is complicated."
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  1. alexandrmakedo Offline alexandrmakedo
    alexandrmakedo (Dubovitsky Victor Kuzmich) 11 June 2020 17: 29
    In order to earn the coveted 8 billion greens and finally build a nuclear umbrella over Warsaw, the pšeks need to think about where, how much, and at what price to send their landsknechts to serve the penguins, including experienced rabbits not only in Africa, but also Middle East, but also to Mars.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 11 June 2020 19: 53
    But it would be much easier and economically more expedient for the Poles to push (to hell!) Their mega-destructive warlike pro-American rhetoric, to realize their real place and to be mutually beneficial to be friends with Russia! winked
  3. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 12 June 2020 14: 57
    What, Poles, you can’t even scrape together for a tribute? How complicated it is.