Crimea becomes exorbitant burden for Putin, confident in the USA

Putin’s decision to “capture” Crimea in 2014 at first aroused unprecedented enthusiasm in Russian society. This event seemed to be the culmination of his reign. However, over time, passions subsided, and the peninsula began to turn into a real burden for the Russian budget. This writes the American publication Atlantic Council.

The price of integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation continues to grow, and this is all the more clearly felt in the era of the coronavirus pandemic and the decline in world oil prices. The Russian authorities have already invested astronomical money in the development of the infrastructure of the peninsula. The biggest article of these expenses was the construction of the Crimean bridge - it cost the treasury of the country about $ 4 billion.

For five years, from 2014 to 2019, Moscow invested about $ 20 billion in this territory. And in some sectors economics growth began. But the tourism sector suffered the most - the main driver of the development of the peninsula. The number of tourists from Ukraine has fallen sharply; almost none come from far abroad countries. Even tourists from the Russian Federation cannot compensate for the fall of this sector of the economy, since Russia is undergoing a recession, and Egypt and Turkey are ready for a serious struggle for the preferences of visitors.

Now one of the biggest problems in Crimea is becoming a shortage of drinking water. Some believe that the Kremlin may try to break the water blockade by force to gain access to the waters of the Dnieper - without desalination stations, it is difficult to assume that there are other methods to solve the water problem.

Atlantic Council experts believe that the peninsula is becoming an exorbitant burden for Putin. This is compounded by the fact that the Russian economy began to lose ground even before COVID-19 and the fall in oil prices. The resources of the state are melting, and many residents of the country are told that they will have to survive without help from above. For these reasons, domestic dissatisfaction with financial injections into the Crimea may be even more aggravated. And if the situation does not improve significantly, the Crimean Peninsula, instead of the subject of national pride of Russians, may turn into a burden for them.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 10 June 2020 18: 47
    It is ridiculous to hear from a country in which they discussed the sale of Montana to Canada, or the state of Alaska of the Russian Federation, in order to somehow pay off their exorbitantly huge external debt !!!
    1. Dima Dima_2 Offline Dima Dima_2
      Dima Dima_2 (Dima Dima) 10 June 2020 21: 02
      Well, they only discuss) But the Russian Empire did sell Alaska)
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 10 June 2020 23: 35
        "Boris Nikolaichi", they are, hmmm ... "democratic". There is no time for them to engage in nonsense. The master said - the master did, they don't throw words to the wind.
      2. oracul Offline oracul
        oracul (leonid) 11 June 2020 07: 23
        With Alaska - a dark story. Either sold or leased, because the defeat in the Crimean War created financial difficulties for the Russian Empire. And the documents referred to disappeared into obscurity.
  2. How touching the care of American crocodiles about the satiety and well-being of Russia! Looks like the face still hurts since 2014!
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 10 June 2020 19: 33
    Washington, as always, is cunning!
    Suffice it hypothetically to imagine that the American plan to transform (Russophobic, ethnogenocidal, post-Maidan "banded" and "Turkified"!) Crimea into its "unsinkable aircraft carrier" would have succeeded - the Black Sea and the entire Black Sea region would be under the complete control of the US and NATO aggressors, with NATO naval base in the Hero City of Sevastopol ... it would be a fatal wound in the hearts of Russians and Russia (incomparable with the Belovezhskaya drunken Crimean "razarok" EBN and his Visor), after such a humiliating Shame the overthrow of the Russian government and the collapse of the country would be inevitable "only a matter of time "!
    It is good that the President of Russia, the State Duma and the General Staff understood this on time!
    And the fact that (at the very last moment, profuc Crimea tongue ) "offended" Washington (as well as very annoying, Ankaran) tryndyat - it's no longer scary!
    The Americans would have introduced their "sanctions" against Russia without "Crimea and Donbass", they would have found (they would have provoked them themselves, even with the help of a plane crash, as they did with MH17, or some "spy, hacker, scandal"! ) another reason for this (how they "find reasons" for their "anti-Chinese sanctions")!
    Desalination plants on the peninsula needed to be built immediately after joining Russia - Russian forecasters and analysts did not show their best! request
    Alas, as in most cases, the Russian authorities do not foresee and do not initiate themselves, but lag behind events, only reacting to other people's "challenges", and even then, not at all "furious" - such a "victim position" naturally "stimulates" even limitrophe countries to new attacks!
    And yet, under the Ukrainian government in Crimea, bureaucratic embezzlement and bribery extremely flourished (it was a "common occurrence"!) - has it changed, after the opportunistic "overshoes in a jump", something for the better "under Russia (at least half of the huge" state investments " , after "distribution" has reached the "intended use" ??!) "?!
    1. Dear sofa expert. 10 June 2020 20: 50
      Almost everything I agree with you. Only in one place:

      Alas, as in most cases, the Russian authorities do not foresee and do not initiate themselves, but lag behind events, only responding to other people's "challenges."

      I would still make a significant amendment, in favor of the Russian leadership.
      You must consider that the enemy of Russia is very, very not simple. The Americans masterfully put up "obstacles", slowing down both the pace and the initiative, forcing Russia to react unprofitable for itself according to the rules of the "game" imposed by them.
      I believe that with such a powerful counteraction, Russia is very worthy of holding the blow. The Crimean question (and with water too) will be solved sooner or later. For some reason I don’t even doubt it.
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 10 June 2020 21: 53
        The Crimean question (and with water too) will be solved sooner or later. For some reason I don’t even doubt it.

        hi I put you a bold Plus! I also have no doubt about this, comrade Dear sofa expert, water desalination plants in Crimea will be built "not too early - late", in the end, through a stump-deck, in an emergency and with hyper-costs "for urgency" - "as always" ! yes
        But you can't be "Emeli on the stove" either, otherwise they say about us that "Russians are strong in hindsight"! In any confrontation, as well as in battle, whoever managed to impose his initiative on the enemy won! In Crimea-2014, the Russian "collective Putin" did succeed at the last moment!
        But relaxed, demagnetized, early - one won battle, this is by no means the entire won war - it is necessary to constantly show and impose on the hostile "partners" their own initiative, "forcing an unconditional peace (surrender - otherwise it will only be a truce before a treacherous attack!)"!
        I, Russian (exactly that "Moskal", whose stoned "natsvidomoe" banderlo, long before the "orange" and "Euromaidan", under the friendly smiles of all Russian "chernomyrdiny-Zurabovs" and immeasurable billion-dollar subsidies to "Ukrainian" Russophobes from the Russian authorities , openly threatened to kill - to take "on knives" and hang "on a gillaka" - and this, almost the same, already openly, is happening in present-day Belarus!) described an outside view from the "country - the limitrophe", the maidan amerokolony " Not Russia ", but you - as it is (allegedly" worthy of a blow ") you see from Russia. request
        1. Dear sofa expert. 10 June 2020 22: 49
          ... one battle won, this is by no means the whole war won

          Well, that is, you understand that Russia’s Crimea is not the only front. The whole centuries-old history of Russia is a struggle. All-round defense. And every part of Russia is its concern. Focusing on one thing is to expose something else. Therefore, slowly, without fuss.

          In any confrontation, as in battle, who managed to impose their initiative on the enemy, he won!

          - This formula is for everyone except Russia. Therefore, neither Napoleon’s plans nor any “barbarossa” work here. Russia is a separate world, or, as they say today, a format. “.. she’s special to become ..” That's it.
          1. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 11 June 2020 00: 22
            hi The minus was not mine - I leveled it with my Plus, as an encouragement to further development and "sharpening thought", comrade Dear sofa expert!
            Alas, while you are not very good at "thinking in a fighting way" - I already see that this is "not the strongest" your side - "not Sun Tzu" even tactically, but my hope dies last and this is by no means "everything. said "! wink
            And, really, to someone, but I don’t need to tell for our Russian World how and why! yes
            The current RF is only a part - its stronghold and it is now under great threat!

            "Formulas of victory" are common for everyone, like them (you are "with the best intentions", or what ?! winked ) "patriotically" or "twist" - while we did not seriously learn this and were engaged in "shapkozakidatelstvom", in a black grouse ranting about our "special thing", then suffered defeats from the Napoleons-Hitlers and others!
            But then, "as always", "pressed against the wall", when there was nowhere to retreat, we "got it in hindsight" and already then firmly stood on the Path of Victory (on this our "regularity" and the Washington "partners" their current "strategies" are building , in every possible way undermining our Russian World from the inside and defragmenting around the edges!)!
            1. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 00: 42
              Tactics, Strategy, "think in a fighting way", "Sun Tzu")).

              Have fun)
              You know, as a Russian, the state is closer to me:

              Living in the mind of absolute power
              With a sacred sensation in us
              Dormant instincts laid from birth
              Ready for awakening at a difficult time.

              Do you know whose lines these are?
              1. beeper Offline beeper
                beeper 11 June 2020 02: 07
                hi And you also amused me after midnight - Plus, definitely! good
                At least Blok (like "yes, we are Scythians, yes, Asians ...") or Tyutchev, these lines clearly do not pull! request
                "The author's promises" are written too head-on and without cerebral delights, almost in an accounting manner (in the poetic style "a la monologues" of the films "Alexander Nevsky", "Brother-1", "Brother-2"), everything is rhymed-listed, us, Russians, which is inherent without any subtext "concealment" - does not at all stimulate the poetics of the imagination.
                This is similar to the carefully, to the smallest detail, drawn by "photographically accurate (with invariably attached own image and at all leaving no space for the audience's imagination!)" Glossy paintings, at one time "shining", "academic" artisan artist Glazunov ... from of the same series of "patriotically win-win-stroking self-esteem" well-made articles "for aesthetic educators" ??! winked
                Google helped to immediately find the verse and its author (with an eloquently "speaking", about "creative ambitions", a literary pseudonym)! yes
                Thank you, comrade. Dear couch expert, it was interesting to read - my hopes for your improvement received additional recharge! drinks
                All the best to you, colleague! hi
                Excuse me for my inappropriate, too pragmatic cynicism and insufficient reverence for the "authorities" - I have had this since childhood, after my own death.
                1. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 09: 46
                  All the best to you, colleague!

                  Wow, how many emotions caused my poem!)))
                  Yes, you're right, of course, I am not Tyutchev, and not Blok. All of them cannot be. Yes and whether it is necessary?
                  And I really (like many here) grew up on films like Alexander Nevsky.
                  The incredible power of this film lies in its stunning imagery, which makes its way into the very depths of the Russian mentality, reinforcing patriotic feelings. This explains the resounding rolling success of this film, both in 1938 and during the re-rental in 1941-1942.
                  It was precisely such masterpieces as this film that at one time gave strength to the Russian people to defeat a terrible enemy. And it was with the image of Nevsky, and not Tyutchev, that the Russian soldier went into mortal combat.

                  And it is the one who understands this - he is, in his soul, a real Russian.

                  Are you trying to position yourself here as “the most Russian of Russians”, and tell me about some “Sun Tzu”?

                  No, dear. The strength of the Russian man is not in “military thoughts”, not in “strategies and tactics”, and not in Chinese wisdom to wave his heels in the face).

                  The strength of the Russian man lies in GREATNESS OF HIS SOUL. There is, you know, such a word - GREAT.

                  When you come to understand the meaning of this word, then you can safely call yourself RUSSIAN!

                  In the meantime, I can only ask you a simpler question: WHY POWER, BROTHER?)
                  1. beeper Offline beeper
                    beeper 11 June 2020 10: 34
                    hi Eco you, predictably - pompously, "suffered (" ... and then Ostap suffered! ")", It was only necessary to "press the buttons", in a black grouse (talk, not hearing your counterpart wink), comrade Dear couch expert, although not at the address (and besides, it is instructive in a neophytic way)))!
                    For the flamboyantly correct (I myself adore such pathos, knocking down a tear, slogans!) A verse and words about truly Russian people, to you, my "the most enlightened teacher" and poet "Alexander Fibonacci", Plus from me! good
                    Now re-read yourself and peer into yourself, through, you, the declared prism of "such a word" - GREAT! yes
                    What do you see in yourself, honestly, admit that discrepancy to yourself (not to me and not to the readers, but, at least in vain, by the way, is this word "familiar" to you, a modern poet) ?! wink
                    In principle, "reconnaissance in force (substitute and" call fire on yourself ")" is an effective "working technique", so you quickly recognize your counterpart - "sho wines for odyn (what is it like)!", But it's easy to run into to the zapadoid from the "natsvidomyh" and other margines, including the Russian, American "liberda-educated" ... dressing up as "leavened patriots." smile
                    1. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 11: 02
                      Now re-read yourself and peer into yourself, through, you, the declared prism of "such a word" - GREAT!

                      Don’t worry so much for me, comrade Pishchak)

                      Even as a “non-Russian”, I remain Russian, and do not be shy about my Russianness.

                      But you, dear, apparently don’t put on a jacket that is not of the size if, even if you find shelter (or salvation?) In Russia, you are embarrassed to become a full-fledged part of this Russian world.

                      Well, yes, comfortable, and unfortunately, recently, a recognizable position.

                      I am not me, and the dupa is not mine. Suddenly, soon again, somewhere will have to run.

                      Indeed, brother (or nevertheless "non-brother")?

                      And your irony about my creative pseudonym is generally inappropriate. My surname is too “conspicuous” to “shine like a star”, but I generously forgive you for this “lifeless misunderstanding”.
                      1. beeper Offline beeper
                        beeper 11 June 2020 11: 44
                        Yes, I’m not worried about you, Dear sofa expert!
                        Although I see that by chance, not out of malice, I have sensitively wounded your "fine mental organization." feel
                        And I am very glad that you "generously forgiven this", because as I have been told more than once - "my language is my enemy", I can be too sarcastic! yes
                        From the context of this your message (as well as your previous ones) I understood that you are exactly (as in that old, still Soviet, joke "about the Chukchi"!) "Not a reader", but a "writer" - because in the texts written to you, information do not learn at all ??! winked
                        What is my "shelter in Russia" - "You sho, you fell from the oak" ?! wassat
                        With all due respect, Couch Expert with a "too conspicuous surname" (what about that "pathetic" Mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, nicknamed Fibonacci, before you - "great ..." ??! smile ) ", stop" sucking out of your finger "about my supposedly" running dupu somewhere "- I sit on my opera, I do not run away and do not" fidget ", despite any threats to my life and life - to the health of my relatives! wink smile
                        Where did I write or expressed that I was "ashamed" that I was Russian (even when the Banderlogists called me in the face and called me "Muscovite", "cotton wool", "Separ", "Colorado" and threatened to kill me - I openly say that I'm Russian!) - this is your public "unfounded presentation", which you cannot "justify" a priori!
                        In the "language of the street", after that to put you a Plus or shake your hand - it is irreversible "to grind", alas ... negative
                        All the best to you, hyper "Russian" you are ours! hi
                      2. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 12: 27
                        ... after that, to put you a Plus or to shake your hand - this is irreversible "grease"

                        Again, get excited, dear) Apparently, you don’t get used to “getting into foolishness” after your thoughtless, arrogant statements.
                        You have already been “clever” about the “lantern rupture” of the Rafal plane), here are your words (I am not generously writing the most pathos of the text):

                        But I thought that the shooting of the general (detachable joints in the glazing is not noticeable, and only a couple of hinges on the entire lamp.

                        - and after I tactfully, not hitting your dignity, I sent you a video, indicating the seconds, where you can see the place of the emergency lantern rupture, you had to "bum" with the words:

                        Thank you for your reply, aka "Dear Sofa Expert"!

                        See how it would happen again in the future with you).
                      3. beeper Offline beeper
                        beeper 11 June 2020 15: 07
                        I see that you, Uv. Sofa expert, you really don't understand the meaning of "this word" - "zashkvar"! request
                        What is yours, even if excessively arrogant, "offending" my dignity and my "cleverness" because of some technical details of the flight incident from a blurry photo and meager details, if you then reasonably complemented the picture of the incident with "Rafal" ?!
                        Didn't I tactfully thank you then for your work in finding and reporting related details, in order to "pat on self-esteem" and stimulate (obviously inclined to commendable perfectionism, a volunteer) to further such "work with nuances" in the interests of the readers of the Site ?! smile
                        Such scrupulous colleagues who provide interesting information or express interesting thoughts, judgments, as well as colleagues who radiate optimism and just cheer up with a funny witty word, I really appreciate and do not hesitate to praise, just as I am not stingy to add - "raise higher in the rating" whenever possible. winked

                        I am not at all touched by your noticeable arrogant "quirks", I treat creative people with low self-esteem (and, as a result, vulnerable pride) with understanding and sympathy, who need to "acknowledge their unique significance" every moment and gladly "stroked" you, do not deny.
                        It’s a pity, of course, that I overestimated your psychological stability and self-criticism, in prompting you to work deeper on yourself - exceeded the dose of criticism, but I know how wounded artists and poets go about satanizing.
                        Although, your patriotic verse praised, only expressed a personal opinion that everything is too "taken into account", as in the accounting report, that, they say, there is no room at all for the flight of the reader's imagination, that everything is somehow mechanically "stuck together", albeit smoothly rhymed into "correct words", but at the expense of poetics ?! And you both "soared" and "rushed over the bumps, not choosing a road" ?! smile

                        We are talking about the current (by no means technical or related to my "cleverness"), "sucked from the finger", your principled one (and these Russian principles of mine have already cost me the health and death of my loved ones, by no means in good Germany!) " presenting "which you a priori in any way and will never be able to" substantiate ", no matter how much" clever "! negative
                        So this is my last communication with you, Uv. sofa expert - t. "greed" by communication with you, for me now "zapadlo (do you know" this word "?!)))"! wink
                      4. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 16: 48
                        You can save your rhetoric, which seems clever to you, for others. You did not impress me with this.

                        It was you who started to pull up and get personal, with your “assessments” of my qualities, even before I showed the poem:

                        Alas, while you are not very good at "thinking in a fighting way" - I already see that this is "not the strongest" side of you - "not Sun Tzu" even tactically.

                        But even after that, mind you, I have not touched your person yet. But your boorish ambitions, apparently, were not enough, and you for me, in general, not hurting you with anything personal, a poem, repeatedly tried to call me "culturally" a fool.

                        Your language, apparently, is actually your enemy. But this is your problem.

                        Regarding the last conversation, I advise you not to promise, because for this, then, apparently, you will have to leave this forum. Because here everyone can express their opinion, regardless of your desire.
                      5. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 17: 12
                        ... I am sympathetic and sympathetic to creative people with low self-esteem

                        They made fun)) You just envied me, right?
                        The fact that I wrote a couple of dozen poems in my life does not make me either a poet or a creative person. I understand this, and therefore this does not affect my self-esteem. I am fine. Family, children, grandchildren, friends, houses, cars, good work .. what else is needed, by your standards, to reach the top of Maslov’s pyramid?)
                        Factories / steamboats, however, no - I repent)

                        Everything else is a hobby. Including being on the VO. If I were looking for self-assertion here, I probably would have also done that I was sitting in a “drawer” and scribbling as long and abstruse / poisonous “soap dishes” as you.
                  2. Dear sofa expert. 11 June 2020 12: 35
                    ... how could that "pathetic" Mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, nicknamed Fibonacci, before you, the "great ..." ??!

                    I have a hobby. It is closely related to the use of the proportions of "Fibonacci numbers." Therefore, opening on “Stichira” (also my hobby) my modest page, he wrote the first thing that occurred to me. Of course, I could call myself some “Elliot Waves”)), but I thought that in the future it would be more difficult for you to understand this).
  4. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 11 June 2020 16: 29
    Squealer, and on the other hand, the instant answer is most often incorrect. Most suitable in politics:

    Revenge is a dish that is served cold.

    And the best revenge would be to "help" the former. Ukrainian SSR drink the cup to the bottom ... to the full bottom ...
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 11 June 2020 19: 28
      hi Yes, okay, comrade A.Lex, we are already drinking (the Russian bourgeois always "help" their Ukrainian colleagues, including fuel and lubricants and spare parts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - even weapons and military equipment left in Crimea were transported in the bloodiest time of fighting in Donbass helping the "Ukrainian" klepto "w / banderas" to suppress our anti-oligarchic Russian Spring as soon as possible, so that it does not spill over to Russia), punching bottom by bottom, like in a nesting doll! yes
      It hurts to watch and I don’t want the same sad amerocolonial share for the former BSSR, no less kindred to me, which the "batskin" anti-Russian "Lithuanians" and "Zmagars" are already pulling to slaughter the West! request
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex 12 June 2020 12: 49
        Yes, the AHL itself helps them to the best of their understanding ...
  • Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 12 June 2020 12: 57
    Quote: pishchak
    It is good that the President of Russia, the State Duma and the General Staff understood this on time!
    And the fact that (at the very last moment, who profiled Crimea) "offended" Washington (as well as very annoying, Ankaran) tryndat is no longer scary!

    A referendum on the Crimea has been preparing for more than one day, everyone knew about it. Do you really think that in the USA they were sitting in a stupor and could not think of anything during this time?
    If desired, he could easily be upset: for example, Kiev could order the Ukrainian units on the peninsula to show armed resistance, blood would flow, journalists would come, the international community would demand an end to the violence and threatened with sanctions. Result: the referendum would simply not be held.
    But why has none of this been done? Maybe Putin was simply allowed to take Crimea, and then impose sanctions for it and upset relations with Ukraine and Europe? ..
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 12 June 2020 14: 50
      hi Dear comrade Sergei Marzhetsky, everything is so, but not so! I will say how I then and a little later (getting acquainted with the documents and testimonies of the participants in the events) saw, as briefly as possible.
      The US military intelligence frankly admitted immediately after the "Crimean events" (which they are now embellished "tell" is not interesting to me) that the "annexation of Crimea" by Russia was not even predicted - they were so sure that the amerodependent Russian kleptoligarchs would not give V.V. Putin (with by his shaken then power and declining popularity among the people) to do anything like that, even if he decides to do it.
      But, as you can see, at the last moment your President understood that to give the Crimea to the Americans under the base, and banderlog and Turkoman under the bloody genocide of the Russian population - this is not only for him, but for Russia as well, he rushed and moved the State Duma with the General Staff, desperately took a chance and won!
      The Americans were in a stupor, as were their henchmen, the Ukrainian "proxies" who eagerly and selflessly fought among themselves for the tangible Kiev "tit in hand", while the Crimean "crane in the sky" was fleeing from them "into the bright distance." - The complacent Washington was not ready to send its expeditionary force to capture the Crimea and would not have had time! Apparently, the amero-fascists, realizing this, hoped in a non-military way to "press harder" on the Russian authorities and to involve the Russian "liberda (which, as everyone saw, began to actively campaign for American plans!)" ?!
      As for the Kiev order to the Ukrainian units in Crimea to start hostilities, it was fraught with excesses of mass non-compliance with such an order, because the Maidan junta created a power vacuum with its coup d'etat and none of the Ukrainian "parquet military leaders" - kondy careerists who are used to keeping their nose downwind and sweetly living off the deriban army property (especially - in the resort Crimea, with its Crimean mafia, where you and the shortest routes for the smuggling of weapons and trade in Crimean land belonging to the military and civilians ...) did not dare to take on such responsibility.
      Moreover, in Kiev and regional, district cities and towns at this time there was an active redistribution of power - all sorts of "right-sector" ones beat the muzzles not only of the "frontmen", but also of their own maydauns, in the struggle for "feed portfolios" and other "nishtyaks" - all the dregs were "active", hurrying to grab more during the period of anarchy, and there was a lot of uncertainty with the legitimate status of all these temporary leaders, because they did not have real power or did not have enough!
      The security forces generally found themselves in a situation where it is unclear to whom to obey, because Yanyk, although he escaped, could return ...
      Everyone was waiting (the "eastern" Ukrainians with Nadezhda, and the "westerners" who smuggled the pro-American coup d'etat - in Panic) that Eastern and Central Ukraine (at least) would be annexed to Russia - after all, on March 1, 2014, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation temporarily allowed the President of Russia to use the armed forces abroad !
      The vaunted "world community (as well as its media!)" Was itself head over heels into the shit and blood of the anti-constitutional Kiev "Euromaidan" - was an active organizer and participant in the overthrow of the constitutional Ukrainian government !!!
      Where can he poke his nose into the Crimea, if the Washington curators planned a massive bloody beating of millions of the Russian population brought from the "Maidan" and Zapukriya by Banderonazi and local Crimean Turkoman terrorist gangs, carefully grown under the wing of the SBU and under the watchful eye of the American, Turkish, Saudi. . intelligence)!
      To push the "world community" to its "anti-Russian sanctions", Washington had to arrange a grand provocation with the destruction (I think, with the help of an explosive device) of the international flight MH17 in July 2014, only then did they manage to force the reluctant European vassals into mega-loss for themselves. American "sanctions"!
      The Americans themselves needed Crimea and they still grieve for it not like a child - under any pretext they demand it be returned, because considered it already in their pocket and Washington's plans for a "blitzkrieg" and domination in the Black Sea and the Black Sea region collapsed with the loss of the peninsula! They were not going to give Crimea to anyone - they were preparing for themselves even under the supposedly "pro-Russian" Yanukovych-Azarov!
      Recep Tayyip is also frantic, as the peninsula should have departed post-Maidan under the protectorate of Turkey, as a member of NATO and a longtime US ally!
      So the Banderlogs needlessly regret "the loss of the Crimea" - the Yankees would not have allowed them to enter the Crimean threshold (unless they serve as "schutzmanschaftpolitsai" and in "houses of tolerance", as their ancestors served the Nazis), but among the Turkomans, " Mejlis members of "Dzhemilev and Chubarov, indeed," were covered with a copper basin "real chances to serve" as an errand "to the Turkish and American occupiers of Crimea (would have had broader powers of ameroholuyev than now -" running errands "in post-Maidan Kiev)!
      About "they simply allowed Putin to take Crimea in order to embroil Ukraine with Russia" - this is "a good mine in a bad game", the same Amero-Bandera "stories" after the fact, as well as the "legends about the HPP", as a Hollywood "re-display" of historical events in a light favorable to the US authorities!
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 12 June 2020 15: 19
        hi In addition, Sergei, all "correctly oriented", the Crimean kleptolvers were able to "under Russia" successfully, without any criminal prosecution, legalize everything wrongly "acquired" under the Ukrainian government, with the help of "abuse of office"! request
        Visiting the South Coast after 2014, I saw with my own eyes new (more numerous!) High fences and obstacles on the way to the sea, instead of the Crimeans joyfully demolished in the Crimean Spring!
        And the Crimean-Ukrainian state courts are now safely, grinning insolently, driving around in expensive cars with their "logos" on the sides and "bashfully grabbed" "in Ukraine" state and trade union property (the most equipped pieces of sanatoriums and infrastructure near the coastline) "they fenced it off as their" private property ", because they stole it from the people under the Ukrainian government, and not" in the Russian jurisdiction "and therefore such a criminal act is no longer considered a theft ?! wink
      2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
        Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 June 2020 07: 36
        I understand you, the arguments are sound. But I see the situation from a slightly different angle. It was extremely easy to prevent the referendum by starting shooting. If blood had spilled, even if not massively, there would have been nothing, no referendum. Remember how Soloviev said - "We did not promise anything to anyone." Our "little green men" would simply be quietly returned to the bases and off topic.
        The answer is so obvious that one has to wonder why there was really no resistance. In my opinion, too many myths have been created around the reunion over the past 5-6 years, and, moreover, by ourselves.
        About the fact that the Crimea was prepared for themselves. Maybe they did. But remember that the United States is an empire with many competing factions and development projects. Right now, "Imperial" Trump is crushing all the structures of the "globalists", although they ensured the dominance of the "hegemon." It would seem, why shoot yourself in the foot? But the point is the competition between different development projects and approaches. On the issue of Crimea, at a certain stage, they might have thought that breaking gas and technological cooperation with Ukraine and the West was more valuable than the NATO base in Sevastopol. Do they have few bases, or what? Now, they are building near Ochakov, then they will appear near Kharkov ...
        PS My personal complaint to Putin is that having taken Crimea, he left Novorossiya and the rest of Ukraine to the Americans. It was an unacceptable mistake, the consequences of which we are clearing up with all these "streams" and so on, and we are not clearing up in any way. Until April-May 2014 there were a lot of great opportunities to resolve the issue in our favor, but after this visit of the Swiss they were flushed down the toilet.

        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper 13 June 2020 10: 23
          hi We all (like our banderlog) in Ukraine were also surprised why Russia ("collective Putin") did not go further than Crimea and took, at least, Novorossia for itself, when it was "on a silver platter." I thought about it a lot, trying to perceive the situation as a whole (at various levels), the way it was seen from the Kremlin, and not from Ukraine ...
          In your claims to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, you miss out on his huge responsibility, first of all, for your country and your population and the fact that he is, after all, a "galley slave" - ​​a dependent "product" of his non-bourgeois komrenegat "class of clapton-riches". winked
          For the salvation of Russia at the turn of the gloomy "saints of the 90s" and the brightening "zero", giving (very difficult to manage!) The country a general impulse to move away from the brink of the abyss, to him, conscientious and diligent civil (not military !!!) government official, for civic courage and truly Russian Spirit in the Salvation of the Russian Crimea - Many Thanks and Unfading Grateful Memory, his Name will not be forgotten by descendants (though I am not Wolf Messing, but sometimes I also see the future. smile )! yes
          Crimea (this "smoldering explosion", drunken Belovezhskaya "jamb" of the criminal EBNa) could not have been taken, otherwise the process of unconditional US dominance in the Black Sea and the collapse of Russia would have started, so this (military and politically strategic!) Step was forced - absolutely "through I do not want", at the very last moment!
          Vladimir Putin and his supporters in the Russian government, after all, were able to convince their (a priori Westernoid!) Mega-mercantile and fearfully cautious "classmates (whose general mood is broadcast by your Solovyov -" the talking head of the Russian establishment "!)" in the need for the "annexation of the Crimea"!
          The moment of the Kiev "division of portfolios" and the opportunistic "confusion in the brains" of the Crimean kleptochnikov and kleptovoy commanders was favorable for this, a little later, when the "Maidan power" was consolidated and organized in Kiev, such "peaceful reunification" would have become problematic .... but , as we know, "history has no subjunctive mood" - "who dared, he ate"!
          But with the rest of the "steps in Ukraine" it was "not so simple", and the frankly anti-oligarchic slogans of the anti-Maidan population of the industrial regions of historical Novorossia were radically different from the slogans of the "resort-tourist-pensioner" Crimea (separate "felting of fences on the way to the sea" on the South Coast of Crimea, local kleptochinushi quickly localized and stopped!), and were very close to the aspirations of Russian workers from neighboring regions, so, on our joint passionary "revolutionary upsurge" in anti-oligarchic "revision of the results of privatization and nationalization of factories ..." could and the Russian kleptoligarchs with their servants do not do well, but they needed it ?! Vladimir Putin would definitely not be well for this - his "classmates" could easily destroy him, and even if his American "partners" would help ...
          That is why, I think, the Russian authorities, so “irrationally” carefully, “returned” serviceable weapons from Crimea to their Ukrainian colleagues - to quickly suppress the Russian Spring in the South-East of Ukraine, before it spread to Russia ?! winked
          The NATO naval base in the shallow Ochakovo (even taking into account the submarine-sabotage component on Pervomaisky Island, possible objects on the Berezan Island and the Ochakov military airfield) can not be compared with Sevastopol, Balaklava, Feodosiya, Kerch, ... and the Crimean infrastructure, coupled with fleet repair base!
          Blood was spilled then - Turkomans and Banderlog in Crimea killed a lot of people, even provocatively shot a Ukrainian serviceman, more than once tried to arrange "under the journalists' camera" provocations with the bloody habits of children (according to the Kiev model - allegedly "students" drenched in pig or bull's blood) in the parked car of its exit to the biased journalists) ", explosions and arson, not to mention any" inscriptions ", and we also remember the Ukrainian air / colonel, goat provocateur, shouting" America is with us! " trying to provoke "polite people" to any aggressive actions ...
          But all these attempts of Bandera-Nazi provocations, carried out by local and visiting extremists, stopped in time and were not given expanse!
          Many Ukrainian servicemen were from the Crimean people - their houses and apartments were here, why should they unleash a war with Russia, they did not allow their "Svidomo" colleagues to do it!
          By the way, many of the Crimean Ukrainian military who refused to serve Russia and left "for the mainland" now regret it very much, even the Westerners!
          I already wrote above about the Crimean bureaucrats who changed their shoes, satisfied with the Russian legalization of their criminally stolen "under Ukraine" - their dissatisfaction is that "under Russia" they can be punished for the current theft, and our Ukrainian anarchy with the implementation of laws now it has become smaller - after all, the Russian bureaucratic machine is more correct and tougher than the Ukrainian one (although there are also enough "bureaucratic loopholes" and bureaucratic bungling, and not only local, but also bureaucratic "Varangians" sent by Moscow are quite "oddballs"! request )!
          1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
            Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 June 2020 10: 41
            Quote: pishchak
            In your claims to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, you are missing his enormous responsibility, first of all, for his country and his population and the fact that he is, after all, a "galley slave" - ​​a dependent "product" of "his non-bourgeois komrenegat" class of the clapton-rich ".

            It is necessary to understand then to whom he has a higher responsibility, to the people or the oligarchic class, whose henchman he is. smile Actually, you yourself answered:

            That is why, I think, the Russian authorities, so “irrationally” thoughtfully, “returned” serviceable weapons from Crimea to their Ukrainian colleagues, for the speedy suppression of the Russian Spring in the South-East of Ukraine, until it spread to Russia ?!

            Is belonging to this class and servicing its interests as a matter of priority a mitigating circumstance, which should remove claims, and not vice versa, strengthen them?
            I remember the slogans of Lesha Mozgovoy ... Honestly, it was his murder that had the greatest effect on me. Before that, I wrote several dozen articles on VO in 2014-2015 under a pseudonym, but after that I gave up this case for a long time, before joining Reporter, at the beginning of 2018.
            1. beeper Offline beeper
              beeper 13 June 2020 11: 28
              hi When I realized this, my sincere bewilderment (both about Novorossiya, and Russia's recognition of the anti-Russian-anti-Russian Kiev junta, "return from Crimea" - the supply of weapons and equipment, fuels and lubricants and spare parts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and "carbates" in the midst of the fighting in Donbass, and on "Minsk", and a series of "accidental" deaths of "irreconcilable" passionaries, .. Aleksey Mozgovoy was too sincere and ardent Patriot of our Russian World, inexperienced in political intrigues, that he thought and then boldly said, had the makings of a passionary leader and already authoritatively showed them, therefore he was dangerous to the Ukrainian and Russian kleptobourgeois ...) disappeared - everything turned into an integral "oil painting".
              "A slave in the galleys" - this was a statement-recognition, when it seemed to Vladimir Putin that the burden of the presidency was already behind him, perhaps even impromptuly escaped from him ...?! winked
              With the willful capture of Crimea under Russian protection, he, like a true Patriot of Russia, but a hired official, "jumped over his head" and very angered the Washington owners of the Russian klepton-rich riches, his entourage.
              Vladimir Putin is by no means a superman, weak and dependent, does for Russia and the Russians what his employers can and what he is allowed to, and certainly not me, not a Russian, to judge him!
              After all, the Russian "collective Putin" and Vladimirovich Vladimirovich, as his personification, with their First March 2014 decision of the Federation Council, caught up with panic fear (before the crap - it was joyful and sweet to watch how all this rabid "Myzdobulskaya" scum "skhered through the cracks" and even "asked to understand and forgive ", albeit temporarily, until I realized that these are just" Putin's praises ", but that post-Maidan arrogance from" zuhvali "impunity the" myzdobuls "no longer had - there was" caution ", fear for their crimes is now constantly present , some "heroes" do not even show their "punitive" UBD for free travel in transport, they are afraid to "light up" and the future "response", since it is already clear and understandable to them that the "ukraine", "no matter how long," the inevitable "haplyk" and defragmentation will come!) on the infuriated Banderonazis and their accomplices, and for these past years they postponed my inevitable execution!
              I never forget the good (as well as the evil inflicted), either to the Russian "collective Putin", as well as personally to VV Putin, I am grateful for that! yes
          2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
            Marzhecki (Sergei) 13 June 2020 10: 56
            Even then, in satirical form, I wrote, it seems to me, one of my best publications -

  • Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 10 June 2020 20: 36
    Russia will pull the territory of the Crimea, but it’s possible to deport Ukrainian natives to their brethren.
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  • Andrey Semin Offline Andrey Semin
    Andrey Semin (Andrey Semin) 10 June 2020 21: 10
    Take care of your problems, and we will deal with our snotty ones.
  • 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 10 June 2020 22: 08
    Its burden does not pull.
  • oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 11 June 2020 07: 32
    Well, all right, let the Yankees rejoice at least for something, otherwise Russia, by its very existence, simply poisoned a poor life of poor Americans. One joy lately - Mask cosmonauts sent to the ISS.
  • alexandrmakedo Offline alexandrmakedo
    alexandrmakedo (Dubovitsky Victor Kuzmich) 21 June 2020 15: 22
    Quote: Marzhetsky
    Even then, in satirical form, I wrote, it seems to me, one of my best publications -

    Well, if THIS is the best, then what is THE WORST? ALL THE REST?