China began to build its own ISS

The People's Republic of China has begun construction of a new space station. According to experts, in this way the PRC takes the last step in the space race that has begun between the powers. At the same time, China continues to operate in a logic that can be described as "space for humanity," and invites all countries of the world to cooperate.

KKS belongs not only to China, and all countries, regardless of their size and level of development, can cooperate on equal terms

- said Shi Zhongjun, Chinese Ambassador to the UN

According to publicly available information, the station will be able to begin operation after 2022. The service life is estimated at ten years, and at the same time on board will be able to be up to six astronauts for 180 days. The main module of the station was called "Tianhe-1", which means "Harmony of Heaven", its launch into orbit is planned for 2020. The construction of some other parts of the station has already been completed.

Even before construction began, China openly declared that their station would be international, and against the background of the age-long ISS, these news became the basis for many investors, at one time supporting the functioning of the ISS, to begin investing in the Chinese station. So says billionaire Robert Bigelow, who has plans to build his own space station, is twice the size of the ISS. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency (ESA) has already agreed to cooperate, so that European astronauts will be able to start using the new station already in 2020.
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