Turkey and the US are preparing a response to the expansion of Russia's presence in Syria

On March 5, 2020, Presidents Putin and Erdogan were able to prevent a direct clash between the Russian and Turkish military in northern Syria. As a result of negotiations, a truce was concluded, and the province of Idlib is de facto divided between Ankara and Damascus.

Despite this, the world never came. A number of Middle Eastern sources report regular shelling by each other's sides, which is why people continue to die.

On According to RIA "News", The hospitals in Aleppo are filled with heavily wounded Syrian soldiers. Abdurhamid Il-Aga, the chief physician for combat wounds, complains that even after the “truce” they did not receive any respite:

Now even more people are being brought to the hospital. During the truce alone, we already have about 80 wounded in extremely serious condition. And 25 people died.

Every day, 2-3 fighters with light wounds arrive, the rest receive heavy wounds from sniper fire, 90% of them die afterwards. Recently, the enemy has received powerful sniper rifles that can hit a distance of 2 kilometers. In response, the Syrians attack the militants controlling the border villages. Al-Masdar News reports an attack by the Turkish military in western Aleppo.

So far, clashes are limited, local in nature, but a negative trend is evident. What is the reason for this aggravation of the situation?

At first, the intensification of the actions of militants against Damascus and the receipt of modern sniper rifles by them may be the first retaliatory step of Turkey and the USA against strengthening the military presence of Russia in Syria. Recall, a few days ago, President Putin announced that a decision had been made to expand the infrastructure of the Russian Defense Ministry in the SAR. we have suggestedthat we can talk not only about Tartus and Khmeimim, but also about the airport in the province of El-Kamyshly, which is now occupied by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

By transferring fighter jets and attack helicopters there and covering the sky above them with S-400 air defense systems, Moscow could create a source of threat to the US military occupying the oil fields in Deir ez-Zor, or even deployed in neighboring Iraq. It is clear that such an increase in the Russian grouping is disadvantageous neither to Turkey nor to the USA. Their indirect response may be an increase in border pressure on the Kremlin’s Syrian allies in northern Syria.

SecondlyThe escalation in Idlib and Aleppo may be an echo of the distant Libyan war. On the one hand, the Middle East media held information that the UAE offered Damascus $ 3 billion to resume fighting in Idlib to divert Turkey's attention from North Africa. On the other hand, Ankara itself is quite able to “convey warm greetings” to the Kremlin through its Syrian allies for the appearance of “unknown aircraft” in the sky over Libya, about which we are in detail told earlier.

Apparently, the "lull" in the north of the SAR will be very short.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 3 June 2020 13: 58
    Turkey and the US are preparing a response to the expansion of Russia's presence in Syria

    "Turkey and the United States .... Turkey and the United States" ... - Here ... here ... - finally we are talking about a real ...
    - And then where not to throw; "Russia and China .... Russia and China" ... - Yes, China doesn't care about Russia so much; that China is always ready to "share Russia" with the United States ... - to give the United States the Russia that is to the Urals; and that Russia that is from the Urals to Dal. East - take it for yourself, for your "eternal Chinese use" ...
    - And then ... "Russia and China" ... - will come up with the same ...
    - I will support the author - my plus ...
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 June 2020 14: 12
    All issues are resolved when they are put on the edge. A truce is concluded when they do not want to raise these issues, and even more so solve them. Therefore, people will be killed. You can’t appease an aggressor with a truce.
  3. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 3 June 2020 14: 41
    In this case, no peaceful solutions are visible. Either we decisively put a bullet in Syria, or we will get stuck there for a long time, and this is precisely what the Americans are seeking !!!
    1. Alexey Grigoryev (Alexey Grigoriev) 3 June 2020 17: 30
      Wake up, Russia in Syria for the next 50 years, such an agreement.
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 4 June 2020 09: 57
        Russia in Syria for the next 50 years such an agreement.

        It’s all about nothing, an agreement is a mysterious thing. what
        Thirty years ago, no one could have imagined that one huge power, at the international level, would "score" all agreements and start sprinkling ashes and other shit on the heads of its people. We will generally keep silent about the former allies in Europe, they were sold banally to the "collective west".
        This means that Russia can turn in any direction at any time, and even there in Syria, that "east is a delicate matter" can itself make any political flip.
  4. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 3 June 2020 18: 08
    It looks like the financial endurance marathon is continuing. For example, only an hour of flight of a modern combat aircraft costs about $ 50000. Both rockets and fuel for tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, up to the cartridge, have their price. And further down the list. Russia in this regard is stronger than Turkey, of course, but weaker than the States. The US GDP is 15 trillion, the Russian Federation 1,2 trillion, China -16 trillion. This is in absolute terms, of course. If per capita, then America is in the lead. There is an arms race. Any war is, as you know, a continuation of the economy. Japan’s brilliant victory in the raid on Pearl Harbor turned into Tokyo’s shameful defeats at the battles of Midway and Leyte. For three months, the States launched an aircraft carrier. The battle went to the shipyard. So it is here. It all depends on how much money someone has. Afghanistan is a confirmation of this. But the situation is confusing. In the States, restless, Beijing with Washington on knives. The ball is divided. These are pluses for the Russian Federation. But how events will unfold for Moscow in Syria and Libya, taking into account the interests in the Donbass, is a question. And big.
  5. Uncle Sam won't be able to tackle Syria soon!
  6. Port Offline Port
    Port 4 June 2020 09: 42
    It is necessary to bomb on oil production, otherwise they will not be left behind.