Russia invited NATO to agree on the interception of military aircraft

The Russian Ministry of Defense suggested that the North Atlantic Alliance decide on the interception of combat aircraft - the parties can agree on the rules for minimum rapprochement of aircraft.

In order to clarify the possible steps to resolve air incidents, as well as actions at sea, we are ready to fix some rules that will determine the minimum distances of approach of aircraft and ships to each other. An agreement will also be reached on crew interaction.

- Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, told TASS.

Rudskoy also stressed that Russia offers NATO the practical implementation of the use of transponders in the air when flying over the Baltic Sea.

An agreement on the rules of interception will help in the future to avoid many unpleasant events between military aircraft of Russia and the Alliance. So, at the end of April, the press service of the 6th fleet of the US Navy reported a dangerous rapprochement between the fighter of the Russian Air Force SU-35 and the American patrol anti-submarine P-8A Poseidon. Prior to this, there was information that the Russian MiG-31, which accompanied the strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS, approached the F-16.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 1 June 2020 19: 26
    A long time ago this "interception" bullshit is time to end. There is zero sense from them. Except that someday hook each other. And that's all. No, well, if only medals "heroically" earn themselves - what are some, what are others? laughing Just the other day, I was typing about this absolutely unnecessary army fun. This nonsense is rare and dangerous. And sooner or later it will end sadly. It’s high time to agree on the rules of conduct over neutral waters. Tea, not yard boys from the neighboring streets. And the use of weapons for particularly dull need to develop. How much and to which airplane and how much you can fly up and on what. Everything can be negotiated.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 1 June 2020 19: 55
    You yourself know that the Americans comply with the treaties, while it is profitable for them. Let them offer it themselves. Then the contracts will last longer.
    1. cmonman Offline cmonman
      cmonman (Garik Mokin) 2 June 2020 04: 13
      Let them offer it themselves.

      They offer the Russian military to abide by the rules.
      4-5 days ago, the Amer R-8 was intercepted by 2 Russian fighters over the Mediterranean Sea. The R-8 could not maneuver left and right without risking the lives of Russian pilots.
      Video here:

      - first 25 sec. Russian fighter is closed by the right engine R-8, slightly visible. But one can also see how dangerously he approached the plane. And then, in general, “circus indifferent numbers”.
      Do you want to say that this is a rapprochement according to the legal rules of the military?
      By the way, pay attention to the description of such incidents in the Russian press from different angles. From the Russian side:

      Amer aircraft approached our borders and were intercepted by air defense fighters.

      Not a word about breaking the border.

      The Americans complained about the dangerous unprofessional interception of their scout flying near our borders.

      I didn’t break the borders, but complained.
      There were no complaints on both sides of the flight of Russian planes and the NATO fighters accompanying them. It turns out that only Americans complain about Russian escort. Russia does not complain about NATO.
      Question to you (based on the video) - are the Americans right or not? Is the Russian military flying professionally? Of course, the most ready answer is “What are they doing here?”
      If you are a supporter of such an answer, then I'm sorry to bother you ...
  3. Winnie Offline Winnie
    Winnie (Winnie) 1 June 2020 20: 11
    If they don’t agree, then the SU-27 will disappear in the Black Sea during training flights.
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 2 June 2020 05: 01
    The zone is outlined, why immediately rush? Run deeper, record a violation and interception with specific consequences, if it is civil - to land, not civil - to shoot down unconditionally.
    We do not want to allow this to our territory, then to confront the fact of our unilateral expansion of the restricted area. I do not like? Then let them go and agree on the possibilities of hanging out at our borders.