Americans Appreciate Russia's Accusation of Riots Covering US

В news media and social networks are actively discussing the riots in the United States that began after the murder of African American George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on May 25. There are also exotic points of view on what is happening. For example, ex-adviser to former President Barack Obama Susan Rice said in an interview with CNN that Russia may be involved in demonstrations and pogroms that covered many cities in the United States.

Rice said that the Russian Federation allegedly incites the protesters with the help of social networks and somehow finances it.

Here are a few Twitter responses to her accusations of rioting in Russia:

Please show me the Russians who force our police to kill blacks. All I see is that the “bodyguards” of the ruling class kill the poor, supposedly for our protection

- certain Stephen is sure.

It’s unbelievable that you continue to ignore Putin’s campaign to destabilize America.

- Alan answered him.

How was Putin able to infiltrate our police and use them to incite black terrorist attacks and attacks on peaceful demonstrators? He has been doing this since the 1840s, when Nicholas I still ruled Russia. Who will finally stop this man ?!

- ironic Juan Guaidó's Ghost.

Putin lives only in the brains of democrats

- considers Ignorance is Bliss.

Protests in Moscow - it's all the CIA! Hong Kong protests are all the CIA! Protests in the USA: it's all Russia!

- wrote with some subtext USA is a third world.

So, it turns out that the Russians control black Americans?

- asks Phyliss Walker.

In an interview, Rice was not asked if she had any evidence of Russia's interference in American affairs. It seems that the interviewer asked leading questions just to confirm her point of view. Such is the quality of CNN journalism

- concludes Student.

True, these are Russians. Let's not pay attention to the racial harassment of the media, George Soros, Antifa, the Bernie brothers, anarchists and hated etchers such as Maxine Waters

- writes FatSlice.
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 1 June 2020 12: 34
    I did not read intelligence today, but all my experience says that ...

    No one will cure ...
    1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
      Tatyana 1 June 2020 21: 33
      Ex-Advisor to Former President Barack Obama Susan Rice is the sister of Condoleezza Rice. Remember this one?
      And that's it.
      However, Condoleezza Rice was clearly smarter than her sister Susan.
      1. bobba94 Offline bobba94
        bobba94 (Vladimir) 2 June 2020 23: 19
        They are not sisters. If this chicken was Condoleezza Rice's sister, then she would not have smashed such nonsense.
  2. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 1 June 2020 14: 22
    I myself am a black woman, daughter of a niger from Minnesota. Believe me, in Minneapolis, not everything is so simple. Nobody wants to organize pogroms ...
    1. dabyl Offline dabyl
      dabyl 1 June 2020 21: 07
      Ironic and funny.
    2. Kobeld Offline Kobeld
      Kobeld (Dmitry Kobelev) 1 June 2020 21: 13
      Bravo! It could not have been better said! )))
  3. Orange big Offline Orange big
    Orange big (Max) 1 June 2020 17: 19
    This is clearly Maidan from Kiev to the United States reached, having eaten cookies Nuland. What you sow, then you shake.
  4. dabyl Offline dabyl
    dabyl 1 June 2020 21: 06
    Without RUSSIA, nowhere. She is always to blame for everything and everything, but only trouble comes, they immediately ask for help.
  5. Everyone knows that in America blacks are hanged! How it was sung in the USSR:

    Oh, Wild West, ye-ye, wherever you look -
    Everywhere niggers hanging on the lampposts!
  6. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 1 June 2020 22: 47
    There was such a prophecy of the American Indians that the 45th president of the United States will be the last (Trump is just right). Still, some woman should come, who will ruin everything (perhaps Susan Rice is).
    We are waiting ...
  7. alessio Offline alessio
    alessio (Oleg Tarasenko) 2 June 2020 00: 17
    Trump fell on the eve of the election. Paid share with looters and pogrom.
  8. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
    Rashid116 (Rashid) 2 June 2020 09: 47
    Americans should be satisfied. They now have the democracy that they wanted us))
  9. Kuzma Prutkov Offline Kuzma Prutkov
    Kuzma Prutkov (Kuzma Rods) 2 June 2020 10: 31
    In the ranks of the protesters, Kremlin agents handed out cookies.
  10. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
    Egor 7b7 2 June 2020 11: 07
    Very like! Just like oil to the soul. Perhaps it will come to the sponsors of fascism and international terrorism that evil and hatred give rise only to evil and hatred.
  11. VladVlad Offline VladVlad
    VladVlad (Vladimir) 2 June 2020 16: 09
    This chick clearly has a political psychosis.
    BASSARMAT (Tatyana Barabanshchikova) 2 June 2020 17: 12
    My free tip to the Americans - why spend huge amounts of money on elections? Just - ask Putin who he wants to put and put everything on that person, and then start spinning the plate again about the Kremlin’s hand - then you will have some reason to say that he put the wrong president for you.
  13. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) 2 June 2020 18: 20
    There are no riots without funding ... "the Nuland cookie effect"
  14. ilik54 Offline ilik54
    ilik54 (ilik54) 2 June 2020 18: 21
    What is happening now in the USA is very reminiscent of previous scenarios for the development of events around the world and in different countries. It seems that all these protests are written on the same training manual. And also, it seems that these are not spontaneous events that can last until tomorrow’s sobering - they are organized actions, they are probably paid by someone and affect the most basic instincts of the average man.
    Remember the pogroms in France and Ukraine with robberies and looting, and the same thing in the USA - the conclusions suggest themselves.
    But who will come to power on the shoulders of these rioters?
    In Ukraine, we have already seen this, and who is sitting here waiting for the team - Forward to seize power!
    It seems to me that Biden, after his shameful disclosure with a whistling billion from taxpayers, Ukraine and Poroshenko, realized that he would not become president in a civilized manner - that’s why he went with the bogeymen.
    We are waiting for the development of events!
  15. Anton Yazov Offline Anton Yazov
    Anton Yazov (Anton Yazov) 3 June 2020 04: 17
    The United States is a country of dolbokluv!
  16. Andrey Kipriyanov (Andrey Kipriyanov) 3 June 2020 07: 26
    They pulled the lady out of the storeroom so that another stupidity blurted out.
  17. The comment was deleted.