Ukraine recalled the territories donated by the Soviet Union

The ex-head of the government of Ukraine Mykola Azarov reminded the public that at one time it was the USSR that gave the Ukrainian SSR most of the territories that Kiev now considers to be “primordially Ukrainian”. Azarov wrote about this in his Twitter account, adding that "in 1922, Ukraine became part of the USSR without the Crimea, Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson, Donetsk, Lugansk, and even Lviv."

Ukraine received all these lands, being part of the Soviet Union, and completely free! And the newly-made so-called patriots only learned that they squander these lands, and even at the cost of tens of thousands of human lives

- emphasized Azarov.

At the same time, some users noticed that the city of Kharkov was declared the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic on December 19, 1919, in contrast to the then-UPR with the capital in Kiev. For clarity, it should be clarified that the city of Taganrog was generally the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic in 1918 before the arrival of the troops of General Anton Denikin. It’s just that the front line changed during the civil war.

At the same time, in the autumn of 1939, the territory of Western Ukraine (Eastern Galicia), which belonged to Poland, became part of the Ukrainian SSR, and in the summer of 1940 the Ukrainian SSR “grew” with Northern Bukovina and southern Bessarabia, transferring the newly formed Moldavian SSR from Transnistria.

In 1945, the Ukrainian SSR acquired Transcarpathia, which until then was part of Czechoslovakia, and in 1954, Crimea was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR (without indicating the status of Sevastopol).

It should be noted that some Ukrainian officials, policy and the "patriots" believe that the original Russian territories were "only swamps near Moscow," and the Black Sea region and other lands have nothing to do with the Russian Empire.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 31 May 2020 17: 35
    How "the uncontested European integrator Mykola Yanovich Azarov" began to speak, what "right things" he began to "express", when his colleagues in ukroderiban treacherously offended - they kicked these hapless Iudomazepines, Yanyk-Azirov with their sons attached to the "helm" - "genius businessmen" ??! winked
    To make it clear to Russian comrades - this fugitive "pan" is from the same row as the Russian marginal primitives - "elitaries", Chubais with grefs, and other ... latent Russophobes who neither need an educated people, nor "those who have not entered the market " fellow citizens....
    In Russia, he says one thing, with Bandera he "with fervor and understanding" spoke about something else - about their cave "values", and in every possible way indulged the banderlog (his non-electorate!) the equal state status of our Russian language, friendship with Russia, joining the EurAsEC, a single Customs Space, denazification-de-banderization, non-joining NATO!
    And after coming to power, these "regional" Jews of Mazepa immediately announced the alleged "impossibility" to give state status to the Russian language and, without any popular referendum, took a course towards "no alternative European integration" and a "road map" with NATO, in spite of all the politicians economic reasons! And Bandera was "raised" all the way to Verkhovna Zrada, where Banderopetecs like Farion with Frotman and other Nazi monkey with impunity created all sorts of obscenities and blocked its work, parasitizing on our labor taxes!
    Former accountant and tax officer, Prime Minister N. Azarov on Fridays even looked on the Internet to "find out the mood of the crowd" and somehow, in the spring-summer of 2013, I sent him a question if he had read at least a few pages of more than 1000 pages. , deliberately enslaving and unprofitable for Ukraine "agreement on Euroassociation", and if so, how does he imagine, at least, the "alteration" of the entire multi-thousand-kilometer Ukrainian railway network to the "Eurocolea" and its functioning ...., of course, did not receive an answer!
    But, apparently, in the fall of 2013, just before the trip to the Brussels Euroshabash, the referents briefly devoted the NNA to the essence of this "agreement", and the insidious "European people" deafened them with Janek with the news that only 16 billion euros would be allocated for the "European integration of Ukraine", and not 160, as they promised at first and on which they have already "rolled their lips" ... it was here that these "uncontested Euroassociators" tried to bargain, they say, "if you do not give us what you promised, then we will not sign the sale of Ukraine into Euroslavery in October to sign, I would have to add some money! ... but we do not refuse "Euro-union" at all, only postpone a little until an agreement is reached! "
    And now, look what, the closers of Russian schools (many times surpassed in this and in the promotion of Banderonazism in Ukraine the Bandera megabumble-kleptoDioxin !!!) to sing, they probably think that Russia will help them return to the Ukrainian "feeding trough" so that again, against the will of the working Ukrainian population, together with the peopled Bandera, petty, hypo-quiet, continue to "move" the "edge" to NATO and the EU ?? ! negative
    No need for "skiglity", Mykola Yanych, as my granny used to say, a Soviet mother-heroine and a real hero of peasant labor, in such cases as your

    Sons a dog at his own konuri!

    IMHO - more than once or twice betrayed his voters (the majority of the Ukrainian working population !!!), once again "changing his shoes in a jump", Iudomazepine Mykola Azirov (like his accomplice Yanyk "Leopold"!) Has no faith - neither now nor "later on (as Prime Minister Azirov used to say funny in" "to his voters," in a bluesy ("sycophant") way "trying to please his non-voters in every possible way!)", no matter how "sentimental speeches" he now makes! !!
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 1 June 2020 08: 28
      How "the uncontested European integrator Mykola Yanovich Azarov" began to speak, what "right things" he began to "express", when his colleagues in ukroderiban treacherously offended - they kicked these hapless Iudomazepines, Yanyk-Azirov with their sons attached to the "helm" - "genius businessmen" ??!

      As a rule, such figures in retirement are seeing. winked
  2. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 31 May 2020 20: 30
    Eh, Nikolay Yanych, you should write books: "The power of the rear mind", "The value of a spoon after eating", "Who does not play hockey" :)))
  3. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 31 May 2020 21: 55
    Seriously speaking, nobody gave Ukraine anything, she is an occupier on the lands of neighboring countries ... There is a decree of Catherine-2, where she allows Ukrainians to settle on the lands of the Kharkov region, but to allow them to settle in the room of their own apartment and give this room, this different things ... There is not a single document where Russia transfers any territory to the independent state of Ukraine !!!
    1. King3214 Offline King3214
      King3214 (Sergius) 1 June 2020 10: 59
      Are you crazy?
      "Ukrainians" appeared "in 1914, when Catherine II had long since died.
      You would need to update your knowledge base somehow, otherwise you have it all in ukroviruses.
      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Alexander) 1 June 2020 12: 36
        If Ukraine in 1654 withdrew from Poland and became part of Russia, within the borders of 1654, then it was not me who went crazy, but those who issued you a diploma of secondary education ...
        1. King3214 Offline King3214
          King3214 (Sergius) 1 June 2020 17: 32
          Go teach history, but not according to the Ukrainian textbook for migrant migrant workers.
          The territories of the Zaporizhzhya Army joined the Russian kingdom, fixed by an oath of allegiance to the tsar, and the Cossacks of Zaporozhye considered themselves Russian people. No Ukraine was invented then, as well as Ukrainians.
          Repeating Ukrainian idiocy in history is a sign of low literacy and poor education.
          1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
            Sapsan136 (Alexander) 2 June 2020 13: 29
            Judging by how they kept the oath and how they ran, now to the Russians, then to the Turks, then to the Swedes, then to the Poles, Ukraine and Ukrainians already corresponded to their current image of liars, thieves, traitors, murderers and looters ...
            1. King3214 Offline King3214
              King3214 (Sergius) 2 June 2020 15: 42
              By the way, the signature on fidelity to the Russian Tsar was put by the heads of all the joined clans.
              So, calling themselves "Ukrainians" - these people betrayed not only Russia, but also the memory and oaths of their own ancestors, and their families.
              And for this oath-crime karma destroys all Ukrainians through poverty, moral and physical deformities into dust.
              1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
                Sapsan136 (Alexander) 2 June 2020 16: 03
                They have no honor, they swore allegiance to 8 countries and betrayed everyone ... They will not name anything good in UKROP ...
  4. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 1 June 2020 10: 57
    You cannot build your happiness on the stolen from others. This also applies to Ukraine.