Russia closes space

A reduction in the budget of Roscosmos by 150 billion rubles in the next three years will lead to a serious review of all promising programs. Next year, the corporation will miss 17 billion rubles, and the deficit will only increase.

One of the first victims of the economy will fall a two-stage medium-class rocket Soyuz-5, which is a modified version of the Ukrainian Zenith. Soyuz-5 was supposed to put nearly 18 tons of payload into orbit, and it was positioned as a competitor to the American launch vehicle Falcon 9, created by the company Ilona Mask.

In "Roskosmos" they calculated that only the preliminary design of the rocket would cost about a billion rubles. It is rational to create new launch vehicles when the existing ones cannot cope with the cargo traffic. A sharp increase in the volume of useful mass, which must be sent into space, is not yet expected. The Russian Federation already has a modular, modern and environmentally friendly Angara in its arsenal, which has also consumed a fair amount of taxpayer funds.

The launch of Soyuz-5 could take place in 2022 from the “sea launch”. Recall that earlier “Roskosmos” “slaughtered” a project of a promising high-capacity space truck.
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