Saakashvili is no longer Ukrainian

Former Georgian president and Ukrainian governor Mikhail Saakashvili was detained in the afternoon on February 12 in a Kiev restaurant. The operation was carried out by special forces of the State Border Service of Ukraine - a detachment of 25 people blocked the entrance to the restaurant.

Mishiko literally twisted and led through the back door. A little later, a representative of the Ukrainian border service said that Saakashvili was being deported to Poland, the last country he visited before arriving in Ukraine.

Back in July 2017, a violent Georgian-Ukrainian politician was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. Despite his aggressive anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian rhetoric, he could not find a place in Ukraine either. The formal reason for the deprivation of citizenship was the concealment, upon receipt of a Ukrainian passport, of information that he was wanted in Georgia.

In the summer, Saakashvili was already driven out of Ukraine, but he illegally made his way back. While the “Varangian” from Georgia is solving its migration problems, one can bet on which next country Michael will participate in the “Orange Revolution”. After all, even in Ukraine they categorically do not want to see him.
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