Why ZRPK "Shell-S" in different ways proved to be in Syria and Libya

The Middle East wars provided an opportunity to show in practice Russian and Turkish weapons. It so happened that the modern weapons of these two countries were on different sides of the conflict in Syria and Libya. However, the effectiveness of using Russian-made weapons there is very different.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

Modern warfare has clearly demonstrated how the role of unmanned aircraft has increased. Handicraft UAVs in real swarms repeatedly attacked the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria, against which the Pantsir air defense missile system as a part of the layered air defense system showed itself very well. During the Syrian army’s attack on the position of terrorists in the province of Idlib, the Turks behind them effectively used their medium and heavy attack drones Bayraktar and TAI Anka, thanks to which they were able to destroy a mass of combat equipment.

Bayraktar TB2 is a Turkish strike UAV capable of carrying air bombs and anti-tank missiles. It is curious that the development company is owned by Selcuk Bayraktar, the son-in-law of President Recep Erdogan. TAI Anka also carries missiles and aerial bombs, but is also intended for reconnaissance, surveillance and patrol. In Idlib, drones acted as follows: the Turks intercepted the negotiations of the Syrians and with the help of TAI Anka aimed at the Bayraktar TB2 target.

Due to the relative paucity, a real “swarm of drones” could not be created, but they also proved to be formidable weapons. After the effect of surprise passed, the Syrians, with the help of the Russian military, were able to organize air defense and begin to shoot down Turkish UAVs. The Buk-M2E air defense system of Russian manufacture, capable of firing at up to 24 targets simultaneously, became a lifesaver.

In Libya, things are somewhat different. After Ankara’s intervention in the war on the side of Tripoli, the HNA of Haftara suffered a series of serious defeats and began to retreat. A big image blow was also dealt to our country: Turkish UAVs in a short time destroyed several Pantsir-S air defense systems at once, which cast a shadow on the domestic defense industry. Does this mean that we can talk about some kind of inferiority of our air defense systems?

You must understand that in itself, "Shell-S" is not a panacea. It has a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages, for example, a long recharge time and poor security of the hardware compartment. ZRPK positions can be detected by the Turks using electronic intelligence, and, apparently, anti-electronic means are used against them. What to do, these are the costs of the war of the irregular formations of the LNA against the professional Turkish army.

It is this factor that is decisive in the low efficiency of the “Shell” in Libya against strike UAVs. The air defense system’s calculations were staffed by local personnel who could not really organize air defense and were guided by booklets with instructions on how to use the air defense system. The air defense systems were destroyed mainly when their ammunition was used up and they themselves were left without cover for other systems.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 29 May 2020 15: 41
    The export version is always worse than the one that is in the arsenal of the country - the manufacturer of weapons ... in addition, the preparation of the anti-aircraft guns themselves is also of great importance ...
    1. master3 Offline master3
      master3 (Vitali) 29 May 2020 15: 56
      Yes you are right. The export version of the curve has a horizon.
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    2. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 30 May 2020 01: 06
      Pancake! How "worse" should it be in order not to shoot down the drone !? Not capable of "sharp" maneuvers!
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  3. master3 Offline master3
    master3 (Vitali) 29 May 2020 15: 56
    Proved differently in Syria and Libya

    - why in different ways? Both there and there they are perfectly destroyed.
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) 29 May 2020 16: 18
      Apparently, these air defense missile defense systems can not withstand modern Turkish UAVs.
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      2. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
        sH, arK 29 May 2020 17: 35
        Yes, it’s hard to resist, standing under a canopy and without operators - it’s true where the Shell is there - you can’t see it, but you can believe that he was there! Or, when the complex is traveling along the highway in a stowed position - the radar is clearly turned off and, possibly, it is without any ammunition at all)))
  4. Ser sash Offline Ser sash
    Ser sash (Ser Sash) 29 May 2020 17: 24
    Or maybe the fact is that in Libya, only one of the destroyed "Shells" was in an deployed position? And even then he was covered by artillery. All the rest were either transported or were in boxes for maintenance. It's like bombing a train with tanks and saying that tanks are bad.
    But who leaked information on the movement of equipment to the Turks? East - betrayal - a common thing.
  5. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 29 May 2020 17: 27
    Lord, what an idiot you have to be to write such garbage! Any weapon is only a weapon when it is serviceable, charged and in good hands! Okay, the video shows the destruction of the air defense shell in a stowed position or parked in a shelter! What does his TTX have to do with it? In total, at different times, the destruction of several (no more than 5) air defense systems was proved - the only time the Israelis destroyed them in a fighting situation in Syria - just by organizing a mass attack - and Shell-S is a two-channel air defense system - it’s simultaneously attacking 3 or more missiles basically can’t hold back! In one video - destruction by artillery by backlighting from the ground - here he is also powerless! Well, maybe it's time to stop talking nonsense here?
    1. Dear sofa expert. 29 May 2020 22: 42
      Quote: sH, arK
      Carapace-S is a two-channel air defense system - it, in principle, cannot hold back a simultaneous attack of 3 or more missiles!

      - maybe if they are 45 ° sector, and in 90 ° you are right - two.
  6. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 29 May 2020 21: 52
    Of course, as my boss said -

    Technique in the hands of an idiot is just a pile of scrap metal.

    But, for objectivity, I would like to know how many drones shot down in Libya with the help of Shells? Is there such information?

    Prior to the start of the rapid retreat of the Haftar army from the Libyan capital, the "Armor" quite confidently destroyed from 40 to 54 Turkish drones.

    Turks never admit it. But is there any confirmation of this information?
  7. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 29 May 2020 22: 22
    Do not touch the technique! She won't let you down!
  8. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 30 May 2020 06: 44
    Military equipment of any country is part of the system of its army. And alone she is not Superman. There is not a single military item that can fight or stand on combat duty alone.
    And "Shell", no matter how good it is, is no exception. Put another alternative technique in its place under these conditions. I wouldn't be surprised that it would have been worse. There is no need to present a military product as the truth. And there will be no such articles. hi