At stake 25 billion dollars: why Turkey entered the Libyan conflict

In the ongoing protracted civil war in Libya economic interests of other countries. It is no secret that external forces are behind the Government of National Salvation Faiz Saraj and the Libyan National Army Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, writes the Jordanian publication Al Bawaba.

In Libya, the business interests of many powers are present, they see huge potential in natural resources and future infrastructure projects in the country. As for Turkey, its active participation is connected with the promise of the PNS to fulfill its obligations under frozen construction contracts, which are estimated at $ 25 billion.

Experts note that Turkey’s open intervention and the transfer of militants from Syria have changed the balance of power. Ankara sent thousands of trained and motivated "Syrian refugees" to dozens of armored vehicles, dozens of armored vehicles, special forces, drones, and even moved a fleet to the shores of Libya. After this, the PNS not only managed to stop the successful offensive of Haftar near Tripoli, but even forced the LNA out of a number of strategically important territories. For example, it was taken under control of the al-Vatiya airbase, 140 km southwest of Tripoli.

In turn, the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia, who have their own economic interests in Libya, stood up for Haftar. So now in Libya a certain balance of forces has been established between the warring parties. Moreover, it cannot be denied that each of the parties may try to take active steps to turn the tide again.

At the same time, the economic situation in the once prosperous country remains very difficult, given the COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in oil prices.
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  1. jekasimf Offline jekasimf
    jekasimf (jekasimf) 29 May 2020 14: 14
    Add to that 25 billion worth of every Turkish drone shot down. Orders for which the company belongs to Erdogan’s son-in-law ....
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 29 May 2020 19: 59
    Turkey needs markets and, most importantly, sources of oil dependent on it.
    Erdogan climbed into Syria for oil. Liked. But the evil Putin came and kicked off. Now Erdogan climbed into Libya. But Libya since Soviet times has been our zone of influence. Until the labeled one fell apart. Putin is not going to give anyone our piece of the pie.
    It is necessary that he clearly assimilated his place under the sun. As the classic said, "You take it out of rank!"
    Having its own sources of oil will make Erdogan’s policy too laid-back, I would say, insane. Given the nature of his character and the Turkish mentality, this is too dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the collar and shorten the chain.