US ready to impose sanctions against Academician Chersky and Gazprom in general

Masks are reset. In Washington, they are not embarrassed to say that the United States is ready to impose sanctions against the Russian crane-assembly pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky and Gazprom in general if they try to complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This was stated by a member of the US Republican Party, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, according to the American analytical center Atlantic Council.

It should be noted that the Atlantic Council is a structure created in 1961 under the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty, with headquarters in Washington, part of the Atlantic Treaty Association. Its leader is the former Governor of Utah and the US Ambassador to Russia and China, John Huntsman. In July 2019, the Atlantic Council was recognized by the Russian Prosecutor General as an undesirable organization.

So, Cruz said that if the completion of the specified pipeline begins, then the U.S. sanctions that were adopted in December 2019 will be involved. He clarified that in the wording there are no exceptions or possibilities for interpretation.

If Gazprom uses the Akademik Chersky vessel to complete construction, the US President is required to impose sanctions

- emphasized Cruz.

We remind you that in December 2019, the vessels of the Swiss company Allseas stopped laying the Nord Stream-2 pipes in the Baltic. To complete the construction, on February 9, 2020, Russia began the transfer of the Academician Chersky KMTUS from the Far East, which arrived on May 9, 2020 at the port of Mukran (Germany), near which there is a warehouse with pipes for Nord Stream-2. After that, the private American company Planet Labs inc. опубликовала satellite images, which show that there is a movement of sections of the pipeline from the warehouse to the pier for loading onto ships.

It should be added that the sanctions referred to concern companies that contribute to the construction of Nord Stream-2. They provide for a ban on entry into the United States for their shareholders and officers, as well as blocking access to any property and resources controlled by American companies. As for Gazprom, after this company comes under sanctions, the Federal Agency for State Property Management, Rosneftegaz and Rosgazification will also have problems.
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  1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 16 May 2020 11: 47
    And in response, again, concerns and snotty bubbles.
    1. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
      Rum rum (Rum rum) 16 May 2020 14: 05
      You are not right. The expression "The dog barks, the caravan moves on" or "The dog barks, the wind carries" is suitable here.
  2. kgv51 Offline kgv51
    kgv51 (Gennady) 17 May 2020 22: 14
    Quote: Rum Rum
    The expression is suitable here: "The dog barks, the caravan goes"

    Why, then, this "caravan" for so long as d ..... about in an ice-hole on the seas-oceans wound?
    1. Zradogon Offline Zradogon
      Zradogon (Zradogon) 18 May 2020 00: 29
      Well, one mongrel barked over the ocean, and have you already put in your pants? )))
  3. Zradogon Offline Zradogon
    Zradogon (Zradogon) 18 May 2020 00: 27
    American gas carriers in the Atlantic Ocean are more vulnerable than pipes in the Baltic Sea)
  4. Sergey Bambor Offline Sergey Bambor
    Sergey Bambor (Sergey Bambor) 18 May 2020 07: 53
    The masks have been dropped. In Moscow, they no longer hesitate to say - "Academician Chersky" was not going to any Nakhodka, but was stupidly fiddling about, trying to mislead someone. But these "someone" enjoyed his senseless tricks in the style of "money down the drain - the sea is knee-deep."
  5. 1536 Offline 1536
    1536 (Eugene) 18 May 2020 09: 18
    Recently, the US President declared the Moon, a natural satellite of the Earth, the property of the American people. Why shouldn't he declare all the bowels, fields, forests, mountains, rivers and seas and minerals of Russia as the property of the United States? This will be logical and will dot the "i's" in the dispute over who is the enemy of our people, and who is "not a friend, and an enemy, but so ..."
  6. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 18 May 2020 19: 55
    So, the Russian Federation also needs to impose retaliatory sanctions against the United States, but you can start with the American auto industry, without which the Russian Federation will certainly live and even not notice its absence !!!
  7. kartalovkolya Offline kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 20 May 2020 14: 07
    But is it time in response to ban the supply to the United States of rocket engines, titanium components for Boeing and enriched uranium fuel for their nuclear power plants? After all, all these materials can be used against Russia !!!
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Constantin Offline Constantin
    Constantin (constantin) 21 May 2020 00: 56
    The reaction of Russia will be similar to the reaction of a 90-year-old man in a brothel.