Der Spiegel: Merkel makes serious accusations against Moscow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made serious accusations against Russia and sharply criticized Moscow because of a cyber attack on the Bundestag five years ago, writes German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

As the publication recalls, five years ago, hackers paralyzed the work of the Bundestag for a while. Now, a multi-year investigation by the police and prosecutors has come to an end.

German law enforcers have identified the main suspect - "an employee of the Russian special services", allegedly from the Foreign Intelligence Service. They secured the issuance of an international arrest warrant for Russian Dmitry Badin. He is accused of cyber espionage and other crimes.

On May 13, 2020, Merkel, during her speech in the Bundestag, commenting on the results of the investigation carried out by the Prosecutor General’s Office, reported on “outrageous actions” and “strong evidence” of Russia's involvement.

I take these things very seriously because I believe that the investigation was carried out properly. I'll be honest, it saddens me

- said the chancellor.

Merkel explained, answering a question about the possible consequences for Moscow, that Germany "always reserves the right to take measures, including against Russia."

In addition, according to Merkel, Russia adheres to the strategy of a “hybrid war”, which includes “disorientation” and “distortion of facts”.

Merkel clarified that "this is not a coincidence - a real strategy is being applied." At the same time, she emphasized that she intends to continue to work on the development of normal relations with Russia. But, she said, trust was undermined.
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  1. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 14 May 2020 15: 44
    What about the American intelligence services that listened and not only, apparently, the entire top of Germany ???? Confidence in amers is not undermined, no ?????
    You should drink less!!!!
  2. Alexey Grigoryev (Alexey Grigoriev) 14 May 2020 18: 52
    Yesterday, the Great Dane cheated on my lawn, something I'm not happy with the behavior of Germany)))
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 14 May 2020 19: 37
    And hackers from Germany tried to bring down the "immortal regiment" too, it doesn't count, right?
  4. alexandrmakedo Offline alexandrmakedo
    alexandrmakedo (Dubovitsky Victor Kuzmich) 14 May 2020 20: 50
    Frau does not want to put on the international wanted list of US citizen Obama, who ordered to establish a wiretap for listening to all the government communications of Germany?
  5. bonifacius Offline bonifacius
    bonifacius (Alex) 14 May 2020 22: 42
    This is necessary !!! The Americans installed their bugs right into the Chancellor's panties. And no hard feelings. She kissed "Smoked" passionately. And here, just like an innocent girl, she was offended.
  6. Who is to blame that the Germans are so stupid? Now hackers are climbing everywhere!
  7. 17085 Offline 17085
    17085 (Dmitriy) 14 May 2020 23: 01
    I take these things very seriously because I believe that the investigation was carried out properly. I'll be honest, it saddens me

    ??? The investigator was digging too much, but didn’t dig anything?

    I'll be honest, it saddens me
  8. Valeria Mukharev (Valery Mukharev) 15 May 2020 04: 55
    Did your grandmother remember her young years?
    1. Lena Vasilenko Offline Lena Vasilenko
      Lena Vasilenko (Lena Vasilenko) 15 May 2020 12: 20
      Yeah, and when she was 20, a Russian guy touched her knees !!!! Wow! It turns out there was harassment and an attempted rape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sergsur219 Offline sergsur219
    sergsur219 (Sergei) 15 May 2020 06: 21
    Did you have to wait five years to announce a pre-prepared withdrawal? These are the Russian special services ... Of course, but who else?)))))) Unless the Martians ... In the whole universe, only Russians are bad ...))) Laughter and only cause such "investigations".
  10. ilik54 Offline ilik54
    ilik54 (ilik54) 15 May 2020 06: 22
    Eh, it was not necessary to leave Europe and unite Germany, and there would be nothing of this!
    It was not enough for the defeated countries to show the victorious country how to behave and what to do, and the USA to appropriate our Victory and use its fruits as winners!
    They need to speak with Russia in a quiet voice, kneeling and bowing their heads, and only when we ask them, because they are alive only because we allow them to.
    But could Russian troops be returned to Europe? How to withdraw quickly, so quickly and enter! Business for one night, remember how they entered Czechoslovakia? It is necessary to count and close this topic in a businesslike way once and for all. And remember - this is not a war, but a compulsion to restore order in the minds of Europeans and Americans!
  11. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 15 May 2020 07: 58
    That’s what self-isolation does, hitlerss flew off the coils.
  12. Vladimir Androsov_2 (Vladimir Androsov) 15 May 2020 09: 08
    Pot calls the kettle black. What has she done so that the State Department twirls her as she wants. She wants - listens, wants - looks, remembered the incident of five years ago, but she forgot the fact that we gave the country to Germany. It was necessary not to give, but to sell for a lot of money, so that they would still be paid by the entire European Union. If Gorbachev would not be such a moron, it should have been.
  13. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 15 May 2020 09: 25
    Well, tell tales about forcing unfortunate Germans with curses on Russophobia. No words, they are enemies in the West for every Russian / even liberalist /. This is a long way of thinking ... Only grabbing for something, you can cooperate with them ...
  14. Sergey Chizhov Offline Sergey Chizhov
    Sergey Chizhov (Sergey Chizhov) 15 May 2020 10: 19
    Proud of SVR! Why should the intelligence service refuse publicly available information? Protect yours, Ms. Merkel, secrets must be more reliable!
  15. T. Hanks Offline T. Hanks
    T. Hanks (Igor) 15 May 2020 11: 12
    Was there an article in Spiegel? And did they write about it? Maybe again not there and not about that. They frighten with plates, then dogs bark, then ruins speak. There, they say they found a Soviet spy kit with a Stirlitz walkie-talkie at a villa in the Roman period.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 16 May 2020 02: 05
      Yes there was. Here is this article:
  16. Lena Vasilenko Offline Lena Vasilenko
    Lena Vasilenko (Lena Vasilenko) 15 May 2020 12: 18
    Some kind of Estonian reaction speed. That is, someone will bring everything down now, and they will talk about it only after 5 years?))
  17. trinolika Offline trinolika
    trinolika (Victor Malakhov) 15 May 2020 12: 55
    Yes, when the Americans FOR YEARS listened to Merkel’s grandmother and, as they say, were caught red-handed, this is normal, it's mine. Well, for the sake of decency, I pouted my lips, it seemed like I was offended and immediately climbed out to kiss Abamka.
    Well, if he had not thought anything bad.
    And here they investigated, investigated, searched, searched, checked, checked, and finally found and sucked: this is Russia!
    It only remained a mystery from where they sucked it.
    We should ask proctologists, they certainly know. where you can suck it!
    But what happens is that Poland has already worn out, is straining in its Russophobia, the Balts have earned hemorrhoids from Russophobic straining, Ukraine spends its entire budget on slander and fighting Russia, and Grandma Merkel seems to be aloof from the "progressive" countries.
    Mess! And I decided to participate.
    And then the ass was found, from which it can be sucked. Well ... The process has begun ...
  18. radiootdel4 Offline radiootdel4
    radiootdel4 (Vladimir) 15 May 2020 13: 45
    It seems that Coca penguins pinched Grandmother for SP-2. So I decided to make some noise ...
    Well, either.
  19. Alexey Kurilov Offline Alexey Kurilov
    Alexey Kurilov (Alexey Kurilov) 15 May 2020 20: 08
    Trust the Americans. They already put a camcorder in your bedroom.
  20. valeri ageev Offline valeri ageev
    valeri ageev (valeri ageev) 16 May 2020 08: 57
    The same reason was invented for wiretapping, to motivate in case of failure to continue the construction of the gas pipeline. Personally, I do not understand Our leadership. Buildings are forbidden to us, and WE shout at all corners - well, do not forbid building, you are worse off. Russia persuades Germany and is so worried about the development of THEIR ECONOMY that sometimes it seems - and when it became Russia part of Germany. Let's turn on your pride already - where is it? That was concluded with Ukraine (the Brest-Leninist Peace) and, in return, with the help of the United States, they openly shit, and we don’t even wash ourselves, so we allow them to continue. As it was and is right - Strelkov - it’s a pity!
  21. Alexander Gorokhov (Alexander Gorokhov) 16 May 2020 11: 13
    Uncle Sam seemed to be pushing, or else how to understand the five-year silence. We would still remember the World War 39-45.
    BASSARMAT (Tatyana Barabanshchikova) 16 May 2020 22: 48
    Was the SVR officer acting from his home and under his last name? There is a competition in the West - who will bite RUSSIA steeper.