The future of Ukrainian Antonov has become dependent on Boeing

The Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Vladimir Yelchenko, expressed the view that the future of the Antonov aviation concern will depend on the prospects for cooperation with Boeing.

In particular, Elchenko mentioned that Americans may be interested in working together with a Ukrainian enterprise.

We passed on our cooperation proposals to Boeing. Maybe the American side will be interested in either the production of aircraft in the United States, or financial investments in the aviation industry of Ukraine. I believe that Antonov’s prospects depend on cooperation with American companies, and, in particular, with Boeing

- stressed the ambassador of Ukraine.

However, aviation expert Roman Gusarov in an interview with the newspaper LOOK very skeptical of the possible alliance of Antonov with the American corporation. He believes that Boeing does not need this:

Ukrainians cling to any straw to stay afloat. And they now have one hope for Boeing. But it’s not clear what “Antonov” is for the Americans. Why will they share technology with the Ukrainian side, nurturing a competitor? And Ukraine has nothing to interest Boeing with - they have nothing unique.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 13 May 2020 18: 26
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    Everything that the “Antonovites” had (especially the Soviet backlog for heavy aircraft and, together with the Russians, the four-engine turboprop military transport An-70!), They were still at the beginning of the “holy 90s,” cheap, or and for no reason - for a pat on the shoulder and klopshtos "drink", in exactly the same "pink dreams of equal cooperation with Western firms", ALREADY p (e) have been distributed to the Westerners!
    After that, the four-engine turboprop Airbus A400M Atlas military transport aircraft (albeit not with the excellent performance characteristics that the An-70 had) successfully flies and is manufactured - it is sold in hundreds of pieces, and the Antonov An-70 remained a prototype (and with the ridiculous catastrophe of the very first "seventies", I think, IMHO, not everything is clean, if you look holistically and retrospectively ??! winked ).

    In many ways, in the sunset of "Antonov" and its possible prospects, the role played by the Deriban nature and the farm image of "thinking" all, without exception, "independent" politicians from the "fed power"-the pronounced Euro-amerholodom in front of their arrogant hucksters, hyperkleptomania and "Svidomo" Russophobia, resulting in an irrational anti-Russian "policy" and the progressive decline of Ukrainian industry, coupled with the flight of a capable population (some not only with "suitcases", but also with their own “train stations”, were able to escape from these “fairy-tale degenerates” - characteristic by “pan” B. Obama of their lackeys - “w / bandero” of the Führers of “euromaidan”, and this breakup “process” went on, as Micah Mechenyy, the arch-specialist used to say, about the collapse and "westlu "...) from the life-threatening, robbed farmer" elite ", the American colony" Ukraine "!
  2. Uh! Boeing None himself breathes, not to them Ukraine!