The Germans intend to help Belarus defend its independence from Russia

The EU should not remain indifferent to whether Belarus can maintain its independence - even if it is a difficult neighbor because of its authoritarian ruler, the Bundestag MPs from the SPD Party Niels Schmid and Dirk Wiese write on the pages of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

For more than two decades, Belarus has played a special role in Europe. Recently, the leader of the country for more than 25 years, Alexander Lukashenko, unceremoniously called the COVID-19 pandemic a “psychosis” of the international community and refrained from quarantine restrictions. How long the country will last is unknown. But regardless of this, one question remains not relevant - Germany and the EU cannot remain indifferent and should help Belarus defend its independence from Russia.

It was Lukashenko in the 90s who put forward the idea of ​​a single Union State with Russia. Then Russia was weak, while the Belarusian leader could boast of stability in his country. But the alignment of forces has long shifted in favor of Russia. Now Vladimir Putin is trying to tie Belarus closer to Russia and insists on the implementation of the Union Treaty, concluded in 1999. However, Lukashenko is a clever opponent. He still manages to save political Minsk’s independence and withstand economic and political pressure from Moscow.

The pressure is growing steadily and it is not known how long Minsk can still resist the “elder brother”. Local economy stagnates, and the standard of living falls. State-owned companies create 75% of the country's GDP. There are practically no direct foreign investments, and Russia is the largest economic partner, providing 100% of Belarus’s energy.

Minsk is making efforts to get rid of this dependence and is strengthening its relations with China, which sees Belarus as a “window to Europe”. Therefore, the EU should expand cooperation with Minsk, ceasing to be indifferent and indifferent. Indeed, since 2014 Lukashenko has been actively trying to establish contacts with the West. But relations between the EU and Belarus are still far from good. The partnership and cooperation agreement between the parties, concluded in 1995, has not been ratified so far.

Being a member of the EAEU, Belarus does not have ambitions for full membership in the EU. Therefore, the European Investment Bank and the EBRD should expand cooperation with Minsk. Support for small and medium-sized businesses and the provision of visa benefits for Belarusian youth are becoming especially relevant. The EU should further encourage students and scholars to exchange through scholarship programs. In addition, it is necessary to develop civil society in Belarus and promote European values ​​there, German politicians are sure.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 May 2020 10: 20
    The Germans intend to help Belarus defend its independence from Russia

    No doubt. The Germans generally came up with a lot of dirty tricks. Starting from the financing of Lenin. The creation of liberation armies in the second world. By the way, who cares, google, under what banners they fought there. We must pay tribute to Lukashenko. He is the only one who removed the German symbolism from the flag of the country. Well, you see, the modern Russian army somehow looks cool in chevrons and banners of the ROA. laughing I say it again, I don’t want to spread it. Googled yourself the form of all three liberation armies organized by the Germans. The Germans are generally even entertainers. The ability to harm Russian is not to be taken away from them.
  2. AlexVas44 Offline AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 (Alexander) 12 May 2020 10: 21
    Deputies of the Bundestag, apparently, greatly honor the memory of their grandfathers, the defeated and defeated Nazis. These are those who are called revenge-seekers. Well, the Old Man also wants to wear a Tyrolean hat.
  3. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 May 2020 10: 35
    Alexander Lukashenko unceremoniously called the COVID-19 pandemic a “psychosis” of the international community and refrained from quarantine restrictions

    good Well done! And he did the right thing!
  4. Dear sofa expert. 12 May 2020 10: 56
    Yeah .. Germans already helped Ukrainians (and others like them) to defend independence in, so to speak, the "Norman format")).
    But it’s interesting, but Lukashenko himself, or as the Germans call him - Autokrat Lukaschenka)), is he ready to become Yanukovych’s neighbor in the Moscow Region?)
  5. We are originally Russian. We chop off the Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions, and let the Germans go to make night pots!
    1. 1500014781401 Offline 1500014781401
      1500014781401 (Lyudmila) 13 May 2020 08: 29
      That is, you declare war on us Belarusians? But we will resist. What are you ready to kill us, judging by the likes? And after that, do you consider us allies? And will you destroy our children as friends?
      1. Why fight? I am well aware that East Belarus, forcibly chopped off by Stalin from Russia, is not averse to returning to its homeland itself! So everything will happen gently and bloodlessly.
  6. Vlad Petrov Offline Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov (Vladimir) 12 May 2020 13: 05
    The reality of life today is this - this is the collapse of Soviet civilization. The Soviet body has run out of growth energy and immunity to infection. All the lords of the post-Soviet republics can exist only as nationalists, otherwise they cannot hold power over the territory of feeding and peoples, for this it is necessary the Germans, the USA, only not Moscow. Therefore, Lukashenko will never agree to an alliance with Russia. There will be claims, disputes, whims without end. And this will continue in all the republics for decades until they prove their vitality or finally become a colony of the West.
  7. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 12 May 2020 13: 07
    The Germans intend to help Belarus defend its independence from Russia

    Helped already ... in the 41st.
    Apparently, it is worth paying more attention to independence, for example, Hungary, Austria, Italy, and the inhabitants of the GDR, moaning under the heel of the occupier. laughing
    And I hope that Vladimir Volfovich will explain to deputies of the Bundestag from the SPD party that it’s not polite to interfere in the internal affairs of the union state, maybe even a Bavarian sausage in public face whips. winked
  8. 69 Offline 69
    69 12 May 2020 13: 46
    Maybe German fashion, tours of the Brest Fortress, arrange more often?
  9. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 12 May 2020 13: 59
    The Germans would shit smaller Russia, or the memory of the Hans is short !!!? So now Pe-2 will not be used, if that, only ashes will remain from Germany ....