Smart Russians: Bulgarian readers on Russia's investment in strategic weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country will continue to strengthen its military power “under any circumstances,” writes the Bulgarian Internet publication Facts.

In his congratulatory speech to the graduates of the military academy the day after Victory Day, Putin emphasized that “the most advanced Technology"Will create the image of the Russian army and its navy in the coming years.

The Russian leader noted that investment in strategic weapons will be crucial, in conjunction with hypersonic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as robotic combat systems.

Readers of the publication responded to the words of the head of the Russian state.

Russia is big North Korea: there is no bread, but missiles as many

- the democrat considers.

Smart Russians are investing in strategic weapons!

- wrote EL chochone.

Putin hid from the coronavirus - this is real power ... His colleague from Belarus held an impeccable Victory Parade

- commented on ZZorro.

When you have 18 sq km of territory and minerals, the army should be up to standard. We need a lot of motorized infantry battalions and even more tank divisions. Jet artillery, aviation and navy - all of them must be 000% alert!

- stressed Mongola.

It is no coincidence that the Taman and Kantemirov tank divisions with updated T-80BVM tanks were revived in the Russian Federation

- noted RURU.

Russians in military technology, I think, are superior to everyone. They are forced to build up their strength because they are surrounded by enemies on all sides. If NATO were disbanded like a Warsaw Pact, peace and prosperity would ensue throughout the continent.

- summed up Mim.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 11 May 2020 10: 06
    The joke was remembered.

    Jewess Sarah was asked:
    - How do you feel about prostitution?
    - Very positive! It’s like you are selling it, but you still have it!

    And what are the "smart Bulgarians" investing in? Sold as the cheapest, "sorry, duck" and sit with a bare bottom.
    1. Andrey Vylev Offline Andrey Vylev
      Andrey Vylev (Andrey Vylev) 11 May 2020 22: 36

      The matrix is ​​everywhere. Even now she is with us. You see her when you look out the window or watch TV. You feel it when you work, you go to church, you pay taxes - a whole world pulled over your eyes to hide the truth. Which one? “That you are only a slave, Neo.” Like everyone else, you are from birth in chains, in prison - which you will not touch, which you will not smell, in prison for reason! Alas, it is impossible to explain what a matrix is. You have to see it yourself.

      From the movie "The Matrix".


      The evil and mocking eye of Satan Lucifer - in the St. Andrew's Hall of the Kremlin - looks with a grin at the idle crowd and the fake - in its pomp - the ritual of the inauguration of the Tsar!

      The monarch - the predator - takes office!
      The state is a myth! The state is the Matrix of Power!
      The state is a “private shop” - an instrument of power of a cunning and evil power minority over a stupid - disorderly - majority.

      Today, Russia is the thousand-year-old Jewish Reich.

      A naive society believes dogma that the state is a social contract between members of a society that guarantees their peace and security.
      This is the greatest misconception!

      Our most important task is the deconstruction of mythology and fallacies - vegetarian food for Russian neophytes, which cunning politicians feed the trusting crowd and cynically deceive it!

      After all, the regalia of the state is the ideology that society puts into the symbols of its National Project!

      Why is it Russian, it’s completely not interesting - what is the significance of the Evil Eye of Satan, located above the Russian coat of arms in the Kremlin Hall and those Pharisees who under it make a false oath - to “serve” the Russian people ?! Deception begins, even before taking office!

      The image of Vladimir Putin under the eye of Lucifer - and this is that - is the slave status of the Russian people.
      Primitive deception, the glamor of satanic power and the oath of a liar!

      The largest and most organized party in Russia is the Army!
      Show Russia and the Army - for whose Ideals her sons die!

      LIAR swears by the Carolingian dynasty ...

      But the Russians have the one and only power that they deserve!

      She - Power - is the product of her people!

      Our main task is to explain that the status of a slave will not bring the Russians anything good. That fragile social equilibrium that exists at the moment - inevitably - will be blown up by those who shaped modern society, with inherent - insurmountable and ever-increasing - contradictions.

      The slavish, shameful consensus - “If only there was no war” - leads to war, and - to shame! We already have both war and shame - the Russians abandoned theirs in Ukraine!

      The main problem is that - in this form - the society is de-intellectualized - which means that during a big disaster (what is approaching the Russian people) - it is not capable of self-organization and defense against attack. This is a fundamental cognitive problem!
      Ah, the attack is already a fact. Events in Ukraine are the most powerful geopolitical blow to Russia - an attack on it. And, the development of this blow is ahead. The worst is yet to come! And the king calculates the options on the blood.
      1. oracul Offline oracul
        oracul (leonid) 12 May 2020 08: 42
        Judging by what you have piled up, you undoubtedly consider yourself intellectual. The problem is that recognition of this or that person as an intellectual is possible not by a narrow circle of their own kind, but by the majority of society, no matter how you go about it. The people may be mistaken in particulars, but in the main they are always right. It is impossible to be smarter than everyone, but to show off, slap the public mind, originalize, admire yourself - completely.
  3. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 11 May 2020 13: 47
    "Putin hid from the coronavirus - here it is - the real strength ... His colleague from Belarus at the same time held an impeccable Victory Parade," ZZorro commented.

    Spend - spit, do not spend - spit.
    By the way, for those who are not in the bunker, there was a parade in Russia. And there will be, most importantly - that we are alive and well, well, you ZZorro, do not drown ...
  4. olpin51 Offline olpin51
    olpin51 (Oleg Pinegin) 11 May 2020 14: 29
    Large nations behave like predators, and small ones behave like predators ........