How Putin Forever Changed Russia

May 7, 2020 marks exactly 20 years since Vladimir Putin became president of Russia. Over the past two decades, Putin has strengthened his power and strengthened Russia's role on the world stage. To understand how Putin has forever changed Russia and its place in the world over the past years, and what may happen in the future, the American journal Foreign Policy decided to find out from leading scientists, journalists and experts.

Susan B. Glasser, an American journalist, said that if she had been asked 20 years ago whether Putin would become the “longest-living” Russian leader since Joseph Stalin, she would have answered with incredulous silence or laughed out loud.

It sometimes seems to me that Russians look at Vladimir Putin in the same way that most of the world looks at the United States. That is, they are grateful for what he did for them in an increasingly distant past; they are ambivalent, and in some cases deeply alarmed, when it comes to relatively recent actions; and they are anxious about the future. On the other hand, they see no alternative to him.

- says in turn the journalist Olga Oliker.

She explained that the foreign policy goals pursued by "Putin's Russia" are no different from the historical Russian, Soviet, and imperial foreign policy goals. It was Putin who provided economic the revival of Russia and the return of this country to the world stage.

In her opinion, the last two decades were not unique in terms of economic ups and downs, everything was quite natural. The real change that Putin has made is to create a system that is extremely dependent on him personally. And this, by definition, will last only as long as he is in power.

Journalist Irina Borogan is confident that states and the balance of power between them determine international relations. Leaders don't matter. Russia emerged from the collapse of the USSR as a weak state and was forced to carry out what the most powerful country on the planet dictated - the United States. Today, Russia has recovered and again turned into a great power, facing other players. This confrontation would happen with or without Putin.

The most significant change in Russia that needs to be identified with Putin can be considered the lack of understanding of freedom of speech and democracy among young Russians who grew up under his rule, the journalist is sure.

At the same time, Putin, acting on the world stage rudely but consistently, demonstrated that Russia could violate the rights of its citizens and other persons without serious consequences on the part of the EU or the OSCE. Russia sent troops to Syria, despite the discontent of the US and the EU, and regained its influence in the Middle East, without spending too many resources. Russia has also signed defense contracts with Turkey, a NATO member state, bypassing the US opinion that it would be impossible to imagine 20 years ago, Irina Borogan believes.

External Expert policy Angela Stent, in turn, said that under Putin, Russia became a centralized, authoritarian state and returned as a global player, competing with the United States for influence in the world. Russia, uniting with China, is trying to create a post-Western global order. As a skilled “judoka”, Putin was able to realize his strategy using the weaknesses of the West and the lack of strategy for his leader - the United States.
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  1. camo ridges Offline camo ridges
    camo ridges (Michael) 9 May 2020 18: 59
    These chatterboxes, like Irina Borogan, are simply unable to comprehend and appreciate the truly occurred changes in Russia after Putin came to the supreme power. To say that if anything else would have happened the same thing means absolutely not understanding either the current situation in the country or the mood of the Russians, who no longer thought about the former greatness of Russia, thought that it was buried forever, and strove only for an elementary survival. Therefore, it is safe to say without fear that present-day Russia is Putin’s manual assembly, which he has been scrupulously engaged in for twenty years. Only a man exclusively gifted by nature could achieve such a result, simply put - a genius. I am not afraid of this word as applied to our current president, for only genius could cope with all the hardships of that time. And not any other, as all kinds of borogans squeak like, hardly understanding what they are talking about ...
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 9 May 2020 20: 09
      What do you think, if not for such an oil situation, Putin’s successes were the same? How do you feel about the African level of inequality that Russia achieved under it? The weak point of such regimes (in addition to general inefficiency) is a change of power. I am with some apprehension waiting for his departure.
    2. monman Offline monman
      monman (Garik Mokin) 10 May 2020 00: 09
      Only a man exclusively gifted by nature could achieve such a result, simply put - a genius.

      I hope you say it, kneeling and turning to face the red corner - his portrait. And at the same time wish him, his children (yourselves somehow survive), his relatives (your mother-in-law will recover, your parents cough and stop) all the best, health, and, most important, happiness in his personal life !!!
    3. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
      Rashid116 (Rashid) 10 May 2020 11: 01
      Notably licked.
      1. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
        Rashid116 (Rashid) 10 May 2020 11: 03
        Sorry, not to you, but to the slime above.
    4. Andrei Maksimenko (Andrey Maximenko) 10 May 2020 16: 23
      What changes are you writing ??? The government and the President of the Russian Federation, as he held consultations with the IMF (Americans) 30 years ago on the issues of governing the country, continues to conduct them at present.
      You count. If Stalin had consulted with Hitler on the management of the USSR.)))
    5. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 10 May 2020 21: 05
      Yes, comrade aka Kamo Gryadeshi, from the outside the fate of the Russian Federation is so sad and seen in the bandit-Deriban "holy 90s"!
      The beginning of Vladimir Putin's presidency was indistinct at first (although everyone in the post-Soviet space remembered him, being the prime minister said, inspiring, because the fighting, catchphrase: "We will kill the bandits even in the toilets" good ). Although after that it was said to the American TV interviewer "jokingly" out of place: "She drowned (about the Kursk)", but your President quickly understood everything, settled in a new place and corrected himself - he began to rake a little - to clean the EBNovskie "stables" from the "seven bankers" "and other evil spirits ...
      Then it became more and more fun to observe you, Russian affairs, especially after the Munich speech in February 2007!
      A muddy temporary worker, a liberal "iPhone", Medvedev in his presidential role instilled into our Russian hearts a bit of pessimism with his frank "deflections" in front of the West, but a successful reflection of the pro-American Georgian aggression 08.08.08., The triumphant return to Sevastopol of the proud Mirage MRK and at the raid, the Ukronazis once again instilled optimism in caring sympathizers! yes
      And when Vladimir Putin, in spite of the liberal Bolotnaya and the formidable public warnings of the impudent "hegemons", was re-elected President of Russia, it became clear that Russia would be saved ...

      So that the role of the Person in History and VV Putin means a lot, their state deeds have already been recorded at a place of honor in its World Tablets, as well as in the Areopagus of the Most Outstanding Historical Persons, good no matter what the different pro-Washington Libershavka or the gundelie are trying to denigrate and belittle!
      All these bears labeled, fuck and others will be forgotten, their names will be erased in Human Memory, and Putin’s name will remain! yes
      Although, at the very beginning of Vladimir Putin's presidential activity, and I underestimated him, unattractive in appearance, "judo", so Vladimir Vladimirich, in general, unexpectedly pleasantly surprised me (and in February 2014 and, indirectly, I saved my life - I never forget this, even if a person later becomes a fierce enemy to me, I always remember good and I answer with good, as I always remember those who threatened to kill me and caused evil!) smile He saved Russia from the inevitable (laid down in the "holy 90s" by EBN comrades !!!) catastrophe in the early 2000s and began to slowly, painstakingly, steer away from the edge of the abyss!
      I, an outsider, are incredibly pleased with the picture of the Renaissance of the Greatness of Russia, the indigenous part of our common Fatherland! Alive and Strong, Our Russian Fatherland will flourish - it is not for nothing that our lives, as well as the lives of our ancestors!
      Good luck to Russia, comrades Putin, Kamo Gryadeshi and all the adequate Russians !!! good
  2. Putin needs another 20 years to bring Russia into the people!
  3. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
    Accidentally 10 May 2020 07: 42
    The question is - if a revolution occurs under the leadership of Putin, against the Putin regime ... the reaction of the people ??????
  4. jura-19 Offline jura-19
    jura-19 (Yura) 10 May 2020 08: 50
    With Putin the next stop is the DPRK.
  5. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 10 May 2020 09: 57
    They used to say that the USSR in its development lagged behind the West by 20-30 years. With Putin, Russia, indeed, FOREVER lagged behind ...
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 May 2020 10: 47
    In the 2000s, Americans (or Arabs) raised the price of oil from 20 to 100 (2008) - 140 (2014) bucks (especially for Putin).
    Of course, with the price of oil 3-5 times higher than under Yeltsin, Putin earned money and put things in order. In its own way, in a capitalistic way.
    There have been many billionaires, pensions have been optimized, prices and utilities are growing by leaps and bounds.

    And since 14, oil and gas, not like under Yeltsin in 20 bucks, but all the same "there is no money, but you hold on."
    And GDP every year is alarmed by the rise in price of gasoline and the lack of development of the real economy.
  7. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 10 May 2020 13: 21
    Only hardly for the better.