Comrade Stalin and Victory Day: how the leader treated the Great Holiday

Actually, on this day it would be worth writing about the heroism of our soldiers, the grandeur of their feat, about the enormous price that the Soviet people paid for Victory Day to come ... However, recent events in the world make it impossible to tune in to the solemn celebration of this date okay. It looks like our country is facing a new war for victory in the Great Patriotic War - excuse me for the forced tautology, but you can’t say otherwise.

The original yapping of the Baltic, Ukrainian and other mongrels this year, was strongly supported by the United States, for the first time since 1945, at the level of its diplomatic and military departments, who dared to call the Soviet Union an “occupier” and actually equate it with Hitler Germany, developing the most absurd idea about the alleged involvement of our country in the outbreak of World War II.

Against all of us - the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the victors, a new aggression begins. So far, it’s informational and ideological, but we all know how small the distance from such attacks to missile and bomb attacks and interventions can be. The masks were dropped, fake "allies" and "friends" showed their true guise and showed hidden intentions. From now on, we all have to not only honor the holy memory of our ancestors, who crushed Nazism and its many allies, but also to resist attempts to desecrate this memory, destroy it and put it into oblivion. Well, we will try to be worthy of the departed heroes whom we have to defend in this battle. And today we’ll talk about Victory Day nevertheless - to dispel some of the myths and myths concerning it.

"Leader's favorite holiday"?

One of the most often and stubbornly repeated by Russian liberal “anti-Stalinists” lying and “black” fables about Joseph Vissarionovich is this: Stalin, it turns out, “terribly did not like Victory Day, did not consider it a holiday and generally ... canceled in 1947!” What a monster! The gentlemen from the "democratic public" feel a special love for this completely paranoid statement, not only because, in their opinion, they inflict a "crushing blow to the personality cult", but also because in this case they allegedly "have evidence" (with whom this fraternity, as you know, is always sparse). This is a simple and short document - the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, consisting of only two points: “1. In amending the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 8, 1945, consider May 9 - the holiday of victory over Germany - a working day. 2. Day January 1 - New Year's holiday - is considered a day off. " At the same time, on May 9, festive events were held throughout the Soviet Union, cities and towns dressed in festive attire, and in the evenings, traditional artillery fireworks from 30 volleys thundered. The people honored their heroes, laying flowers at the graves of the dead and honoring the living veterans of the Great Patriotic War. As you can see, we are not talking about any “cancellation” closely - just one of the days off was postponed. Why such a decision was actually made, we will definitely figure it out, but a little later. In the meantime, taking a deep breath and holding your nose tightly, we will familiarize ourselves with the main “versions” that the “anti-Stalinists” put forward on this occasion. Those, believe me, these gentlemen have in abundance, and one is more bizarre than the other. For now, just list the main ones:

1. Stalin did not see any victory at the end of the Great Patriotic War, because "his main plan - the export of the world revolution to Europe and beyond" failed. This schizophrenia crawled out from under the prodigal feather of Bogdashi Rezun, one of the main Judas of the “late” USSR, a traitor to the Motherland and part-time almost the first scammer who succeeded in “debunking Soviet propaganda myths about the Great Patriotic War”. To judge all those who squeezed his little books in the 90s, so what now ...

2. Stalin “felt burning jealousy for the commanders of the Victory and, above all, Georgy Zhukov because of their great popularity among the people, and being completely uninvolved in the defeat of Hitler (the enemy was defeated solely contrary to his mediocre leadership of the GKO and Headquarters), he wanted to level Victory in order to belittle the greatness of its true creators. "

3. Stalin "canceled" Victory Day because it was "not a communist holiday, but a patriotic one." He understood that "it was not the Soviet power and the Communist Party that won the war, but the Russian people", therefore, being a communist leader, "ideologically opposed himself to the idea of ​​Russian statehood."

4. Stalin "was mortally afraid of war veterans" and especially prisoners of war and ostarbeiters, who "having traveled to Europe and returning to their homeland, where living conditions were incomparably worse, represented a real threat to his unlimited power."

There is other "evidence" - for example, the assertion of "Stalin's disrespectful attitude towards Victory and the victors," based on the fact that he refused to accept the parade on June 24, 1945 or stood on the rostrum of the Mausoleum in marshal's uniform. We will not even consider such nonsense due to its sheer ridicule, but we will deal with the rest in detail.

“A great day has come ...”

Comrades! The Great Patriotic War ended with our complete Victory. The period of war in Europe is over. The period of peaceful development has begun. With Victory to you, my dear compatriots and compatriots! Glory to our heroic Red Army, which defended the independence of our country and won the victory over the enemy! Glory to our great people, the victorious people! Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battle with the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!

This is a quote from Stalin’s speech on May 9, 1945.

Generally speaking, in this speech he does not call Victory otherwise than the “great”, “historical” Victory. Was it really possible for a man who "did not put her into anything" to say so? “Is that hypocrisy?” The eternal game of a tyrant to the public! " - cry "anti-Stalinists" in a friendly choir. But only among the “great sacrifices made in the name of freedom and independence of the motherland” mentioned by the Supreme was the senior lieutenant Yakov Dzhugashvili, to whom his all-powerful father in the early days of World War II said: “Go and fight!” Hypocrisy too? Regarding the ravings of Rezun and those who are trying to sculpt from Joseph Vissarionovich the "fanatical communist" and the "enemy of Russian statehood." Stalin was never an adherent of the “world revolution” in his life. On the contrary, he fought the most fierce battle with its violent fanatics led by Comrade Trotsky. Moreover, in order to “spread communism” to France or Greece in 1945, he did not exert the slightest effort - although he had absolutely every opportunity to do so. Stalin was not at all a “hard-headed communist”, he was a “red emperor”, how many times can this be proved! The revival of Orthodoxy, the Russian Cossacks, the return of officer ranks to the Red Army, the establishment of many orders from which the “faithful Leninists” could hardly be hit (One Order of Alexander Nevsky was worth it!), The gradual return from oblivion of an increasing number of not only symbolism, but also essence Russian Empire - all of this is precisely Stalin and no one else. The fact that on May 24, 1945, the Supreme in the Kremlin proclaimed a toast “for the health of the Russian people”, calling him “the leading force of the Soviet Union” and “the most outstanding nation in the USSR” is a well-known fact. Those interested can read the full text.

“Opponent of the idea of ​​Russian statehood” ?! Yes, he did more for her than half of the emperor sovereigns combined! And, by the way - “it was not the Soviet regime that won the war” ... And who, then, let me inquire? Martians? Americans? Wizard Magi? The State Defense Committee, the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command, the People's Commissariats forging the Victory — what power was that ?! Even the one who makes blatant bullshit should, in my opinion, remain within some limits in order to avoid suspicions of complete inadequacy. Regarding the "fear of commanders" there’s nothing to even discuss. With those who represented a danger to the country, Comrade Stalin never stood on ceremony - despite the ranks and merits. But the real Marshals of Victory did not even think of any conspiracies. It was then that some of the military in the carbonary leaned, erecting Khrushchev “on the throne”, on their own, by the way, head. Under Stalin, they did not dare to think of anything like that. As for Zhukov personally, the Supreme never prayed for him. And most of all, his attitude towards Georgy Konstantinovich spoiled after the well-known “trophy business”. I do not want to wash all this on holiday - anyone in the subject will understand, I recommend that the rest take an interest. Well, and finally, regarding the “fear of veterans and former prisoners” ... Dealing with this topic, I came across a completely fantastic “masterpiece”. Usually, I avoid names by the names of my opponents from the “anti-Stalinist” camp - a lot of honor. But I can’t resist it. On the resource you can find the opus of a certain Boris Romanov (candidate of sciences, by the way), who claims that “... prisoners are almost better than other categories of Soviet citizens who turned out to be the will of military fate abroad, they saw how Europe lives (of course, themselves they lived very hard, but could not help but notice what was happening around) ... ”That’s why they were“ punished by Stalin ”- they were sent to camps or exile without exception. The quoted quote is verbatim, I swear! I have not changed a letter. This is where our prisoners of war saw "beautiful, well-fed and free" European life? At Auschwitz? Buchenwalde? Majdaneke? What do you need to be to write this ?! However, this is a typical level of “argumentation” of those who are trying to convince us of Stalin’s “dislike” for Victory Day ...

True reasons

Having finished sorting out the rubble of delusional fabrications, let us finally begin to talk about the true, obvious and secret (and how without them!) Reasons that prompted Joseph Vissarionovich to make the decision that was reflected in the decision of the USSR Supreme Council at the very beginning. But we will begin by recalling that harsh time and its realities without embellishment. This is now to us, to the limit of spoiled holidays, "holidays" and weekends, the abolition of any of them seems savagery and an unheard-of assault on our rights. In 1947, the holiday dates, which were days off, in the USSR were ... six for all 365 prescribed in the calendar! Memorial Day V.I. Lenin (January 22), May Day (two days), Victory Days - over Germany and Japan (May 9 and September 3, respectively), November 7 and 8 - Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution and Constitution Day, celebrated on December 5. There is no day off for the New Year - although the holiday was officially introduced in the USSR since 1935, again at the initiative of Stalin. February 23, March 8 and the like are all exclusively working days. In general, the working week was six days. Saturday, if anyone forgot, became inactive in the late 60s. The country lay in ruins, the national economy was almost destroyed, the loss of life was enormous. Each had in the most literal sense of the word to work hard not only for himself, but also for his brother, father or son who did not return from the war. For all 27 million that we lost ... And in addition - for the disabled, who would like to work, but could not, and whom the state also needed to support. What kind of “Christmas holidays”, “May holidays” are there a week long? Not before that. Yes, and "taking" on May 9, Stalin acted in fairness - made him non-working on January 1. From point of view economic expediency was definitely better.

Joseph Vissarionovich is sometimes reproached with his words that “it is time to be proud not of military awards, but of labor”. Well, this is from the same series that talk of a “simple marshal's uniform” at the Victory Parade. Those who presented him with a full dress uniform of the Generalissimo, the Supreme almost didn’t hit with their own hands ... They didn’t try again. And until the end of his life he wore the only reward - the Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor. I never wore the Golden Star, which I was awarded for the Great Patriotic War ... He, first of all, was a great Creator - it was not Stalin's fault, but his trouble was that most of the time when he was at the head of the USSR passed in wars . Well, and finally, about the hidden. Stalin, most likely, did not really consider the final victory achieved on May 9, 1945. In any case, from a certain moment. Nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Churchill’s Fulton speech, reports on the plans of “The Unthinkable”, “Dropshot” and other cannibalistic projects on the final and irreversible removal of the Soviet Union from the face of the earth and political world maps, the farther away, the more they convinced him that the main battle was ahead. What can I say, if our "allies" showed their true face already on September 7, 1945, when the commanders-in-chief of their armies together and flatly refused to participate in the Victory Parade, held that day in Berlin. They expressed their "fairy", so to speak ... Here, as they say, "smart enough." Stalin was very smart. I already wrote about this and I won’t repeat the bonus - in the late 40s, Joseph Vissarionovich began preparations for the confrontation already with the United States, Britain and their allies. It is not only a matter of the beginning of a new build-up of the power of our Armed Forces, the “nuclear race" and the like. Stalin challenged the barely born dollar hegemony, introduced a gold dime, and prepared to crush the West economically. And if necessary, then by force of arms. He saw the main victory ahead. Sorry, did not live, did not have time ...

Why are they trying to make an adversary of Victory Day from Stalin today? The answer is simple and clear - in order to tear this great historical and statesman from the main of his achievements. And, in turn, to emasculate the glorious accomplishment of our people, eventually turning it into a faceless and meaningless "day of memory and sorrow." It will not work, gentlemen are good! Stalin and Victory forever and ever are inextricably linked - and it cannot be otherwise.

All readers of "Reporter" - with Victory Day! For the Motherland, for our glorious ancestral heroes! God grant us to be their worthy descendants ...
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    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 9 May 2020 08: 35
    ... The unusual yapping of the Baltic, Ukrainian and other mongrels ...

    - if you are constantly rude to your neighbors, then it is impossible to count on a benevolent attitude towards you ... wassat
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      The mongrel grantees of the funds of the US state depot ... learned Russophobia .... - The mongrel - AUTHOR OF RIGHTS in this statement.
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      Please clarify who is rude to neighbors, of course, with specific examples of neighbors from different sides.
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    HOLIDAY !!!
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    Thanks a lot to the author for the article!
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    A military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory is taking place in Minsk. Well done, Old Man!
    And our guarantor is in the bunker.
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      It's an infrequent case when the "guarantor" is doing the right thing.
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    After the war, it wasn’t before the holidays, it was necessary to restore the country after European shit-democratizers.