Rusty and damaged: Syrians showed the depressing state of the MiG-29

The Drive portal analyzed the state of Soviet MiG-29 aircraft operating in Syria. The opinion was drawn up on the basis of three videos showing, among other things, fighters of this type. The video is dedicated to events related to the Day of the Martyrs on May 6, the day of the execution in 1916 of six Arab nationalists on the orders of the authorities of the Ottoman Empire.

The airplanes shown in the commercials look quite shabby. The MiG-29 in all three scenes has deep scratches and abrasions on the nose and sides. The lantern of the cabin became cloudy, the left wing is damaged, the firing hole of the GSh-30-1 gun on the wing is covered with rust. In different parts of the fighter’s hull, poorly concealed corrosion is visible.

One of the videos also shows oil stains and worn chassis protectors, which suggests that they are extremely worn.

Correspondents of the publication emphasize that depreciation, of course, may be justified by the time, but the current state of the Syrian equipmentshown in the video is more than disastrous. The Drive, therefore, calls into question the combat readiness of the MiG-29 Air Force ATS.

The media notes that the Syrian command very carefully used MiGs during the raging conflict in the country, trying to save their most modern aircraft. Only occasionally did the MiG-29s be used to deliver limited strikes by unguided missiles at targets on the ground.

As another confirmation of the unsatisfactory state of the MiG-29 fleet, the publication cites the crash of this fighter at the Syrian air base at Al-Shairat in early March of this year. A technical malfunction caused the plane to crash immediately after takeoff, as well as the death of the pilot.
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  1. You can throw an upgrade - just to fight!
  2. Cat Offline Cat
    Cat (Sergei) 8 May 2020 22: 11
    Of course! War and Parade are two different things. The fighting will end, podshamanit.
  3. Xaac caac Offline Xaac caac
    Xaac caac (Xaac Caac) 9 May 2020 04: 26
    Old planes, of course. Moreover, storage and operation are below average.
    No money just to change coatings.
    1. Pivander Offline Pivander
      Pivander (Alex) 9 May 2020 07: 24
      No money because all the oil is under the Yankees.
  4. Andes Reika Offline Andes Reika
    Andes Reika (Ande Reika) 9 May 2020 12: 30
    I alone know that duralumin does not rust?
    1. And the chassis is iron.
  5. Strag Offline Strag
    Strag (Alexander) 9 May 2020 19: 25
    Quote: Andes Reika
    I alone know that duralumin does not rust?

    I even registered what to write - the aluminum alloy does not rust)) But here is your comment))
    1. WEL7958 Offline WEL7958
      WEL7958 (Valery Bugorsky) 13 May 2020 14: 17
      In vain were registered. The Mig-29 gun ejector is made of steel and it tends to rust, and aluminum and its alloys, like other metals, albeit to a much lesser extent, are subject to corrosion. We type in a search engine - aluminum corrosion and enjoy the knowledge gained.
  6. Strag Offline Strag
    Strag (Alexander) 9 May 2020 19: 28
    This is the difference, our planes are suitable for war, and the F-22 and F-35 are more for exhibitions and computer simulations. Since their coating must be patched constantly after each departure and stored under the air conditioner. This is all real in the war with the savages. In a normal war, this will all die and their vaunted stealth cover will burn. And neither maneuverability, nor combat load, nor stealth)
  7. Sergey-54 Offline Sergey-54
    Sergey-54 (Sergei) 9 May 2020 20: 27
    A couple of mechanics need to be shot.
    1. It is better to throw parts!