“A suitcase without a handle”: BelAES suddenly became a burden for Minsk

BelAES received permission to import and load nuclear fuel, which means a quick launch of the station. Even before commissioning, the company has already created many international problems in the field of Minsk. economics, policy and ecology. The opening of the object was postponed several times, it is no longer possible to delay.

What awaits Belarus after the physical launch of the station, when the first kilowatts of energy go, describes the Belarusian edition of Naviny.by.

Neighbors got drunk in earnest

Immediate commissioning of the facility does not mean that the problems will disappear, rather, on the contrary, journalists write. In Vilnius, it seems, they took seriously the disruption of the project and immediately ran to complain to Washington, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan, trying to make the States an ally in the case against the Russian-Belarusian project.

According to Lithuanian experts, the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, which is the main contractor of BelAES, hides from the public both defects in the design of the complex and flaws made during the construction, thus trying to avoid “reputation losses”.

The official position of Lithuania is much stranger. At the state level, it is considered proven that it was Russia that took part in choosing the place of construction of the “unsafe facility” (no more than 50 km to Vilnius) and that its sole purpose is to create tension in the region.

And this is just the beginning. After commissioning, the station will be left without buyers of surplus generated electricity, as the “EU friends”, in particular Ukraine, will refuse electricity from BelAES in solidarity with Europe. Russia also does not need the Belarusian “clean energy”.

A penless suitcase that cannot be dropped

Despite a difficult relationship, Minsk risked seeking help from Russia to alleviate the situation. To begin with, regarding the postponement of the loan, since the BelAES design estimate has decreased to 6 billion out of 10 issued by Moscow for the implementation of the project.

The Kremlin listened to the exclamations of Alexander Lukashenko about disrupting the deadlines for putting the enterprise into operation and made some concessions. The total debt of Minsk after recalculation decreased by $ 600 million.

As a result, the Republic of Belarus gets a burden in the form of a loss-making huge enterprise, big problems with almost all neighbors, as well as a hole in the budget that cannot be filled with sold kilowatts, are sure of the publication. The situation is even worse when you consider the dependence on Russian nuclear fuel. And Moscow at that time was preoccupied with its problems, keeping Minsk on a leash, preventing it from drowning or scrambling.
  • Photos used: Arkady Sukhonin / Rosatom
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 7 May 2020 10: 15
    Ahhh, we will have cheap electricity ... Where are we going to put it? Neighbors do not want to "take". Will we also build an aluminum smelter here, or will we muddle up a megawatt laser facility? NATO help us !!!

    Belarusians, do electric motors and automate your life, so that everywhere everything itself is closed and opened ...
    With such opportunities, Minsk could have let go of the "leash" ...
    1. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
      rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 7 May 2020 22: 41
      Why will it be cheap? This is cheap in Ukraine, so 95% of the NPP blocks went to them from the USSR for free. And Belarusians need to give 10 billion dollars of debt to Russia for nuclear power plants.
      1. GRF Offline GRF
        GRF 8 May 2020 03: 37
        To build, for example, wind turbines with the same capacity, or to generate energy with the help of a thermal power plant, will require much more money, so "cheap" is, of course, relatively ...
        Money is not right now, but on the basis of future income, all the more so they meet and restructure it. Therefore, you do not have to sit, but you need to think about where to attach it.
        1. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
          rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 10 May 2020 09: 47
          You're not right. TPP is much cheaper. I would say many times cheaper than nuclear power plants. And the construction itself, and operation. Windmills can be put in the garden, for industrial development, this is utopia.
          Belarusians will have nowhere to put electric energy, that’s the problem. They wanted the Balts and Poles to sell it, but they refused. Russia their email. energy is not needed, from the word at all. But Belarusians themselves simply can’t spend such an amount of electric energy.
          1. GRF Offline GRF
            GRF 10 May 2020 13: 13
            The distribution of annual electricity production by type of power plant was:
            TPP - 679,9 billion kWh (decrease in production by 0,3%);
            Hydroelectric power station - 190,3 billion kWh (increase in production by 3,6%);
            NPPs - 208,8 billion kWh (increase in production by 2,2%);
            Wind farm - 0,3 billion kWh (increase in production by 47,3%);
            SES - 1,3 billion kWh (increase in production by 69,4%).
            Compared to 2018, the use of installed capacity at nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power stations increased by 123 and 50 hours, respectively, and decreased at TPPs and solar power plants by 73 and 44 hours, respectively.


            Of course, I do not know what exactly there is, how much, but it seems to me not logical to reduce profitable production. And so for more than one year.
            I have already written about the Belarusians, if there is no one, then create a new energy-intensive production. A tamed Electron, in a "workplace" equipped for him, is a slave. a person who will not organize uprisings about this, but will twist, warm, shine and even help think ...
            1. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
              rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 17 May 2020 23: 05
              Creating a new production is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to find a place to sell products. The population of Belarus is like a collective farm. Without external markets, they will bend very quickly.
              1. GRF Offline GRF
                GRF 18 May 2020 09: 12
                The Belarusians are great, they are already working in this direction: electric buses, electric trucks, electric combines, and the same heating of greenhouses. Lukashenka is pleased with the achievements and prospects in this area. Therefore, this NPP, the most important thing in Belarus, is not considered a suitcase without a handle. Let a lot of things sound fantastic and a little will be realized, but these will already be real achievements, a movement forward, which is encouraged / forced to move the construction of this nuclear power plant, albeit with "expensive" electricity.
                If Belarus is able to equip its collective farm in such a way that other collective farms want to do the same, then the "population of Belarus" may increase disproportionately ...
                1. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
                  rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 19 May 2020 22: 41
                  Who will buy all this from them, that’s the question. Let them develop. But in Belarus lives in fact from the strength of 5-6 million inhabitants. Another 3 million live in Russia and the EU. And how much do those 5 million need electric buses? And where to get the money for their release?
                  1. GRF Offline GRF
                    GRF 20 May 2020 04: 31
                    In Switzerland, they produce hours and cheese much more than the people live there.
                    And about money - if the state is sovereign, then money can simply be printed to fulfill important goals. And not sovereign ones — not that they produce, they should not even think that they can. They should be addicted and happy to eat up the surplus from the master's table of those who produce and allow their loved ones, if necessary, to print as much money as they need. Creating the illusion - it’s good not to be sovereign ... You don’t work, but eat - it’s heaven, but this is as long as someone needs something, but it’s indecent to talk about it.
                    1. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
                      rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 21 May 2020 16: 39
                      Belarus, except for the bulb, does not produce anything on its own.
  2. Even as they buy, they will not go anywhere, especially Ukrainians.
    1. Digital error Offline Digital error
      Digital error (Eugene) 7 May 2020 11: 49
      Quote: BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine
      especially Ukrainians

      By order of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, they stopped three power units at nuclear power plants and transferred the remaining power units to Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, Yuzhnoukrainskaya, Khmelnitsky NPPs to reduced power. This is done in favor of the "green" energy of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Leshchenko reports.

      They decided to support the mining of cryptocurrencies on the electricity market from Ukrainian nuclear power plants at a meeting of the commission under the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, on May 5, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Servant of the People fraction Geo Leros announced and published the order of the ministry on Facebook.
      It was written at the disposal that the state-owned enterprise Energoatom, together with Energoatom Trading, will develop instructions, regulations and work out the technical side of cryptocurrency mining by May 8, 2020.


      They have nowhere to put their electricity, the reasons are objective - the ongoing de-industrialization + coronavirus.
      1. GRF Offline GRF
        GRF 8 May 2020 04: 20
        So it's not over yet ... Let's wait for complete de-industrialization together with nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, the process is going relatively quickly, do not break down. After all, the EU so adored by them with this good will definitely not accept them. In case of faq, he will force him to build the "correct" one, well, after the Balts, of course ...
    2. rybalkin-igor Offline rybalkin-igor
      rybalkin-igor (Igor Rybalkin) 10 May 2020 09: 49
      Why should Ukrainians buy electricity from Belarusians? They have their own roof. The industry is completely destroyed, for domestic needs in Ukraine there is a lot of excess email. energy.
  3. radiootdel4 Offline radiootdel4
    radiootdel4 (Vladimir) 7 May 2020 14: 42
    Not directly Naviny.by, but the Echo of Moscow ... some kind of:

    ... big problems with almost all neighbors, a hole in the budget, dependence on Russian nuclear fuel .., Minsk on a leash

    .... It remains to add - "Well, that's EVERYTHING, the end ...", it's time to cover yourself with a shroud and crawl to the cemetery, cursing fate and cursing Moscow and Putin personally. Not a newspaper, but just Goebbels' dream. He taught -

    The bolder the lie, the more people believe in it.

    Belarusians, do not be fooled by this "fascington" propaganda.