Anomalous 2020: will global hunger affect Russia

2020 will definitely go down in history and will be remembered with unkind words. Apparently, he will have to count not only the start of the global energy crisis, which confronted the largest hydrocarbon producers, but also the beginning of a great famine, which can hit dozens of states.

What gives reason to say so?

David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, said:

The ghost of hunger is more real and dangerous than ever. In the worst case scenario, hunger threatens three dozen countries.

It would seem, what kind of hunger? 21 century in the courtyard, advanced agricultural Technology allow you to grow strawberries in the desert, and in the Far North - watermelons and honey melons. But, unfortunately, everything is much more complicated. The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed production processes, breaking traditional business ties, and everything immediately fell apart. Everything is compounded by the obvious problem of global climate change on the planet, with the consequences of which there is now no one to fight and nothing. In order not to be unfounded, let us turn to the facts.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), the temperature on the planet reached its record two months ago. The last time similar indicators could be observed in 2016, the reason for this was the Pacific El Niño effect, which repeats about once every 4-5 years. This is one of the reasons why the upcoming summer will surely enter the top five warmest in history, or even become the hottest. The overheated ocean becomes rich in hurricanes, from which it suffers more economy USA, the largest in the world.

But this effect has one more unpleasant feature: the rains mostly pour over the ocean surface, almost not reaching land. This threatens not only heat, but also large-scale drought. Already, the levels of reservoirs in Europe are at critical levels, agricultural land is drying up. The same thing happens in the Crimea, about which we detail told on the eve, and in the Kuban. Climatologists warn that terrible forest fires can recur not only in Russia, but also in Australia, and in the Amazon forests drying up before our eyes.

The risk of a large crop failure is very high. Leading wheat producers have already begun to hold their stocks for their own needs, limiting exports. But this is far from all the problems: because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is simply no one to harvest crops, since quarantine does not allow migrant workers to enter. There is no one to collect, the logistics of transportation is broken. Food prices will inevitably rise. But that is not all.

Due to the abnormal weather in East Africa, locusts have especially bred. Her clouds move forward, devouring all the vegetation in front of them. From Kenya, it goes through Ethiopia, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania to the Middle East towards Iran, and then China. You can try to fight locusts, but this seriously complicates the general quarantine, pumping out resources to fight the coronavirus.

According to the UN, this year 265 million people will truly starve, that is, over a quarter billion. And they fall not only on the poorest African countries, where the risk of new coups, revolutions and regional wars is high. Relative annoyance can become chronic among the populations of states such as Iran, Venezuela and even Turkey.

Will the hunger affect Russia? Such a scenario seems highly unlikely, even despite the projected dry summers and the effects of coronavirus. Our state is able to provide domestic needs for both meat and dairy, and fruit and vegetable products. Last but not least thanks to recent policy import substitution, previously so often ridiculed on the Internet. Exceptions are exotic fruits that grow in countries with warmer climates.
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  1. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 4 May 2020 15: 19
    "Kommersant" in 2016 attended to the calculation of summer residents in the Russian Federation:

    In 2006, 13,8 million land plots were registered in the Russian Federation in 79 thousand non-profit gardening, gardening and summer cottage associations, it follows from the agricultural census of that year (conducted once every 10 years, the current one has only ended). Another 533 thousand of such sites discovered during the census were not included in any associations.
    The assessment of the Union of Gardeners of Russia is closer to reality: there are about 16 million summer cottages in the country, cited data by Lyudmila Buryakova, head of the public reception of the union. And if we take into account other suburban dacha estates, including old Soviet dachas and "typical dacha palaces", the total number will be approximately 17-20 million, writes in the Demoscope Weekly magazine (N 655-656 2015) Andrei Treivish from the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Ivan Starikov, a professor at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that there are about 32-35 million summer cottages in the Russian Federation.

    So the answer to the question in the title of the article is rather negative.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 4 May 2020 16: 03
      Do you think it is correct to talk about the problem of hunger in the context of the number of summer cottages? How many people and for how long are able to feed 6 hundred parts of a private household?
      1. Digital error Offline Digital error
        Digital error (Eugene) 4 May 2020 16: 27
        Quote: Marzhetsky
        how many people and for how long are able to feed 6 hundred parts of a private household?

        Let's count. The yield of potatoes is from 120 to 250 kg per "one hundred square meters", in total from six hundred parts is not less than 720 kg. The calorie content of potatoes is 750 kcal per kilogram, in total from 720 kg we get 540 kcal. The daily requirement of a person weighing 000 kg (we do not take heavy physical labor) is 80 kcal / day. In total we get - 1600 acres of potatoes covers the annual energy requirement of at least one person. It is clear that you will not be full of potatoes, but the "help", I think, is good, and you can buy the money and meat saved on the potatoes, and bread. Therefore, it is likely that in some regions it was not forbidden to travel to summer cottages - they provided an opportunity for the self-isolated to self-feed ...
        1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) 5 May 2020 07: 02
          That is, you should demolish everything that was previously planted on 6 acres, and start growing potatoes? This is unrealistic. And in general, talking about homestead farming is a substitution of the topic of food supply at the state level.
          1. It does not matter (no importa) 5 May 2020 09: 06
            Specially registered. I want to know an opinion. Well, if you think it is unrealistic, then what should I do?
            Together we plant 10 acres of potatoes on a land share. Plus, in my garden there are apples, pears, greens, vegetables, feijoa and so on. Garden 5 acres. In Yessentuki. Harvesting blanks from the garden from the basement I have not yet spent for the year before last. And, for example, I give almost 60 percent of the potatoes to my neighbors for a small income. And at the same time, I do not spend days and nights in the garden. A couple of days off per month is enough for me. From feijoa and grapes a year comes from a barrel to two wines. I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s enough to spend money for guests and for the eyes. I just don’t understand, on what basis did you decide for everyone that the garden is something unrealistically heavy?
            1. 123 Offline 123
              123 (123) 5 May 2020 19: 16
              I just don’t understand, on what basis did you decide for everyone that the garden is something unrealistically heavy?

              Not surprising. If a person has lived all his life in an apartment, he may well have no idea what it is to weed grass, water the beds, spud potatoes, and collect Colorado beetles from it. The task of chopping wood and melting the stove can turn into an exciting quest. Many did not see where the milk came from, and some believe that it comes from the package.yes How is your weather there, has the cherry already blossomed?
  2. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri) 6 May 2020 09: 27
    Anomalous 2020: will global hunger affect Russia

    Here the question must be posed differently:
    Will today's power be able to withstand the current situation or will it end like in 1917?
  3. It does not matter (no importa) 8 May 2020 09: 07
    Quote: 123
    How is your weather there, has the cherry already blossomed?

    Blossomed already))) The cherry is already harvested, but the apple trees are blooming with might and main. )