Poland explained the desire of European countries to demolish Soviet monuments

In April 2020, Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a law criminalizing the destruction or desecration of military graves, memorials and monuments located both in Russia and abroad. After that, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu demanded that the TFR bring to justice the initiators of the demolition of the above facilities dedicated to the soldiers of the Red Army, reports Polskie Radio.

Expert Anna Maria Dyner, from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, explained in an interview with the radio station that the demolition of the Red Army monuments takes place in countries with which Moscow does not have the best relations. There are significant problems caused by historical issues.

This is primarily about Poland, the Baltic countries and the Czech Republic. From here follows a very strong and tough reaction of the Russian authorities. This reaction is very strange. If we consider this law, it is difficult to understand who should be responsible for what

- specified Dyner.

At the same time, the head of the Polish-Russian Center for Dialogue and Accord Ernest Vytsishkevich drew the attention of the radio station to what Poland did right when it dismantled the monument to Marshal of the USSR Konev in Krakow in 1991.

If we did the same with most monuments of this type in Poland at the appropriate time, then we would not have encountered this political a problem

- emphasized Vytsishkevich.

But, according to Vytsishkevich, the essence of what is happening is not in the memorial objects themselves.

They (monuments - ed.) Act as an excuse for something more substantial, for a certain operation in relation to the memory of the peoples of Central Europe, which Russia has been trying to carry out especially actively in recent years

- Vytsishkevich considers.
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  1. Pushkar Offline Pushkar
    Pushkar (Sergei) 2 May 2020 10: 56
    Excuses, excuses ... But the main thing is regret about what had to be demolished while Russia was weak.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 2 May 2020 12: 14
    The Polish brain does not produce intelligent thoughts. From clever thoughts the Polish brain is ill ...
    1. gore Offline gore
      gore (Alexander) 3 May 2020 06: 11
      Where did you see the Pole’s brain?
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 2 May 2020 14: 45
    With regard to the memory of the peoples of Central Europe, the "Fashington hegemons" and their neo-Nazi Euro-tailors (including Polish, Czech, Tribaltic, Ukrainian, ...) have been carrying out anti-Soviet (read Russophobic-anti-Russian!) Jesuit "policy" for decades! negative
    And the "pipeline" commercialized, pro-Western bourgeoisized, the Russian authorities (especially with a worthless "orchestra conductor" - EBN !!!) "in the name of the holy pumping of energy" practically did not obstruct "common people (actively demolishing monuments to Soviet hydra of "pan-European" national-fascism !!!) ", hypocritically" rewriting "recent European history to please the" Fuhrer "of Nazi neo-colonialism in the United States, alas!
    But now in the Kremlin all of a sudden (forcedly- only after the sanctioned "exclusion of .... fried bald eagle" and the anti-Russian chorus of indiscriminate "lamentations" about our common USSR, as allegedly "the main instigator of the Second World War" and allegedly "Russia's unfair possession of vast territories and innumerable natural resources"? ?!) have risen from "tolerant hibernation" and have just tried to object (by no means to undertake !!!) such impudent pro-American "lawlessness" of subsidized (formerly the Soviet Union, and now the European Union) "Eurolimitrophs" ?!
    And so all this pack of rotten Euroshawks screechingly broke into a Eurasian giant "rising from its knees", they say, "And we should be punished for sho now ??! After all, we have previously (already 30 years ago !!!) such an outrage over common history, Soviet monuments and the graves of soldiers-liberators, created with complete impunity, and even in your own country" stigma in fluff "... the primary demolition of the monument to Dzerzhinsky in Moscow, the" memorial plate of Mannerheim "in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), which survived the cannibalistic German-Finnish blockade, an all-Russian celebration and all-school study of the slanderous" creativity "of the anti-Soviet" classic "Solzhenitsyn, .... ??! "??!
  5. Bitter Offline Bitter
    Bitter 2 May 2020 15: 30
    ... Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed the law ...

    This means that the action of Russian laws suddenly began to spread to foreign entities and objects. I wonder how they intend to implement this law in the territories of sovereign states, especially not too friendly with Russia? I would like to think that before the adoption of the law, the relevant authorities thought well over how they would implement them.
    After all, the Poles, Czechs, and the Baltic states to some extent continue the politically correct and ruthless demolition of the communist vertical and its remnants, begun by all the respected gentleman and honored politician of Russia, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.
    Here, for example, there are different Mannerheim plates or a monument to General Vlasov, these are more politically correct monuments to the fighters for today's Russia.
  6. Burelom Offline Burelom
    Burelom (Adam Khomich) 4 May 2020 06: 55
    We will put a monument to Ivan Susanin opposite the Polish Embassy, ​​under the pretext of logging and reclamation, we will walk through the Smolensk forest with bulldozers and we will be even.