Hitler's death: a "secret" that was not

April 30 marks the 75th anniversary of the death of war criminal No. 1 of all time, the Führer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler. The word pulls right to write - “a significant date” ... It’s probably not quite right to use this phrase when talking about someone’s death, but Hitler for many generations of Soviet people and their descendants is not a person at all, but some sinister entity, embodying the vast ocean of evil, suffering and grief, brought down to our homeland by the Nazi hordes led and directed by it. Blood, ashes and a terrible war, which only cost our people 27 million lives ... So the cleansing of an already imperfect world from this creature was still a positive event, and there can be no two opinions.

It should be noted that the topic of Hitler’s death is a truly inexhaustible source for all kinds of speculations and pseudo-historical “investigations”, which invariably end with yet another “sensations” - as loud as unproven. The "miraculous salvation of the Führer", his supposedly "secret flight", the end point of which, as a rule, is called Latin America, endless fabrications about the "doubles" and "changelings" who seem to have accepted death instead of the main ghoul of Nazi Germany and allowed him it’s comfortable to enjoy the rest of life under the warm sun ... Not only many articles have been published on all these topics, but even entire books. Is there even a drop of truth in them? Where do the legends about the "surviving Hitler" come from, and why?

April 1945 How was it

To begin with, let me remind you of the official version of the events, built on numerous witness testimonies and material evidence. So, as of April 30, 1945, there was no question of a creature larger than a field mouse about any “salvation” or flight from Berlin. Although, probably, it would not have slipped through, if it had been for something in German ... The capital of Nazi Germany, or rather, what was left of it, was already in the hands of the victorious Red Army. Raising the red banner of Victory over the Reichstag, the first floor of which was completely cleared of the Nazis, was only a matter of time. Our soldiers, who had walked half of Europe to the last refuge, into which the doomed Fuhrer crashed, had only seven hundred meters. According to the recollections of the participants in the events that unfolded in the Reich Chancellery, which lived out its last days, and under the bunker located under it, where the top of the Nazis, Hitler’s valet Heinz Linge and his adjutant Otto Günsche, took refuge, another chief Nazi began preparations for leaving the world the day before. He officially arranged a marriage with Eva Brown and even arranged an impromptu feast on this subject, and made a will. Also, on his orders, about 200 liters of gasoline, which was valued more than gold in Berlin in those days, were delivered to the bunker. The killer of millions wanted to "ascend to Valhalla" in puffs of smoke and flames, like the heroes of ancient sagas. Here are just a method of death for himself chose not heroic. The fact that Hitler was determined to reduce his scores to life is evidenced by the extremely numerous details of his behavior during the agony of the Third Reich. What was the cost of distributing ampoules with cyanide to the left and to the right - from the miracle that pilot Pilot Hannah Ritch burst into Berlin besieged on April 26, who told him that “you can’t get into the hands of the Russians alive” to your inner circle.

The last straw that finally convinced himself of being a great strategist and future ruler of the ex-corporal's world that it was time, as they say, to “put out the light”, was the news of the fate of his closest comrade-in-arms, Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, who ended very badly. Surely the story told to the Führer with all the details of the shooting, hanging upside down and other extremely inventive ways of mocking their bodies, prompted a burning desire in him to avoid at least the last - posthumous shame. According to the most plausible of the officially voiced versions, about 15 hours Hitler walked through the bunker, saying goodbye to everyone present, and then, together with Eva Brown, retired to his apartment, from where after a while the sounds of gunfire were heard. Entrants found the lifeless Fuhrer and his wife, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch. Hitler also poisoned Blondie's beloved shepherd (that's why the Nazi bastard is a dog for something ?!), after which they both poisoned Eva, or shot themselves, or, most likely, did both at once. However, we will return to this moment ... The mournful comrades-in-arms (or rather, those from the service staff and guards who were unable to escape by the described moment) wrapped the mortal remains of the Reich leader in a shabby soldier’s blanket and dragged them into the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery, where they put them in a suitable a funnel, which at that time was full there. The bodies of Brown and the shepherd went there, and later to the heap, the Goebbels family, who after some time also poisoned with their six children ... Gasoline was either burning lousy, or rather, most of it had been taken away by that time. The main thing is that the courtyard was shot through by our artillery, as they say, through and through. That is why, instead of the laid fire burial, the Führer tended to a little bit, and then was quickly sprinkled with earth ... It was there that our soldiers discovered and took the Reich Chancellery on May 1.

Inconsistencies? Of course have. And still...

Numerous supporters of various versions, generally reducing to the assertion that on the last day of April 1945 Adolf Hitler was not at all hastily shabby and hackily dug, point to a number of inconsistencies and strangenesses in the details of the history of the "Fuhrer’s departure from life." For example, the version that Hitler shot himself in the mouth was initially voiced. However, all the examinations, up to the last one, conducted recently and at a high professional level (we will definitely talk about it in detail), indicate the absence of traces of gunpowder on his teeth. But the signs of cyanide in the form of blue metal of dental crowns (mainly gold) there are quite obvious, like Eva Brown. Her corpse, by the way, according to the memoirs of those who entered the room after suicide, had no signs of injury at all. In addition, it seems unlikely to some that Hitler would be able to control a pistol, even if aimed at his own head, in the last days before settling accounts with life in a state of full, as it is now said, "inadequate". According to the memoirs, before the death of the Fuhrer, his hands shook so mercilessly that he had to constantly hide them behind his back. And indeed this cannibal even moved with obvious difficulty. Where can I shoot ... On the other hand, why not assume that the "control in the head" was not carried out by Hitler himself? This, by the way, is the answer to a simple question: "Why was the grass and shooting at the same time ?!" Simply, according to the "canonical" version, the fearless Fuhrer had to retreat into Eternity with a rat that did not get poison, but as it should be for a "Nordic warrior" - with a weapon in his hand.

There is, however, another option ... Remember the old "children's joke" about a dead hedgehog? “Why did he die? - Toadstool ate! - Why is the face broken ?! “I didn’t want to eat ...” Hitler’s nerves could have completely lost their temper at the last moment - they’ve “helped” him. However, what's the difference - himself, not himself. After the remains were discovered by a group of fighters of the senior lieutenant Alexei Panasov, whose attention was attracted by a piece of charred blanket protruding from the scattered land, specialists from SMERSH immediately set to work. And it was precisely there that they didn’t keep either fools or dropouts. In the chaos and madness of the agonizing Berlin, an assistant to the Führer Johannes Blaschke’s personal dentist, Kethe Heusermann, was found, who confirmed the correspondence of the only, possibly identifiable fragment of the found remains - the jaw, to the Adolf Hitler dental prosthesis map. Subsequently, Hoiserman “for some reason” landed in our camps, leaving from where, immediately refused her words. For those who may be tempted to rank the Berlin denture lady among the “innocent victims of repression,” I’ll explain: Herr Blaschke was the SS brigadefuhrer, who, among other things, oversaw the “dentistry” of Nazi death galleries. That is - who controlled the process of stripping crowns from precious metals from prisoners, living and dead. This creature, by the way, served only three years and ended its days with the respectable owner of a dental clinic in Nuremberg. It was necessary to hang the bastards ... Neither Blaschke nor Frau Heusermann had their own “liberators”, as you know, there was nothing to love - so they subsequently tried to harm as much as they could, multiplying various rumors and conjectures, clinging to which many very clever gentlemen both in the West, and even in our Fatherland, they began to multiply foolish legends about the "salvation of Hitler."

From Argentina to Antarctica

What phantasmagoric versions on this occasion have not been put forward and are not being put forward literally to this day! As already mentioned, all the professional manufacturers of hasty “sensations” “danced” on the topic, except perhaps the most lazy ones. Most of the world's tabloids at least once came out with the headline: "Hitler is alive!" Here are just real, one hundred percent evidence for all of this public as it was not, and is not. Where didn’t they put “inquisitive minds” of Hitler, who had slipped out from under his nose, “had slipped out of Berlin at the last minute by plane” (escaped along secret underground passages and metro lines, mixed with refugees after changing his appearance - emphasize the necessary) and- to the “secret submarine base”, with which one of the submarines took him to meet a new, secret life! As options were called Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and even "top-secret subglacial base of the Nazis in Antarctica." There is also a lack of numbers for the versions according to which the Fuhrer died while trying to reach his destination - one of them is based on a "genuine letter from a Nazi submariner", found, according to the canons of the genre, in a bottle caught from the waves of the sea. It seems that it was on this submarine that sank from a collision with another ship that they tried to take to Latin America the “main treasure of the Reich”. All this, of course, is extremely enticing, gentlemen, but the evidence - how is it with them? But nothing ... Moments like sincere stories about how someone somewhere “saw a person exactly like Hitler”, we will not take into account. I knew some "creative personalities" who, after mixing "little white" with other alcohol-containing liquids (port, mainly), did not see such historical figures regularly. It’s direct, like a living ... The rest of the "good reasons", as a rule, are of exactly the same quality, which we will discuss separately.

The most interesting thing is that this kind of conspiracy thesis with special zeal is being circulated in the USA and Great Britain. About a year ago, even the FBI got involved in the matter, digging out from their own archives the truthful reports of agents who in the 40s of the last century assured that Hitler "had definitely taken refuge in Argentina." We must pay tribute to the then director of the "federals", John Hoover - he sent visionaries away, forbidding you to waste time and official money on checking such nonsense. Even earlier, in 2017, Bob Baer, ​​a former employee of another American “office”, the CIA, decided to promote on the same topic. According to him, "Hitler’s salvation" is confirmed by the fact that "the Russians did not make a DNA examination of their jaw." Baer threatened "to reveal to the world documents that conclusively prove that the Fuhrer was taken from Germany to Latin America." Noise made, documents, of course, did not show. Obviously, due to their complete absence. As for the "genetic examination", then, firstly, in 1945 it still did not exist. And where do you order to take reliable material for research today? From second-cousin’s nephews along whose lines it’s supposedly somewhere available? Secondly, the DNA test is the “queen of evidence” exclusively in American police series for undemanding viewers who do not own the item. In reality, these kinds of examinations most often do not give any “final and irrefutable” answers, and in addition they regularly show generally mutually exclusive results - when examining the same material by different experts under different conditions. Examples are not numbers. Take even the ownership of the “Yekaterinburg remains” of the Romanov’s royal family, which has not yet been fully clarified. In the absence of real evidence, cheating tricks are already being used. For example, some seriously suggest that the confirmation of Hitler’s salvation is that Stalin “doubted his death, not believing the reports received.” So Joseph Vissarionovich generally believed very few people and constantly doubted everything. He had such a position, and the corresponding life experience ...

Why not"

In fact, the point in the conversation about “surviving Hitler” can rightly be considered a study conducted with the permission of the FSB of Russia in 2017 by forensic expert Philippe Charlier. Frenchman, world-famous specialist. So, he absolutely unequivocally declared that the fragment of the jaw stored in Moscow belongs to Adolf Hitler and has obvious signs of cyanide poisoning. By the way, about 15 years before this, a US representative came to our country, presenting an x-ray of the Fuhrer’s jaw, stored in the American archives. The coincidence was, again, one hundred percent. On this, in principle, it would be possible to put an end to it, but in this case the main question will remain “behind the scenes”, which all adherents of the legends about “saving the Fuhrer” circumvent in the most careful way: “But who and why did you need to save him in the spring of 1945 ?! ” No, there were enough “Great Germanys” who were loyal to the Nazi idea and personally to Hitler in the squeezed to the last quarters of burning Berlin “Great Germany”. However, for the top of the Reich, and especially its army and special services, the "Fuhrer of the German nation" has long turned not only into a burden, but into a mortal threat. They all understood very well that while Hitler was still alive and in power, there would be no separate negotiations with the United States and Britain (and even with the USSR!).

It was not without reason that representatives of the unfinished Nazis rushed to the CP of the 8th Guards Army with proposals for a ceasefire at 3 a.m. on May 1. Goebbels and Bormann were in a hurry to inform the "leader of the Soviet people" about the death of their own leader and asked for "negotiations." Comrade Stalin, when they reported this to him, he said: “Well, I’ve gotten enough of it, scoundrel! It’s a pity they didn’t take them alive ... Let them bring the corpse! ” Hearing that the Führer’s carcass was not suitable for inspection, according to the Fritz, there was no talk of the Supreme, and ordering him not to talk with them about anything other than unconditional surrender, he ordered him not to bother him anymore. Me too news - Hitler died ... The Führer was not needed by his supporters and henchmen, some of whom tried to get rid of him back in 1944, having arranged an assassination attempt and a real conspiracy, as they say, from no side. Save him ?! For what purpose? To use it as the "banner of the nation" to try to arrange the "Fourth Reich" in the icy hummocks of Antarctica or the foothills of the Andes? Do not tell ... They were not idiots to rush about with such crazy ideas. But to touch, so as not to get in the way in the last, critical minutes, sweeping away any talk of negotiations even with the Americans from the threshold, they could. Be that as it may, but the death of Adolf Hitler - shameful, nasty, cowardly, was more than deserved. It is only a pity that she could not return the lives of tens of millions of people who died through the fault of this monster.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 2 May 2020 09: 37
    This was no secret to the leadership of the USSR. Another thing is that this was not made public. Why, it’s hard to say. But in the early 60s it was published

  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 May 2020 11: 09
    The USSR is destroyed, foreign companies own the natural resources of Russia, they hate Russians, the people themselves are dying! The fact that Hitler died in 1945, I have no doubt. But the goals that Hitler wanted to achieve by starting the war with the USSR were now achieved by his fans! Am I wrong?
    1. bear040 Offline bear040
      bear040 2 May 2020 13: 30
      Unfortunately, in many ways you are right. Chubais, who declared that the death from his reforms of 20-30 million citizens of the Russian Federation, is supposedly a trifle, differs from Goebbels and Hitler only by his last name !!!
  3. jack clubs Offline jack clubs
    jack clubs (Eugene) 3 May 2020 10: 35
    Hitler was a great man; he could not quietly live his life on the beaches of Brazil or Argentina. Well, they wouldn’t have given him — neither we, the Americans, nor the Germans themselves, nor his children.
    But from the servile brushing away from Hitler, as if from a madman, modern Russian fascism is growing. Russian superiority over the whole world (West, Ukraine, Chinese, Tajiks, non-Muscovites), it is also an inferiority complex. By the way, in similar conditions of national humiliation and economic collapse, Hitler came to power. And all of Europe idolized him for economic success.
    Hitler is a great and charismatic leader. Perhaps even stronger than Stalin. The first made the Reich out of an insignificant and impoverished Germany. The second, in a country many times larger and with huge resources, having 2 times more time in reserve (Hitler had power since 1933, Stalin - since 1924) and the USSR tried to catch up with Europe, but could not ("or they will crush us" ). Not to mention the multitude of staffing errors that had to be washed off with blood.
    Hitler somehow managed to lead the elite without a regular 1937. And until the capture of Berlin, the army was faithful to him.
    Another thing is that the idea that he served and believed was crap. Like our communism.
    But here and there, conclusions by society have not been made. Even the most prominent minds and publicists of our time speak on these topics, like children about sex.
    And those are preparing society for the need to repeat a lesson that one does not want to take and learn.
    Maybe for happiness and justice you need something completely different?
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 5 May 2020 13: 24
      Eugene! And please tell me, what idea do you think shit, and which modern civilization should strive for?
      And for conspiracy theorists I will inform you: If Trump allowed the publication of UFO meetings, then why should the real Hitler not teleport, but leave a genetic double instead? The experiment of the "grays" on people has been carried out, it's time to go to the Base, a report to write ...
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 May 2020 21: 46
    Auto RU. The Nuremberg Tribunal gave an answer and called everything by its proper names. That the jack thinks differently is his business.