How Soviet MiG-25 saved Algeria from Israeli airstrike

In the 1980s, the power of the Israel Defense Forces reached its zenith, Military Watch magazine writes. The Arab coalition bloc was destroyed by Egypt’s withdrawal from Soviet cooperation with Western countries. Libya and Iraq, which participated in the Doomsday War together with Egypt, were increasingly preoccupied with conflicts with neighboring states - Chad and Iran, respectively.

Israel has become one of the main buyers of the most modern American weapons. In the 80s, the IDF adopted the fourth-generation F-15 fighter.

Having lost the support of a number of Arab states, the leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Israel’s long-standing political adversary, decided to relocate their bases to northwestern Africa to avoid possible attacks from it. In 1988, the PLO planned to hold a Congress in Baghdad, at which a decision would be made on the future "Palestinian State." However, due to the Iran-Iraq war, the capital of one of the warring parties was considered unsafe for such an event.

Palestinians were warned of a possible Israeli attack, regardless of the venue of the Congress, so it was decided to hold it in Algeria - a relatively remote place and protected from the Israeli Air Force.

The organization's meeting was held at the Club des Pins, 20 km from Algeria. A no-fly zone within a radius of 20 km was introduced around the hotel, which was provided by 2K12 Kub mobile air defense systems, the forerunner of modern Buk-M2 and Buk-M3 systems. Four combat aircraft constantly patrolled the object - two MiG-21 fighters at low altitude and two MiG-25 interceptors at high altitude. A few more MiG-25s were constantly on alert at air bases. Soviet MiGs were at that time the most combat-ready aircraft in the world. In addition, their speed characteristics remained unsurpassed.

On November 10, 1988, Algeria's air defense detected several F-15s flying towards the hotel at an average height. A few more MiG-25s were lifted into the air, which, however, did not go to intercept Israeli fighters - the planes rose higher and took a position in front of the approaching F-15s. Israeli aircraft, spotting interceptors and the work of radar stations, immediately fell on the reverse course.

Israeli F-15S, operating at the limit of their endurance due to the distant location of the target of a potential attack, could not complete the combat mission. The Soviet MiG-25, thus, was again at the proper height and saved Algeria from Israeli air strikes.
  • Photos Used: US Air Force
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  1. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 1 May 2020 12: 00
    The reality of the plot of the publication is very doubtful. Air strikes away from its borders, Israel inflicts only very much under force majeure circumstances. To date, I recall only two such precedents: the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor near Baghdad and the raid in Uganda to free the hostages. The bombing of the Palestinian Congress is a suicide event for Israel’s international prestige. From any point of view - meaningless. Yes, let them proclaim at least ten, at least a hundred times a day. On the contrary, Israel most loudly demands the creation of a de jure Arab state, which, incidentally, has been de facto created long ago. Even two: in the Gaza Strip and on the West Bank. There is not a single Israeli soldier, policeman, officer, or Jew.
  2. 69 Offline 69
    69 1 May 2020 12: 54
    Quote: Rogue1812
    The reality of the plot of the publication is very doubtful.

    The reality is obvious.
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) 1 May 2020 14: 38
      I am interested in asking - and who is that desperate daredevil who can put an end to the existence of the state of Israel? fool
      And the article was completely fake - the Israelis, of course, were not going to strike from the air at the Palestinians in Algeria, and the Soviet MiG-25 fighters could not have any impact on the situation.
  3. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 1 May 2020 17: 06
    Some kind of dubious story. To Algeria from Israel, 5000 km is the F-15 distillation range with three hanging tanks. It is highly doubtful that the operation, which did not make sense, was planned at all, not to mention the fact that technically it could not be carried out at that time.
  4. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
    Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 3 May 2020 19: 57
    It is especially funny to read about the super-duper MIG-25 (in fact, an excellent machine, if not for a few BUT), after Belenko had hijacked it at first and the MIG would not have studied it before the screw, and then it would have ended, which would have done an enormous damage to the USSR’s defense. Tolmachev, who passed a lot of information on the electronics of Soviet aircraft, which made them complete slag for a long time.