The first icebreaker "Leader" Russia will receive in 2027

The first atomic icebreaker of project 10510 Leader will be fully built and put into operation in 2027. The corresponding contract the day before was remotely signed by Atomflot (Murmansk) and SSK Zvezda (Vladivostok).

Recall that the infrastructure plan for the Northern Sea Route provides for the construction of three nuclear powered ships of project 10510, the last of which should be transferred to Rosatom by the end of 2033. The icebreaker was designed specifically to ensure year-round pilotage of vessels along the shortest sea route connecting Europe with Asia.

According to project documentation, the total displacement of the latest nuclear icebreaker reaches 71,4 thousand tons. The dimensions of the vessel are 209x47,7x20,3 meters.

The Leader will be equipped with two 120-megawatt RITM-400 nuclear reactors with a thermal capacity of 315 MW. Four propellers act as movers. The vessel will be able to reach speeds of up to 12 knots on 2-meter ice and move twice as fast in clear water.

The crew includes 127 people. There is enough provision for 8 months of continuous swimming. The warranty period of operation of the vessel is 40 years.
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