European media explain Lukashenko’s bravado statements on coronavirus

According to experts of the German publication Die Welt, the more than calm attitude of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the possibility of a large-scale epidemic of coronavirus in the country is dictated not by caprice and not stupidity, but by cold political calculation. Meanwhile, the number of cases of COVID-19 in the country exceeded about 5 thousand.

The Belarusian leader makes bravado statements, calling the pandemic "mass psychosis." He believes that “tractor and field”, integral parts of the Belarusian identity, will cure everyone.

Lukashenko fears that Belarus may not economically withstand quarantine - after all, such tough measures include stopping most of the significant enterprises. In addition, there is a need to provide people with direct subsidies from the state. The President believes that this will bring down the economic life in the country and hard will come economic a crisis. And in this case, he won’t win the upcoming presidential election.

The economy of the state is already going through hard times. This is partly due to the "oil war" with Russia. For a long time, Moscow and Minsk could not come to an agreement on prices for “black gold”.

However, according to German journalists, the population of Belarus turned out to be smarter than its president. According to surveys, the majority of citizens of the country advocate the closure of educational institutions and work remotely, do not attend mass events, and are afraid to visit shopping centers and museums.

The head of Belarus expects that the epidemic of the new virus will not become universal, and an active economic life will continue. This will benefit his political image, and in May he will be able to begin his campaign.
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  1. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) April 22 2020 18: 28
    And in this case, he won’t win the upcoming presidential election.

    This is the main reason for the bravado statements. Unfortunately, in my personal opinion, Belarus risks repeating the path of Ukraine in full. And given that the US ambassador to Belarus will be Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Europe and the EU, Julia Fisher, who has experience working in American embassies in Tbilisi and Kiev, as they say: wait for surprises!
  2. beeper Online beeper
    beeper April 22 2020 22: 25
    do not go to public events

    But how can you not go to the "capitalist subbotnik", how can you protect yourself from the "mass gathering of people", dirt and dust when cleaning the territory and sweeping sidewalks in a spring draft, if the attendance of all workers is obligatory (this is only one of them paid off with deductions from salaries, and on the rest of the "holidays of free labor" so "be kind to come" ?!), and how to avoid state employees and other dependent workers ??? winked

    Honestly, if earlier he laughed kindly because of Lukashenka's conservative management style "a la the chairman of a collective farm from the Polissya outback", sporadic "quirk" with "Slutsk belts", verbal "pearls" like: "... just took his balls how the oil was gone ... "- and always responded super positively
    (complementary comparing the Belarusian president with our ukropreziks) in the Ukrainian media, as well as on the Web, he "drowned" FOR the brotherly "father", then since the spring of 2014, kissing on the gums with banderonats and publicly Russophobic AHL in my eyes fell sharply and did not rise again , alas! negative

    The absurd idiotfix with a "tax on parasites" given the real (and not in the "drawn" official statistics!) Scale of unemployment, the levels of real incomes of the majority of the population and the level of prices in Belarus only further emphasized the separation of the Belarusian leader and his entourage from life and the vital concerns of their fellow citizens!

    And with this "treatment" of the coronavirus with a "tractor" and some "conspiracy hints for later" known only to him, he strongly doubted the general adequacy of the AHL - what is more dear to him, people or power ..... ??!

    Looking from the post-Maidan amerokolony "Ukraine", I see how Lukashenko (in the same way, in Yanukovych-Azarov way, having attached children to the "power feed" and surrounding himself with his own gravediggers) blindly repeats the same Judeo-Mazepa "path of Yanukovych and Co." rolled rails ", at an accelerated pace moves" sovereign "Belarus to the pro-American Minsk" Maidan ", alas, everything looks and sounds so recognizable .... I do not wish our brothers-Belarusians our evil amerocolonial" Maidan dole "!
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) April 22 2020 23: 15
    The favorite of the Belarusian people is Lukashenko. In the elections, they will choose again.
    What a people, such a favorite. And rightly so!
    1. Natan bruk Offline Natan bruk
      Natan bruk (Natan Bruk) April 23 2020 00: 01
      So Putin is the same "favorite." It can be said that it was successfully reset to zero, but then the matter of technology, Panfilova will not fail. Here, however, there is an unfortunate delay in the “vote” for amendments due to the coronavirus, but this is a relatively close issue, and there is no doubt about the results. So, in this sense, you are no better than Belarusians, and you too are quite right.
      1. RusDon Offline RusDon
        RusDon (Igor) April 23 2020 06: 05
        Here you are * sausage * from Putin! .... Everywhere Putin is to blame .... Stop ... Do you happen to write from Chamber 6? Who are you there by * status *? )))
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) April 23 2020 17: 50
      And than the Belarusians didn’t please you, there, unlike Russia, they did not suit the digital concentration camp.
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) April 23 2020 17: 47
    But father is an adequate person. And he, unlike Putin, took responsibility for the situation in Belarus, and the guarantor-hockey player threw everything to the collective headquarters.