2010 repeat: a new test awaits Russia after the pandemic

The year 2020 will be very difficult for Russia. The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the normal functioning of the country and drove the population home. Most likely, the regime of the so-called "self-isolation" will last until May inclusive.

But then we can be overcome by new misfortunes caused by the past abnormally warm winter: crop failure and forest fires.

Winter 2020 “pleased” the Russians with positive temperatures. A lack of moisture in the soil with a high degree of probability will adversely affect the future crop. Even spring rains are unable to fully compensate for the moisture loss that the soil did not receive during the winter. As a result, domestic farmers may run the risk of getting a smaller crop.

And the situation with Russian agriculture is not as rosy as it is usually imagined. Here is how the president of AKKOR, deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on agricultural issues, Vladimir Plotnikov comments on this:

Production indicators are growing, productivity is growing, we are increasing the production of grain, vegetables, meat, milk, etc. Record numbers. Only the main indicator does not grow - the indicator of farmers' profitability ... Half of the small forms of management have a profitability of 2-3%.

At the same time, costs are constantly growing, they can only be compensated with the help of the state. According to Plotnikov, with reference to the census data from 2016, 89,3% of peasant farms, 86,2% of microenterprises and 67,3% of small enterprises in the field of agriculture do not receive state support. A logical question arises: what will happen to small-scale farmers if there is a crop failure? The state’s financial support capabilities will be reduced, and because of the pandemic, the volume of population’s consumption will decrease, and logistics will become more expensive.

An abnormally warm winter will probably negatively affect the situation with forest fires. A repetition of the “hellish summer" of 2010, when more than 22 thousand fires were registered, is already forecasted. All the prerequisites for this are available.

At first, a unified centralized forest protection service having a powerful material andtechnical the base and thousands of foresters were liquidated back in 2007 as part of the adopted Forest Code, and over the past 13 years no adequate alternative has been created for it.

Secondlyforest soils also did not receive enough moisture during the winter, which will contribute to fires and the spread of fires.

Thirdly, immediately after the quarantine, exhausted by voluntary-forced "self-isolation" people rush to nature, to barbecue, mushrooms and berries. It is no secret that people are one of the main causes of forest fires. To this should be added the "economic" activity of the "black loggers", for whom the unconstitutional regime of "self-isolation" is a complete expanse.

After passing the test "oil pipes", Russia will soon have to face fire and water.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 22 2020 11: 46
    Every year Russia faces fire and water. Every summer draws smoke. Not like in 10, but still. So break through.
    Unless the elderly, lungs and asthmatics feel sorry.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 22 2020 11: 51
    If we calculate the income from the "optimization" of foresters, they are unlikely to exceed the costs and losses in extinguishing forest fires and the loss of forest resources in Russia. Under Stalin, such actions were called sabotage. We urgently need to restore forest protection in the Russian Federation and remove it from the subordination of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Tsar Peter 1 created a separate Forestry Department of Russia.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 22 2020 12: 08
      Yes, for some reason they can’t restore it for 13 years ...
    2. Alexei Ushakov Offline Alexei Ushakov
      Alexei Ushakov (Alexey Ushakov) April 22 2020 12: 12
      Yes, you, apparently, are joking))) Well, just open a stupid "Wikipedia" is not even able ..) I am not against Stalin, but why drag him everywhere.

      Under Stalin, such actions were called sabotage.

      And here are the exact facts.

      Memoirs of the KGB Lieutenant General Nikolai Sergeyevich Leonov - a participant in extinguishing fires.
      So, the taiga in the USSR burned almost every year. And this phenomenon has nothing to do with the socio-economic system, the type of regime and the form of government.

      I served in the Air Defense Forces of the Country in the Irkutsk Region. Our air defense "points" were hidden in the taiga. And every summer we, soldiers, were thrown to extinguish these same forest fires. Of course, there was no physical possibility to extinguish the taiga - and the forests burned out in thousands and thousands of square kilometers. Therefore, our task was only to protect the air defense facilities located in the taiga from fire, so as not to burn themselves, along with all our facilities and equipment, in the flames of a forest fire.
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) April 22 2020 12: 28
        For Ushakov from Wikipedia:

        Throughout his stay in power, Stalin supported the protection of forests in order to maintain the water regime of the central part of Russia, driven by the belief that sustainable and rapid industrialization was possible on a stable hydrological basis. Unlike its Western counterparts, Stalin's environmental protection does not value nature for its beauty, but for its ability to promote economic growth.


        STATE FOREST PROTECTION OF THE USSR, special. service in the state system forest authorities and state. forestry enterprises. Carries out the protection of all forests of the USSR with the exception of the forests of collective farms and forests assigned to det. min-you or departments. On the organs of G. l. about. USSR entrusted with the observance of the established. order of forest use and exploitation in state forests. values, as well as control over the establishment of the protection case in collective farm forests and in fixed forests.
        DOS G. tasks about. The USSR are: carrying out measures to prevent fires, their timely detection and fight against them; forest protection from unauthorized logging, theft, extermination and other actions that cause harm to the forest; control over the fulfillment by the forest managers of the existing rules of standing growing, as well as compliance with the rules of haying, grazing, and other types of state exploitation. USSR forest fund; signaling about the appearance of harmful insects and forest diseases in the forest; monitoring the implementation of the rules and timing of the hunt; control over the organization of forest protection from fires, unauthorized logging, theft and other violations of forest legislation.

        1. Alexei Ushakov Offline Alexei Ushakov
          Alexei Ushakov (Alexey Ushakov) April 22 2020 14: 09
          And here is the love of the forest, and what about some special detachment? I'm talking about Yerema, he's talking about Thomas. Understand. Cause and effect is completely absent) I say that there were no less fires, and they didn’t fight so hard, and you are talking about me special. squad.
  3. 69 Offline 69
    69 April 22 2020 12: 07
    This is the sequel to 9/11, the second act of the directed horror show. Now they will begin to fight around the world not only against "terrorism" but also against "coronavirus". They received an indulgence for any crimes against humanity.
  4. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) April 22 2020 14: 10
    pandemic will reduce consumption

    The volume of everyday expenses of Russians from April 13 to 19 increased by 25%. smile


    anti-constitutional regime of "self-isolation"

    What are you saying? This is an experimental special legal regime. smile
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 23 2020 06: 49
      Quote: DigitalError
      due to a pandemic, consumption will decline.

      The volume of everyday expenses of Russians from April 13 to 19 increased by 25%.

      People just started to get out of the self-isolation regime without permission and went to stores. That's the whole answer to the reason for the "jump".
      Consumption will inevitably decline due to falling incomes.
      1. Xuli (o) Tebenado April 24 2020 11: 21
        It’s just that people began to leave the regime of self-isolation without permission and went to the shops.

        Going to the shops is allowed without leaving the self-isolation mode.

        Leaving the house will be possible only for strictly regulated reasons. Among them:
        - a direct threat to life and health;
        - receiving emergency (emergency) medical care;
        - travel to work for citizens required to attend;
        - purchase of food, medicine and essential goods in the store closest to the house or a pharmacy.

        1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) April 24 2020 17: 12
          Yes, for 100 meters. smile
          1. Xuli (o) Tebenado April 24 2020 17: 16
            You somehow pervertly understand everything :)
            For 100 meters you can only walk the dog. And in the nearest store you can go at least for distant lands, and this is NEVER PUNISHABLE.
            The majority of the population does not have shops 100 m from the house.
            1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
              Marzhecki (Sergei) April 24 2020 17: 19
              Yes, where am I ...

              Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
              And in the nearest store you can go at least for distant lands, and this is NEVER PUNISHABLE.

              This is especially pleasing. Survived. good
  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) April 22 2020 14: 52
    If I agree about the winter crop failure, it is more than obvious, then I will not agree about everything else. By all accounts, this summer you should not wait for a warm summer.
  6. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) April 24 2020 10: 03
    Restore forestry destroyed by lackeys of the State Department. Only for us they are not lackeys, but the authorities still have changed their shoes into patriots, but things have remained ...
  7. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) April 24 2020 21: 01
    Recently watched the news. Fire from the field spread to the house. Well, if there are no tractors, let the tanks plow the safe zone.