China Adds 1300 Coronavirus Deaths After World Outrage

The authorities of Wuhan, the Chinese province most affected by COVID-19, have revised the number of victims of the disease upward. So, the death toll increased by 1290 people - this is 50% percent more than before.

A statement released on the Chinese state television channel CCTV said the information was changed due to data problems at the very beginning of the epidemic. Thus, the revised number of deaths from the new virus in Wuhan was 3869 people. According to authorities, at the beginning of the outbreak, the hospital staff was so overworked that many reports of the death of patients were missed, and information about them was incomplete.

Earlier, the United States already doubted the official Chinese statistics on the spread of coronavirus. Representatives of US intelligence reported that China is hiding the true extent of the epidemic. Last month, social networks circled around photos showing a lot of ash bins in Wuhan funeral homes, which made the world public doubt the official data of the PRC about deaths from the disease.

However, despite the refinement of the data, China suffered less from the virus than the United States (where more than 30000 deaths are registered), Italy and Spain (in each of these countries, about 19 people died from COVID-20000).
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 17 2020 20: 56
    Life and death always go together. And it happens that someone lives, someone must die. China coped with a small number of victims so that the whole country would live on. Respect worthy. But the United States, to which the nation is filthy, are worried that whoever lives will be few, you see, perished?
  2. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow April 18 2020 22: 24
    The Ministry of Industry and Informatization of China reported that in February the number of phone users in all provinces of the country sharply decreased. Moreover, we are talking about both mobile and stationary. Data was compared with the same for November 2019.
    There were 1 mobile phone users, and 600 became. That is, 957 million fewer. Landline phone users decreased by 000 thousand.
    “The decrease in the number of stationary users may be due to nationwide quarantine - many small businesses have shut down and turned off numbers,” NTD said. “But why explain the decrease in the number of active cell numbers?”
    According to the data of all three mobile operators in China, back in December, the number of active numbers grew, but in 2020 decreased sharply.
    In particular, China Mobile, the largest operator occupying 60% of the Chinese communications market, reported that in January it lost 0,86 million of its users, and in February the loss amounted to 7,25 million, although in December last year the operator increased 3,73 million users.
    China Telecom, the second largest company with about 21% of the market, increased 2019 million users in December 1,18, but lost 2020 million in January 0,43 and 5,6 million in February. For comparison, in the past the increase was 4,26 million in January and 2,96 million in February.
    China Unicom, which has not yet published data for February, says it lost 2020 million users in January 1,19, although a year ago it was 1,96 million in February and 2,76 million in January.
    “Perhaps one of the labor migrants could have two cell phone numbers. One is in his hometown, the second is at the place of work. And in February, they could close one of them because they were unable to return to work, ”quoted the expert of China Tang Jinyuan, quoted by The Epoch Times.
    Also, economic instability may have prompted some users to turn off their numbers. Many do not want to incur additional costs when their business is in decline or closed. But even if all these factors are taken into account, the loss of at least several million users still remains without explanation.
    “At present, we do not have accurate data. But even if only 10% of the rooms were deactivated due to death from a coronavirus, then this is already 2 million people, ”says Tang Jinyuan.
    According to NTD, against the background of opaque information from China, the exact number of deaths from coronavirus remains a mystery. The deactivation of 21 million cell phone numbers also shows that the actual number of deaths may be tens of times greater than official statistics provide. 29.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
  3. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 19 2020 01: 29
    Who would doubt that.