Not only China, but also Russia can be found guilty of a pandemic

In some European countries, they started talking about easing quarantine measures, or even began to remove the most stringent restrictions. Humanity is struggling to return to a normal, familiar life. However, after the end of the most acute phase of the fight against the pandemic, we are likely to come to the “most interesting” ... The deceased will be buried and mourned, the losses calculated - and then the process will begin, which in the Soviet army was very caustically and aptly called: “punishment of innocent and rewarding the unaffected. "

Already now, one can clearly see the stubborn desire of not just one country, but a whole series of them to ensure that the disaster that befell our planet must certainly find concrete culprits. Which, accordingly, will have to "suffer severe punishment." The process of preparing “world public opinion” precisely for such a turn of events is going on steadily, and its intensity is increasing almost every day - from obscure conspiracy theories and unconvincing throws through low-profile media, the matter goes into the plane of completely official statements and the inclusion of “heavy artillery” propaganda Western forces. Who will be “assigned” to the role of coronavirus “switchman”, with all the ensuing extremely unpleasant consequences? China? But in vain you are so firmly convinced of this ...

"Yellow virus", "red virus" ...

Without a doubt, at this stage the most widespread, especially in the United States and Great Britain, version is if not about Beijing’s involvement in the development and intentional dissemination of COVID-19, then at least the “criminal negligence” of the Chinese comrades and the “concealment” they have some information that is "vital to the fight against the disease." Well, calls to call COVID-19 exclusively “yellow,” or even “red,” the virus suffered exclusively openly marginal, half-crazy Internet resources and bloggers there (in the USA, for example, someone managed to launch an entire Facebook campaign in support of renaming the sore in the "PDA virus"), so no. Exclusively with the prefix "Chinese", this infection was mentioned from the very beginning by representatives of the country's top leadership - first of all, the president and the Secretary of State. As a matter of fact, they are at the head of the movement to inflate frankly xenophobic hysteria. The relevant quotes from Trump have already been imposed on our teeth, so here is one of the latest statements of Mr. Pompeo, who once again stated that “the whole world must understand and remember where and how it all began,” mentioning the fault of the Chinese government, “not fast enough who provided information ”, and also menacingly promised that“ the time will come when the perpetrators will be held accountable. ” Quite expectedly, "at a dance" at the main bosses are the figures of a lower rank, but also not a minor injury. So, the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, shared his terrific “insight”: he, you know, “sees that the Chinese, who could have been more transparent before, continue to hide information about the virus from us.” Generally speaking, this creates a completely delusional, but, as practice shows, the myth accepted by very close to the heart of most Americans: “If Beijing had“ told us everything ”, then there would certainly not have been such a nightmare!”

The most amazing thing is that this nonsense works, and how! According to a study conducted by the American sociological center Harris Poll, 77% of residents of the United States strongly believe that China's guilt in the outbreak of the pandemic is irrefutable. At the same time, 54% are convinced that Beijing is simply obliged to "pay reparations to the affected countries for the spread of the infection." However, Washington is probably much more pleased that 71% of those polled supported the complete withdrawal of all American industries from China, and 69% said that the position of the White House in trade negotiations with this country should henceforth be “extremely tough”. However, back to the issue of compensation ... As far as we know, more than 5 Americans have already joined the collective lawsuit against the state of China demanding "compensation for huge losses" caused by its "negligence". According to local lawyers, the amount of the claim could be at least $ 1.2 trillion. Appetites are rather big ... By the way, they have already found an appropriate precedent - they managed to make Canada fork out a hundred years ago for some kind of plant, which, as it turned out, terribly polluted the virgin nature of the USA! So the Chinese will pay like cute ones. Again, the craving for litigation instantly erupted not only among ordinary citizens of the country, who had long been accustomed to "sue" for any reason and without it, but also among the leading politicians... So, the member of the US House of Representatives, Republican Jim Banks, calls for an international investigation, the purpose of which should be, again, bringing the Celestial Empire to justice "for the damage caused to the world by COVID-19." He swears that he will bring the case to the UN international court, promising to involve the head of the Department of State Mike Pompeo and the US Attorney General William Barr for this. Well, they will start to support such an initiative, and with all their hearts and with tremendous enthusiasm.

And why not the “Russian virus” ?!

There are more than enough people who want to “blame” Beijing for the pandemic, and especially for its consequences, specifically in the United States — in the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, Congress and other offices with a smaller caliber. However, there are quite specific problems and obstacles. Let's not forget that, at least, China and Iran, in turn, were accused of creating and distributing COVID-19 by the United States itself. And far from all the questions raised at the same time were given complete and comprehensive answers. There are practically no answers to them regarding coronavirus. Scientists to this day can not say for sure whether the virus is man-made or not. And new questions are multiplying. For example, how could US intelligence agencies warn the White House about a possible outbreak of an extremely dangerous disease specifically in Wuhan back in November last year, if the first cases of infection were recorded a month later? Did you know in advance? Got a time machine or hired a modern Nostradamus? Trump has repeatedly denied this information, denying it as soon as possible, but it was voiced by the American television channel ABC, and not our "Sputnik". And what do you want to do with other data published again in the US media - that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which some people are trying to present today as the source of the disaster that has befallen the world, was largely sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Health. It was the Americans who provided generous grants to at least two laboratories of the Institute, including the one where coronavirus studies were conducted. And the US Department of Agriculture bought in the Celestial Empire "part of domestic animals" for studies on toxoplasmosis ...

All this is mentioned to the fact that, in an attempt to “catch” China on any actions that supposedly “caused a pandemic,” Americans risk grabbing themselves by the tail. But someone must be to blame! In particular, given the fact that suspicions have not been completely removed from the United States. Until recently, the “Russian version” of Washington itself was not openly voiced. But it does with might and main sounds from one of its most obedient and absolutely disdainful “mouthpieces” - Ukraine. There, such “revelations”, which are hardly even delusional, have been widely used for quite some time. For example, a certain “expert” of the Ukrainian “Russian Research Center”, a certain Denis Bogush, told his compatriots that COVID-19, without a doubt, “was created by personal order of Putin at the Virology Research Center“ Vector ”in the Koltsovo science city near Novosibirsk.” Once again, the virus got into the “non-fallow” virus "as directed by the Russian leadership." Moreover, vigilant patriots “special groups consisting of people of different ages and sex who performed“ inoculations ”of viral strains in various regions of Ukraine were recorded”. What do you think, the orderlies from a specialized medical institution were called to this Godush? Nothing of the kind. The idea was picked up, developed and "raised to the shield." And here is the same heresy, but it’s more “solidly executed”, with a completely serious look, it’s not the sofa “expert” who is relaying, but the former employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Pavlovsky. “This is all the GRU! And also 48 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - the Institute of Microbiology, which is engaged in the development of biological weapons. This is all the “new Salisbury,” only on a much larger scale! ” - on the blue eye, this activist “vparivaet” everyone around with conspiracy theology of the worst evil. It turns out that during the World Army Games in Wuhan, the coronavirus was brought there and “thrown into the masses” was not the American military at all, but the members of the Russian delegation, which, of course, are “GRU officers without exception”. And the Russians have the vaccine, "developed back in Soviet times." But they won’t give it to anyone. In any case, right away, because "Putin wants to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the planet." For this, everything was conceived ...

So what, you say? What, in fact, is the difference between the ravings of a madman in uniform and from the stupid fabrications of a mentally ill person without epaulettes? Both are worthless. But take your time, I repeat to you again. Until now, we had, so to speak, a “saying”. "Tale" (and ugly), as usual, ahead. And it consists in the lines of the annual report of the US Department of State on issues of compliance by various countries with their obligations in the field of control of weapons of mass destruction. Attacks on our country for allegedly conducted tests of ever new missiles, which are a "violation of the INF Treaty," but the Americans have successfully and "buried" are not so bad. The other part of the report is directly related to the issue we are discussing. The one in which the State Department accuses Russia of not fulfilling the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons. I allow myself to quote a verbatim quote in order to avoid accusations of "thickening colors." Here it is: “The issues of Russia's implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention have been a matter of concern for many years. Available information does not confirm that the Russian Federation complies with the obligations of Article 2 of the Convention for the destruction or sending for peaceful purposes of reserves falling within its scope. In 2005, the United States concluded that Russia maintains a biological weapons combat program in violation of Article 1 of the Convention. Concern over the actions of the Russian Federation remains ... "

And this, my gentlemen, is more than serious. If you consider that in the same report, the “chemical attack of Russia in Salisbury” is mentioned as a completely reliable and proven fact, then from such conversations about biological weapons to accusing our country of the COVID-19 pandemic (whether or not it is allied with China - it doesn’t matter ), it remains no longer even a step, but a half-step. So do not relax. As already mentioned, the most interesting is ahead ...
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  1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2020 08: 40
    Let's not forget that, at least, China and Iran, in turn, were accused of creating and distributing COVID-19 by the United States itself.

    - And Alexander patriotically forgot to put us there ....

    And not a word about Pakistan, and about Mexico .... and after all, let the hottest Pakistani guys only blame USA for something ...

    In general, tense ..
  2. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) April 17 2020 08: 50
    Suppose that a month ago here on the site a significant part of the writers accused the United States of spreading the virus. For many, all the bad things come from the States. Nothing new.
  3. Serge Tixiy Offline Serge Tixiy
    Serge Tixiy (Serge Tixiy) April 17 2020 09: 06
    The "civilized" West is true to itself. There is no answer to sufficiently substantiated accusations of the production and spread of the US coronavirus by China. Do not consider the answer first to the hysteria of American politicians, and then unfounded accusations ..... China. Now the puppets, not to say "six", have added their voice ...
  4. gosha.gosha60 Offline gosha.gosha60
    gosha.gosha60 (George Yarygin) April 17 2020 10: 31
    Let the United States first tell the world why they placed honey. laboratories in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc.
  5. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 17 2020 10: 42
    Not only China, but also Russia can be found guilty of a pandemic

    - The direct culprit of all "this" ... of course ... - China ... - I personally wrote about this many times ...
    - Well, and Russia is a "lifelong accomplice" of China ... - Who else so recklessly and unconditionally supports China in everything ... - Russia ... - It's just that there is no other such "supporting China" state in the world as Russia ... - Well, according to all the canons of the "criminal", "legal", "logical" .. and other .. "genre" ... - and Russia becomes an involuntary participant in all the "actions of China" ... .e. and Russia bears part of the blame for "what China has done" ... - And as you wanted, naive "adult site kids" in "short pants" ... - yes, it is also responsible ...
    - That's all they condemn Czechoslovakia, Norway, Sweden in aiding Hitler during WWII ... - And they do it right that they condemn ... - some of them produced weapons for Hitler; others supplied ore, minerals, etc ... -That is they helped Hitler ... as they could ...
    - That's all ... - we are all ... and we are standing at the mirror and looking at ourselves ... - And who are we seeing there ???
    - Okay, I won’t strain the venerable public ... - Further ...- no comment ... - Hahah ...
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) April 17 2020 11: 00
      - Wow ... - already five minuses ... -who is more ???
      - Nobody wants to see Great Russia in the guise of ... in the guise of a loyal policeman in China ...
      - And no one does absolutely nothing for Russia to stop fulfilling the whims of China ...
      - We just don’t want and will not notice the obvious ...- We will assume that this is all pretense, that we have nothing to do with it ...
      - Venerable public, you are all adults ... - you yourself are not offended and comfortable from the fact that Russia began to play the role of such an accomplice of China ??? - It suits you ... - Are you ... or who ...- Chinese ??? - Or do you want to be Chinese ???
      - Well, if so ... then ... I see ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
        Observer2014 April 18 2020 00: 58
        gorenina91 (Irina) Calm down. And don't freak out like me, for example. Just urinate your threads. yes

        Let all indecency die from envy. wink
      3. ivb2001 Offline ivb2001
        ivb2001 (Valery) April 18 2020 11: 14
        Better to be an accomplice of the USA?
    2. Bulanov Online Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 17 2020 11: 49
      According to the results of 2019, the trade turnover of the US and China amounted to 541,22 billion dollars.
      According to the results of 2019, the trade turnover between Russia and China amounted to 110.91 billion dollars.
      Conclusion: the US supports China almost 5 times more than Russia. Congratulations, you lie!
  6. kartalovkolya Offline kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya April 17 2020 11: 49
    It is time for our President and the government of the Russian Federation to deliver a preventive strike to all Amer’s laboratories located around Russia and guilty of virus sabotage against our country (the same epidemic of African swine fever). Not to sit idly by, but to jointly bring together Russia and China with claims for trillions of losses inflicted on our countries by the activities of these types of non-state laboratories near our borders (and they are supervised for some reason from the budget of the US Defense Ministry)!
  7. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) April 17 2020 13: 07
    Come and get it.
    And in China, the United States blamed at the end of last year.
  8. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow April 17 2020 18: 12
    Well yes. China screeched, blamed America, even found articles of 2015 on this subject. The Americans were frightened and began to actively deny and transfer arrows to others. And who infected the French aircraft carrier Char de Gaulle?
  9. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 17 2020 22: 15
    Not only China, but also Russia can be found guilty of a pandemic

    No. Russians are not in the habit of eating all sorts of garbage in the form of half-dead bats bought in China's dirty animal markets. So let's not put an owl on the globe. wink
  10. aries2200 Offline aries2200
    aries2200 (aries) April 18 2020 01: 14
    So, it is necessary to develop the COVID-190 virus and distribute it in the NATO countries and the USA ... although it will not be offensive to be an outcast.
  11. Vasily Aliba Offline Vasily Aliba
    Vasily Aliba (Valentin Shilkin) April 18 2020 05: 35
    It confirms once again that all the stories about "democratic Western values" are a myth invented for the stupid. Without trial and investigation, they can be accused and put behind bars on the basis of "expediency".
  12. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) April 18 2020 22: 43
    Riddle. Who shouts the loudest: "Stop the thief?"
  13. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 18 2020 23: 43
    And they don’t blame the Rockefellers, who back in 2010 described everything in their LOCK STEP script.