What is behind the US boycott of the World Health Organization

This is not to say that the decision taken by the head of the White House in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to stop funding the World Health Organization was such a surprise. First, Trump has long threatened to boycott WHO. Secondly, recently having heard the wildest statements and threats of Trump, people with a realistic mindset react to them with the words: “This one can!”

Nonetheless, the refusal to allocate funds to the only international organization that is trying today (whether it’s good, bad, but trying) to fight the infection that has infected the world has provoked a reaction as unanimous as it is sharply negative. Why did the leader of the United States do this and what could be the consequences?

Who should be appointed guilty?

The president of the United States substantiated his unprecedented decision, which was announced at a regular press conference, putting forward a heap of accusations against WHO, one more significant than the other. According to him, the "world doctors" "made serious mistakes in responding to the spread of coronavirus." This is a time. Two (and this is already much more serious), the UN structure, according to Trump, "was engaged in hiding data about a new disease from the world community", "did not bring to its attention vital and true information." Which, accordingly, led to "terrible deaths and economic devastation." First of all, in the USA, for Trump will spit deeply on other countries. As a justification for this reproach, the head of the White House is trying to recall WHO’s post on her Twitter page, allegedly made on January 14 and saying that "China has no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from person to person." At the same time, the documented fact is completely ignored that a few days before this tweet (even if it was), WHO sent a number of countries, including to the United States, official reports from Wuhan, where black and white identifying the possibility of infection with human COVID-19 and recommendations were made to take this risk factor into account. The “bite of the bit” Trump, as usual, hears only himself and practically declares WHO the main culprit of the pandemic. However, perhaps the main point of accusation and (Trump would not have been Trump. If he had sounded differently) is that the Organization, from the very beginning of the pandemic, "dances to the tune of China." She, you see, "took at face value the statements of Beijing and defended its actions." Even "praised China." Horrible!

The American president is stubbornly trying to prove: at the end of January, WHO “opposed the travel restrictions from China and other countries” and this “most costly and dangerous erroneous decision” became “catastrophic” and cost humanity “a myriad of lives.” In a word, China is to blame for everything, and at the same time its vile and unprofessional accomplices from WHO. Atu them! Dust, red-hot iron and filthy broom! Trump has not yet urged to burn the WHO offices and lynch its employees, but he intends to “hit with the dollar” in all seriousness, while at the same time showing a fair zeal: they gave us the most money, and they turned out to be “oriented primarily to China". Scoundrels ... Some “evil tongues” are inclined to believe that the vigorous shish brought by the head of the United States under the nose of the World Health Organization is largely a response to trump's childish resentment to the rather harsh speech of its general director Tedros Gebreyesus, who was completely brought up with endless reproaches and accusations from White House. In the end, Hebreus advised the president to "stop politicizing the virus." Otherwise, as he promised, "you will get much more bags of corpses." According to what was said, it turned out ... On the other hand, the main answer to the questions: “Why?” and "Why now?" lie in a slightly different plane than the turbulent emotions of the president. Elections are the key to this story. What do you want the poor man to do, who, by the time of the re-election attempt for a second term, instead of “America made great again”, has in his hands a country with agonizing the economy and a population dying of coronavirus ?! That's right - quickly appoint the culprits of all this nightmare. And, of course, without blaming yourself, your beloved, and once again declaring China the source of evil. Well, and WHO to the heap ...

“Crime against humanity ...” Have you just noticed?

Trump’s campaign headquarters openly declares that he intends to make it the Athenic Chinese rhetoric that is the cornerstone of his re-election campaign. As the sociologist John McLaughlin, who works in this team, admits, it is using the theme of the Celestial Empire that they intend to “wet” the main rival, John Biden, for whom, as the current president’s supporters believe, this topic is a “weak point”. You see, he criticized Trump's bans on Chinese entry into the USA, and his son has some kind of business dealings with them ... In a word, it’s solid policy, and the most dirty injury. Based on the warning of Hebreysus, the United States will still need a lot of black bags. What is characteristic, the ardent support of the decision of the head of the White House, so wildly looking against the backdrop of the global calamity, so far sounds exclusively from the lips of his closest associates and Republican party members. The rest of the world, to say the least, is in shock. The same Bill Gates, whose private foundation, according to WHO, is the second donor after the US government to give up to 9.76% of the budget, said that the world “needs it more than ever” and called the president’s actions “as dangerous as coronavirus itself. " Ashish Jah, director of the Harvard University Global Health Institute, reacted somewhat more restrainedly, describing Trump's trick as "an extremely bad decision." But the editor of the authoritative American medical magazine “Lancet” didn’t choose expressions, expressly declaring that the head of the White House commits a “crime against humanity”. He was also joined by very numerous experts in the field of medicine, arguing that a reduction in WHO funding would result in “a disaster that will cost many lives.” And all this is a reaction only in the USA itself.

No less sharp rejection has caused a statement by the leader of the United States and the rest of the world. The reaction of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said that now is "absolutely no time" for such actions, is understandable, absolutely predictable. However, Washington also did not find support from its European allies. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is confident that “Trump’s accusations against the Organization will not help anyone and nothing.” And the troubles will surely do ... The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrel, who stated that for the unprecedented step of the White House “is impossible to find any excuses and reasons,” is even more frank in his statements. I would very much like to catch this monsieur today expressing “deep regret” regarding the next shameless US demarche, as they say, “catch for language”. More recently, Borrell was just talking about something completely different - he, you know, was worried that “China and Russia are showing a desire to strengthen their influence at the global level, using the sanitary crisis and using all their capabilities to demonstrate that certain political systems are more effective than European ones in the fight against a pandemic. ” Here it was less necessary to sing along with the Americans in their delusional fabrications, perhaps they would now behave less arrogantly! Again, I want to ask a question to those who are horrified today by the White House’s racketeering, rightly accusing him of “crimes against humanity”: were the United States’s firm intentions to block the allocation of $ 5 billion to Iran through the IMF to combat the pandemic ?! All other sanctions, restrictions, threats against countries suffering from coronavirus? It turns out that this was all perfectly permissible, but only now, when Trump has “swung at the sacred”, having already jeopardized your interests, did you deign to “come to your senses” and “to see clearly” ?!

Incidentally, the World Health Organization itself reacted very appropriately to what had happened. Wring their hands in a panic, and, even more so, sprinkle their heads with ash and fall to their knees before the "great and terrible" Trump there did not. They simply said: “we are sorry” and stated that they would “work with other partners, trying to compensate for these financial losses and guarantee the smooth continuation of their work.” What kind of “other partners” is involved, there is no need to speculate much - the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Zhao Lijian, has already called the US decision “unfair and thoughtless”, and expressed assurances that Beijing intends to “continue to provide such an important structure as WHO, all possible support. ” Yes, Celestial contributions amounted to 0,21% of the total budget of the Organization, but this was, I emphasize, BEFORE the pandemic ... Best of all, perhaps, what was happening was described by Adam Kamradt-Scott, associate professor of international security at the University of Sydney, who believes that "now a situation in which the United States, in the midst of a global crisis, abandons its leadership role, making room for others. And if everyone knows that nature does not tolerate emptiness, then politics does not allow a vacuum even more ... ”“ Saving ”amounts that are meager in comparison with their own military budgets and trying to“ punish ”someone in such a barbaric way, the United States demonstrates the whole world is not in no way own strength, but the weakness and complete groundlessness of claims for global dominance. By the way, already now in Washington there are full calls for "creating an American alternative to WHO," for example, based on USAID. A “right” organization that will allocate funds and render assistance exclusively to the “right” states, which is absolutely loyal to the United States. Next in line, presumably, is an "alternative UN."

In fact, the completely cannibalistic decision of Donald Trump is just one more step (though quite significant), to create a new world that will be born on the ruins of the destroyed COVID-19 ugly globalist non-civilization. The first obvious candidate for leadership in it has already been determined. I would like to hope that Russia will be able to adequately pass the current tests in order to also take its rightful place in this new world.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 16 2020 10: 50
    Leopard change his spots.

    Trump lacks graves and bags for corpses, and he is all about the exclusivity of the nation. The world should revolve only around the USA! One must stop any exceptional help. Maybe then they will quickly realize that they are mortals. Otherwise, the pandemic will end and we all will suddenly find out that it was the United States that saved the world. And there are witnesses, grunting !!
  2. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 16 2020 11: 39
    - All that is directed against China should be united, concentrated, focused and applied ...
    - Yes, well-done Trump ...- it will be very unfortunate if he does not succeed ...
    - The whole world started playing yesterday according to completely different rules ...- and all this old toolkit (all these useless ones: WHO, WTO, UN and so on - it's time to throw it in the trash ...- Another world today - and it's all just not good ...
    - And it was the coronavirus epidemic that laid bare all this quite clearly ... - There is no longer any rich, prosperous, protected and unattainable in their safety - not the West; nor the United States; neither Japan, etc ... - So in vain our dumb oligarchs and other Russian plebeian nouveau riche sent their offspring (sons and daughters), some to London; some to Paris, some to the USA, some to Spain, Italy, Israel, etc. ...- for permanent residence ...
    - As it turned out today - this does not "GUARANTEE" anything ... - and CANNOT GUARANTEE ... - everything that they wanted ... - on the contrary ... - Like this ...
    - And what is happening and happening in the world today ...
    - You can try to explain it in two words ...
    Personally, I would like to do without any "infernal comparison"; but for the sake of brevity I will use this too ...
    - Today, to put it simply, roughly speaking, in short (make your own choice) - "two demons" have appeared in the world ... which are deadly for all mankind ... - this is the coronavirus and ... and China ...
    - Simply put ... - it is China that is this "tomorrow's new coronavirus" ... - All the visibility of this "example" and allows you to demonstrate the consequences of all that if China "takes over the whole world" ... - That's the coronavirus and began to demonstrate all this today ... to the whole world ...
    - Literally the whole world began to suffer from the coronavirus epidemic ... - And the coronavirus is the forerunner of the "world epidemic of China" ... The hegemony of China is a real epidemic ... - a pandemic ... - One can argue that, they say - after all, China also suffers from the coronavirus ... - But such an "objection" is simply ridiculous ... - what scanty losses China has and ... and how gigantic all other mankind has ... - Today it looks like a kind of "miniature "the consequences of China's victory over the whole world ... - and, perhaps, looks somewhat improbably funny; but tomorrow everything may look much more serious ...
    - Let's get back to the topic ... - Whatever poor fellow Trump does today in the direction of organizing a campaign against China ... - all this will come in handy in one way or another in the fight against the impending epidemic, the "epidemic of China" ...
    - All this, of course ... - "figuratively speaking" ... - you shouldn't take everything "literally" ... - But the analogy simply "cries out" and "warns" the whole world ... about such a danger ...
    - You just need to think and understand what is really happening today ... - Understand and act ...
    - In the meantime ...- With Clean Thursday you ..., dear Sites ...
    1. Ivan Burygin_2 Ivan Burygin_2
      Ivan Burygin_2 April 16 2020 13: 21
      Why not Limpopo? After all, according to the congressman, the mattresses will definitely punish Limpopo for meddling in elections and wrong democracy ... Stop raving. Are there any facts confirming the correctness of your words? To the studio. No? Then this is another narcotic nonsense, which they are trying to present with a "smart look".
  3. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 16 2020 20: 53
    What is behind the US boycott of the World Health Organization ???
    Powerlessness and anger of the USA!

    US national intelligence, giving the go-ahead to infecting China with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, did not suggest catastrophic consequences for the US of this coronavirus.

    U.S. national intelligence, allegedly back in November 2019, personally warned Trump himself about the catastrophic consequences of the upcoming pandemic.
    What is this talking about.
    This suggests that the National Intelligence Agency already knew and possessed all the information about the preparation by the Americans of the Chinese coronavirus infection.
    Not only did they already know then, they also contributed in every way to this and did not impede the implementation of this bio-terrorism of the USA, in relation to China!

    Trump did not know what awaited him and the country, but the National Intelligence Agency of the USA declared that “the American economy will not suffer very much from the coronavirus.”

    US national intelligence, giving the go-ahead to infecting China, did not suggest the catastrophic consequences for the United States of this coronavirus.
    US National Intelligence, and the entire US intelligence community, believed that the United States would not touch on this disaster.
    That the United States will be able to hide behind the ocean, and the whole burden of the coronavirus epidemic will bury the Chinese economy.
    In the USA, back in November last year, they were already looking forward to the funeral of China and joyfully rubbed their terrorist hands.

    However, they MUCHLY miscalculated.

    As of April 16, 2020 Moscow time.
    In the USA, from the beginning of the spread of COVID-19 infection, 636 thousand 350 were infected.
    About 30 thousand people died due to coronavirus in the USA.
    1. 1000 svolder Offline 1000 svolder
      1000 svolder (1000 svolder) April 17 2020 11: 47
      What sadness are you up to the USA? 4000+ became infected per day in Russia.
  4. Serge Tixiy Offline Serge Tixiy
    Serge Tixiy (Serge Tixiy) April 17 2020 10: 28
    There is nothing surprising, especially in light of the fact that in the USA and in the camp of their sixes, such as the EU and other Ukraine, voices are heard that China and Russia are to blame for everything (the coronavirus).
    1. 1000 svolder Offline 1000 svolder
      1000 svolder (1000 svolder) April 17 2020 11: 48
      America stops feeding loafers - that's the way to do it.
  5. Alexander Semenov (Alexander Semenov) April 17 2020 20: 24
    Given the contributions of the US government to this organization, they are quite entitled to decide how they build relations with it. And if you take the contributions of Bill Gates, then in general you can already rename it to the US Health Organization ... only what she did for the States is not clear !?
  6. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 18 2020 23: 17
    It is high time for a boycott of all Masonic organizations.