Source: Russia is preparing an unknown rocket test

An alert tracking source, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), reports that on April 15, 2020, from the starting position of the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk Region of the Russian Federation, the calculation of the Strategic Missile Forces will launch an indefinite long-range missile. The flight of the product will take place along the standard test route Plesetsk - Sea Laptev.

Along with this, the source suggests that the test item will be a missile with the index 14A042 of the 14TC033 Nudol anti-satellite complex being created in Russia.

It is not yet clear whether the upcoming test will involve intercepting any target, or whether the military is going to check only the operation of the rocket propulsion system.

According to data from 2016, the tactical and technical characteristics of the 14A042 missile defense are, to put it mildly, disruptive. With a range of up to 1000 km, the product is capable of intercepting targets at altitudes of up to 500 km. The dimensions of the product, according to the source, are 20 meters in length, 2 meters in diameter, and the mass of the rocket should reach 40 tons.

The MZKT-79291 was chosen as the chassis for the Nudol launcher.
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  1. So NUDOL, it seems, is already flying!
  2. Orange big Offline Orange big
    Orange big (Max) April 13 2020 12: 26
    Even 1500 km range, the interception height of 750 km, as many sources on the Internet write. But this is a distant missile defense. There are still new missiles of the Nudol system with relatively short and medium ranges, naturally, on the scale of a missile defense system, rather than conventional air defense.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. VladVlad Offline VladVlad
    VladVlad (Vladimir) April 13 2020 17: 18
    Nonsense. Our military aircraft developers are unable to make technology better than enemies! Mediocre, especially managers, directors, top managers!

    Recently, a U.S. general let slip that the U.S. has technology to deliver a person within half an hour of 40000 km. He stated that there are currently revolutionary technologies in the United States that can easily make all existing space capabilities completely obsolete. Teleportation technology has already been developed, and soon we will be able to travel everywhere, like lightning, announced high-ranking military officer Steven Kwast.

    Trump and the US Secretary of Defense about 10 months ago let slip that the US would destroy all enemy ICBMs in mines or launchers at the time of launch, they have such technologies.

    Pentagon: US ready to destroy potential adversary’s missiles before launch. These technologies were developed in the USSR in the mid-80s. Why not implemented so far ?! They are there!
    1. Onlooker Offline Onlooker
      Onlooker (Vladimir Martynov) April 13 2020 17: 57
      Yes, you never know what nonsense Trump froze with his generals. Not the first time. They don’t have the technology to destroy the ICBMs either before or after. Otherwise, we would have felt it ...
      1. Winnie Offline Winnie
        Winnie (Winnie) April 18 2020 18: 33
        You can’t be so self-confident !!! Americans are far from fools like rams painting them. If high-ranking officials announce the delivery of a person to anywhere in the world in half an hour, then this is so. This is not Putin! There, people are responsible for the words with their position. And no one, unlike the Russians, will hang noodles over their ears.
        In order not to be unfounded, I will give just one example with the TR-3B, flying in various versions for more than 15 years. In the photo, a triangular UFO aboard the American aircraft carrier Ford. It is clear that the Russians are infinitely behind in the design and manufacture of aircraft. And this is just one example.
        1. Batka Makhno Offline Batka Makhno
          Batka Makhno (Batka Makhno) April 26 2020 15: 56
          Oh .... and then North Korea and Iran do not know this ...
          Apparently, 40000 km and half an hour are the keywords, and this bike is either the starting point or outer space, and without a spacesuit.
          1. Winnie Offline Winnie
            Winnie (Winnie) April 26 2020 16: 19
            The natives also never understood why an iron stick kills from a distance, and a large iron boat does not sink. That's why they are natives, far from civilization. And without them it would be boring at all. laughing
      2. Batka Makhno Offline Batka Makhno
        Batka Makhno (Batka Makhno) April 26 2020 15: 57
        And even earlier, North Korea would have found out about this, but, apparently, the communications facilities there are so tight that the Pentagon still has to fear them.
    2. shadow Offline shadow
      shadow April 13 2020 19: 49
      So, over the ocean they write nonsense.
    3. JD1979 Offline JD1979
      JD1979 (Dmitriy) April 14 2020 13: 30
      Quote: VladVlad
      Trump and the US Secretary of Defense about 10 months ago let slip that the US would destroy all enemy ICBMs in mines or launchers at the time of launch, they have such technologies.

      So big, but believes in advertising ...
    4. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 14 2020 15: 06
      Vladimir, you are so big, but you still believe in fairy tales. You probably do not know that in addition to the usual war, there are also hybrid information wars, but for those like you, they are just designed.
      1. Istist Offline Istist
        Istist (Ivan) April 18 2020 09: 02
        Are you sure it's big? )
    5. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
      Astronaut (San Sanych) April 14 2020 23: 19
      Another troll? wassat
    6. Horon Offline Horon
      Horon (Kharon Erebovich) April 15 2020 14: 09
      They have been hanging these noodles for a little less than 20 years, they wrote articles on this topic back in the dashing 90s. If you delve into the internet, there may be something. I read about it even when paper media were the main carrier of printed materials. EMNIP article was called "Landing from Space". You may just as well believe in the Putensky: "Russia has teleportation technologies!" bully
    7. Levius RU Offline Levius RU
      Levius RU (Levius RU) April 16 2020 08: 22
      Our developers have long done what your owners only dream of stealing from us.
  5. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) April 14 2020 13: 41
    Mattresses, you are there, do not relax. Nudol will then be DvuDol, then TriDol ... and Obnol .... Do not miss. Watch carefully.
  6. Ivan Orlovsky Offline Ivan Orlovsky
    Ivan Orlovsky (Ivan Orlovsky) April 15 2020 05: 56
    Before launching our ICBMs, Russia clears the sky of Nudoli from enemy satellites, sweeping away all American systems for detecting launches, countermeasures and guiding its own missiles. The sky will be clear, and the Americans will be where they should be. They do not like this product very much, it is the main thing for them.
    1. Winnie Offline Winnie
      Winnie (Winnie) April 18 2020 18: 08
      Are you sure about that? Until now, Nudol hit only "a conditional target with a given accuracy." In other words, a point in space with arbitrary coordinates that can be easily moved. In this case, the tests were considered successful. There is no information about any interception of the real target by Nudol.
  7. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) April 23 2020 10: 32
    Americans do not relax rolls. Still edro from the authorities to remove and tame corrupt officials ..