Boris Johnson recovered from coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is recovering from coronavirus infection COVID-19 and has already been discharged from the hospital. This was stated in an official statement by the Prime Minister’s Office.

It is clarified that, on the recommendation of doctors, Johnson has not yet returned to work.

The Prime Minister has been discharged from the hospital, and continues to recover in Checkers. On the advice of doctors, the prime minister will not immediately return to work. He wants to thank everyone at St Thomas Hospital for his amazing care of him. All his thoughts with those affected by this disease

- said in a statement.

We remind you that on March 27, 2020, Johnson informed the public on his Twitter account that picked up the coronavirus. On April 8, 2020, Johnson was hospitalized and, after worsening, was transferred to the intensive care unit by connecting to a ventilator. The next day, from the UK, they reported that Johnson's condition had improved and he was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward.

As of April 12, 2020, more than 84 thousand cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the UK. 10612 people died. Only 1918 people recovered.

It should be added that Johnson announced the introduction of quarantine in the UK on March 23, 2020. A week later, on March 29, 2020, Johnson warned his compatriots about the worsening situation in the country and urged them to adhere to the recommendations of the authorities.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 12 2020 20: 03
    Boris Johnson recovered from coronavirus

    “Well done ...” With his personal example, he inspires all of Britain. - And not only ... Great britain ... - but the whole world ...
  2. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow April 12 2020 23: 35
    I’ll write a gloomy post about the real coronation situation in London.
    In London - Easter, 25 degrees, people, although they shy away from each other, but still walk carefully. Everything is very disciplined. Therefore, those who remained from the government decided not to introduce even more stringent measures, and so everyone obeys.
    During the day, I usually speak several times with girlfriends and friends from Moscow, and each time I simply marvel at the difference in our situation.
    Here I heard how one girlfriend with a slight runny nose, a slight rustling in her throat called a doctor. And he came to her !!! This poor coiled up doctor came, in general, to an imaginary patient, and my friend was still outraged why she and her runny nose did not immediately take a test for coronavirus, but they listened to her, looked at her throat, gave advice and prescribed all kinds of strengthening drugs.
    Or I read telegrams - they advise there - do not heal yourself - call a doctor. Here it is - call a doctor, it directly amazes me. Some other Rospotrebsoyuz walks with you, does tests for the crown.
    You guys just don’t understand your happiness!
    These are all some unattainable dreams for us, the inhabitants of London, the capital of a European state.
    Imagine for a moment that you are in Moscow in an apartment - you are lying alone, you understand that you have become very seriously ill, you have a fever of 2 weeks, you cannot get out of bed, it’s very difficult for you to breathe, and you know at the same time NONE of the doctors will come. Absolutely. Never. You are forbidden to come to the hospital; nobody will make CT of the lungs for any money. You are simply doomed and play the most terrible roulette in your life - whether you suffocate and die a painful death or your body (without any medical help) will take you out.
    The only thing you will hear on the phone, on the answering machine - SIT at home. You will ask you to bring antibiotics - for this you will only listen to the recorded message on the phone - sit at home. A friend of the Englishman begged to bring at least paracetamol, put it under the door, the doctors didn’t bring anything to him, the neighbors brought him.
    Nobody will bring anything.

    You will not be saved.

    They will not help you.

    Nobody will help you with advice, medications or prescription. Because nothing is prescribed in London against this virus. Nothing at all.
    Because this entire protocol, already applied all over the world, is not approved by the English public health service and therefore a decision has been made: coronavirus is not treated in England with ANYTHING.
    All doctors - Russian, American, Chinese, have long begun to write their protocols - to share what helps, what doesn't. Tsarenko’s notes have been translated, it seems to me, into all languages. But English doctors openly speak out loud with English obstinacy - we don’t know how to treat, we are not treating anything. Trump is not a decree for us. Plaquenil with azithromycin? And at this stage, you need to connect tocilizumab? Have not heard of this. Not approved. Not agreed. When you already have pulmonary fibrosis, they will give you breathing on a ventilator and even in this situation they will not give anything, just, as they say, from morning to night on the news, they will turn you on your stomach and wait for the body to cope or not.
    All insurance is canceled. For example, I paid for the most expensive insurance for 20 years - for no money I can not do anything.
    All paid treatments have been canceled. Can you imagine such a situation in Russia that you are already sick and you have a lot of money, and you say - put me in a hospital for any amount and cure me, watch my condition? So in England it is impossible to organize at all for any money.
    Okay, crown. All medical facilities are re-profiled under patients with a crown and are closed.
    If you have a toothache, flux all over your face, pull it out yourself with a thread, as during the war. No dentist in all of London accepts even with severe toothache. Suspicion of appendicitis - we do not know such words, maybe it will pass by itself.
    All chemotherapy and planned operations were canceled, the mother of two children, who had cancer and underwent chemotherapy courses, was canceled on TV, she will now die by September. There are many such stories, and all these facts are told directly from the screen and more and more cases among friends.
    Another chilling story is when a nurse brought a man who crashed unconscious into her car to the hospital. This man has been sick for 3 weeks, managed to tell the nurse what he endured, then begged that he be taken to the hospital, no one came for him - and this is 2020, the capital of the European state! Of the last forces, he got into a car and drove himself to the hospital. He lost consciousness, crashed into a nurse's car. A nurse transplanted him to her, brought him to the hospital where she worked, he died there after 4 hours. And in the morning, they raise a cup of coffee at the Air Force - let's remember this nameless man. And it would never occur to anyone to ask - why didn’t they treat him before, all these 3 weeks, which they didn’t put him in the hospital before, didn’t try to cure him? He was 60 years old, he had no concomitant diseases.
    I don’t know your name, brother, but if your soul is still here, know that for me you are an unnamed hero of English stoicism and a victim of English medicine and know that in spite of your crazy loneliness and horror of the last days, there is a person who mourned you and will to remember you ...
    They kept their own minister at home on paracetamol, not even checking the blood oxygen saturation, leading him to bilateral pneumonia.
    They are here - they don’t know what to do.
    Therefore, when people come out to clap on Thursdays, I’m not sure about something. Why clap? What will they take you to die in the hospital?
    You will be taken to die in a hospital, just to not multiply the corpses at home and there, in the hospital, they will also not be given any medicine. In the hospital - if you are over 60 years old and have at least some kind of chronic disease that can serve as an aggravating factor, you will be very intrusively and persistently slipping a document on your signature - that you agree that you will not be revived. One woman, 68 years old with asthma, was presented this document 4 (!!!) times, she categorically refused and survived, probably only out of a feeling of protest.
    Thousands of people die in hospitals every day, of all those entering the hospital - since they are already arriving at a very critical stage, when it is too late - 90 percent die. Thousands more die simply at home, also without treatment. Only those who in the last stage got to the hospital are tested. Only those who are no longer residents are admitted to the hospital.
    That is, I repeat, in order to get it - in hospitals - they do not treat, they just accept to die. Giving the last chance - to try to breathe on the device, maybe, all the same, the body will take it out itself, but it is removed ahead of time. Because in this there is no experience. No exchange between protocols.
    Of our own, absolutely all the oligarchs left, even everyone who hated Russia left, everyone except those who were immediately arrested on the Russian border.
    Everyone has left and not the oligarchs either.
    Naturally, many remained - those who in London, or in England as a whole, have long had a house here, their whole lives, dogs, cats, children, husbands are English.
    Despite the closed sky and the lack of flights, I know for sure that two days ago the board of one Russian oligarch flew in, picked up his adult children and took them all the same. They sat on a low start for three days - will it work out or not. Nevertheless, it turned out that they were delivered across the airfield of a small airport covered with grass directly to the plane. They managed to escape, they said so. We flew through Sweden.
    I had several acquaintances who became ill and were cured in Moscow — well-known people, everyone who reads me and it’s clear who I’m talking about, I won’t give their names.
    So, they were hospitalized on time in Moscow, monitored blood counts, condition in the lungs, monitored the process, changed the TREATMENT methods and cured! They gave everything: and medicines for malaria, for HIV, for parasites, for horseradish he knows what, if only to get everyone out.
    Guys! Sasha, Elena, Irina, Aleksey and many others, you would no longer be in the world if you were in England.
    In general, people, pray for our Russian medicine.
    Sit at home.
  3. 69 Offline 69
    69 April 13 2020 07: 32
    Who would doubt that now the tripper is being treated with one tablet. Besides laughter. Three months old piglets can be slaughtered on the forehead, this clown wasn’t sick, took part in a scam for PR, that's the whole coronavirus.