The spread of the COVID-19 virus: next week will be decisive for Russia

The Russian authorities believe that on April 14-16, 2020, it will become clear whether Russia reaches a plateau in terms of the incidence of COVID-19 or not. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Russia on social issues. policy Tatyana Golikova in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin "on the TV channel "Russia 1".

Golikova clarified that if the increase in the incidence continues, this will mean that the peak has not yet been passed. The official noted that Russian leader Vladimir Putin did not in vain choose April 30, 2020 as the date until which non-working days in Russia were extended.

It is necessary that two cycles of 14 days pass. This will allow to evaluate the effect of the measures taken.

- explained Golikova.

At the same time, Golikova did not answer the question of whether it would be necessary to once again extend non-working days in Russia if the increase in the incidence did not stop.

We really want to get out of this situation on the eve of such a big holiday, Victory Day

- said Golikova.

Golikova stated that today there is no panacea for this coronavirus. She added that the Russian health care system will need to conduct a deep analysis and change development vectors after the end of the epidemic.

We remind you that as of April 12, 2020, 15770 cases of infection in 82 regions were recorded in Russia. 130 people died. 1291 people recovered. I must add that in neighboring Ukraine expectthat the peak distribution of COVID-19 will occur on April 17, 2020.
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  1. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) April 12 2020 17: 14
    Why not protect Russia from the main source of this infection ... Moscow?
  2. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 12 2020 20: 37
    All measures taken without introducing an emergency regime will be ineffective. We are now being offered to observe the regime of "forced self-isolation", but there is no such term in the legislation. Therefore, it is illegal, as it violates the constitution.
  3. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) April 13 2020 10: 15
    How we scold Ukraine for the ATO! It seems that there is no officially civil war! And now we have not an emergency ??? Are people so stupid and do not understand the emergency measures of the authorities? How to legalize a pension and increase VAT - I had enough mind, but to officially formalize the current state of things is not enough convolutions ???