In the US, dissatisfied with Russian law prohibiting the demolition of WWII monuments

There is further evidence that policy The Russian Federation is a faithful continuation of the line previously pursued by the Soviet Union, writes journalist Jerzy Bukowski on the Dziennik Polonijny website (a resource of Polish community in the United States and Canada).

The author recalls that on the eve of the State Duma introduced amendments to the Criminal Code, thereby making it possible to prosecute all those who destroy or damage the graves and obelisks of the Red Army soldiers who fell in the battles for the liberation of Europe. The maximum penalty for violation is a fine of up to five million rubles or imprisonment.

Responsible persons of the Russian Federation must now arrest officials and politicians of those countries in which such “relics of communism” are systematically dismantled, Bukovsky believes. The opinion is expressed that the Russian Foreign Ministry should also expel the ambassadors of those countries that are especially active in the "policy of destroying the memory of victory in the Great Patriotic War."

I do not think that Putin would have allowed such an unfriendly act as diplomatic repression, but the threat has been formulated and can be used in a situation of growing political tension

- noted in the text.

However, Mr. Bukowski doubts the feasibility of Russian initiatives.

It is hard to imagine that the authorities of any country in which the Red Army is considered a symbol of enslavement, not liberation, and where the so-called monuments of gratitude are liquidated [...], would extradite their officials to Russian prosecutors. If anyone still had doubts as to whether modern Russia is different from communist [...], now it is finally necessary to get rid of them

- the author believes.

The exact number of monuments of the "communist period" demolished by the Polish authorities after a dramatic "parting with the past" remains unknown. So, in the above publication it is indicated that "more than 100 have been demolished since 1989." However, according to some reports, we can talk about thousands of such places. If at first the images of Lenin were destroyed, for example, as they were disposed of, official Warsaw eventually reached the monuments to the Red Army.

In Russia, public outrage was also aroused by the recent dismantling by the authorities of the Czech capital of Prague of a monument to Marshal Ivan Konev. According to the Czechs, a more neutral monument to the liberators of the city should take its place.
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  1. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF April 12 2020 17: 29
    If you are offended by your left hand or right, you let someone spit on it (and some even praise it) do not hesitate, you will spit it all, in its entirety ...
  2. cmonman Offline cmonman
    cmonman (Garik Mokin) April 12 2020 17: 29
    From the article:

    ... writes journalist Jerzy Bukowski on the Dziennik Polonijny website (a resource of Polish community in the United States and Canada.

    And the title:

    In the USA, they are unhappy with Russian law ...

    Editors, what's the connection?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aksel2 Offline Aksel2
      Aksel2 (Alexander Z.) April 12 2020 17: 45
      The site is located on the American domain

      Editorial Address: 22427 67th Avenue
      Bayside ny

      So yes, it is in the USA.
      1. cmonman Offline cmonman
        cmonman (Garik Mokin) April 12 2020 18: 34
        Interesting analysis! In this case, it would be necessary to make the headline like this: “One dude is a Pole, from the Amer-Canadian-Polish community of the United States, is dissatisfied ....” and hereinafter. Because when you write “USA”, it means the government. And when you write “In the USA ..”, it means “server address”.
        I recall a joke.

        Background. In the 70s there was a chic flea market in one Carpathian city. On the one hand, it was filled with shuttle Poles who traveled around Europe and dumped their goods at a flea market. Now the joke itself.

        - What is cX Soviet?
        - This is when a Pole shuttle sits in your Soviet kitchen and tells that when he was in Sweden, he watched such a movie there !!!

        Such “logical connections” are made by the Editorial Board from the geographical location of the server through which the author’s comment passed. You yourself write, “So yes, exactly IN USA."
        C'mon man!
    3. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) April 12 2020 23: 13
      I was also surprised, read, flipped to the beginning, thought I missed about the USA laughing
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) April 12 2020 18: 42
    Well, someone, and the Poles, purposefully killing the families of Soviet officers (exclusively women and children) in 1941, need to shut up and be silent !!!
  4. Since Doodles are unhappy, it means a good law! By the way, Doodlers have exactly the same!
  5. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 April 12 2020 20: 54
    The United States is always unhappy if the Russian Federation is doing something right.
  6. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) April 12 2020 22: 14
    Psheks were scared, but how to catch you, there will always be options ...
  7. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) April 13 2020 00: 25
    Lord, it would be more likely that Russia would return to the ideals of the Soviet Union!
  8. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) April 13 2020 00: 43
    A fine, imprisonment - "demolish or destroy" the initiators of these actions !!!
  9. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Rambover) April 13 2020 00: 53
    Meanwhile, Poland and the Russian Federation have an agreement with obligations to preserve burial places.
  10. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 13 2020 00: 58
    Ha. What a true article!
    The Pole is dissatisfied, and USA, as always, is to blame.
  11. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) April 13 2020 06: 19
    I hope that thanks to this law, Russophobes in the power of some countries and their cohorts will lose the opportunity to appear in Russia because of the threat of bringing them to justice. Communication with such personalities is flawed, since Russophobia, as life shows, is an almost incurable pathology.
  12. Aleksandr2020 Offline Aleksandr2020
    Aleksandr2020 (Alexander Vk) April 13 2020 06: 44
    Unhappy and unhappy, put us with the appliance.
    To give pleasure to the USA is the lot of Ukrainians, the Baltic states, and most of Europe.
  13. Serge Tixiy Offline Serge Tixiy
    Serge Tixiy (Serge Tixiy) April 13 2020 08: 06
    Polish Americans put forward claims of Russia, absolutely not noticing similar places in American law. Most of all, the impudence of immigrants from the country at the outskirts of Europe, which has lost its independence, fulfills any whim of the Department of State. For some reason, they believe that their opinion is interesting to someone.
  14. Alexander Morgunov (Alexander Morgunov) April 13 2020 09: 40
    The tendentious coverage of the event leaves no doubt about the preferences of the author of the article.
    Occupied by American military bases, Germany and Japan still do not have state sovereignty and even the right to refuse the United States to deploy American nuclear weapons in its small territories. They are hostages of the aggressive Pentagon. Eastern European countries have the same bed Italian greyhounds as Germany and Japan. They’re shitting wherever they fall.
  15. 933454818 Offline 933454818
    933454818 (Ivan Ivanov) April 13 2020 10: 44
    I don’t know how much Russia resembles the USSR, but the fact that the United States does not change over the years - that's for sure - all the same cowboys attacking the weak, destroying the defenseless and waging a propaganda and espionage fight against the strong.
  16. Nikolai Vatkovsky (Nikolai) April 13 2020 12: 35
    They need to erect monuments to Gorbachev. He took and betrayed a whole generation, those who won the Second World War, the Americans remained in Germany, and ended up in the Warsaw bloc, in Japan. And if they had not left Germany, then there would have been nothing. The USA fellows, in this matter, do not refuse their victories. But, interestingly, everything repeats itself in history, and again we will be greeted with flowers, as in 1944-1945. But how much you need to be indifferent, because when the Soviet army freed the country from the Germans, at the cost of the lives of our grandfathers, unborn citizens. After all, we could bomb godlessly, as is done in the strategy of protecting our soldiers in the USA, so that not only fascists, but also civilians would die, we would save the cities. And the USA dropped a bomb on Japan, and now they are friends, they caved in. But Russia is not like that, it is philanthropic, no matter what. You may not love us, but we, our Great Russian people, who united many nations, have saved you, not with bombs, but with love. It’s so good that I am Russian and very proud of my country, my most intelligent and strong president !!! (Criticism of V.V. Putin is not accepted, show which country is better, smarter). Vivat, Russia !!!
  17. Andrey Arienko Offline Andrey Arienko
    Andrey Arienko (Andrey Arienko) April 13 2020 12: 59
    In the USA, few people know where Russia is located at all. And they don’t give a damn about Russian laws))
  18. Valery Prusenko Offline Valery Prusenko
    Valery Prusenko (Valery Prusenko) April 14 2020 12: 53
    If the Poles consider the demolition of monuments a democracy, and reproach the swine as European tolerance, then let the monuments be demolished equally to their recent heroes and friends, as a present, to the US heroes.