Ukrainians in Italy outraged by the presence of the Russian military

The Ukrainian "patriots" living in Italy are extremely indignant at the presence of the "Putin doctors" in this country. They even created a petition with questions and requirements for the Italian authorities, as reported by the Ukrainian online publication OBOZREVATEL.

One of the authors of the appeal, a citizen of Italy of Ukrainian origin Natalia Gebrich, who lives in Florence, told the publication that the document has already been posted on the corresponding website.

The petition raised two questions that “concern many Italians.” Firstly, why, instead of civilian doctors, the military flew to Italy.

It is no secret that 15 people arrived on 104 airplanes, of which only 35 were doctors (only two of them were civilians) and 13 translators. And the rest is who? In the week of their “work” in our country, we saw only a two-hour disinfection of a house for the elderly in Bergamo, and that’s all

- worries "patriot", loving Ukraine from a distance.

Secondly, what such "Italians" and their "twin" are worried about is "Threats" La Stampa newspaper reporters from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Unlike Russia, in Italy there is freedom of speech. The Italians began to sign the petition mainly, but it is free for anyone who wants to know the answers to these questions. We also want to hear the truth from our government, which never explained to society why so many Russians came with epaulettes, and why during all this time they only sanitized an old people's house with an unknown substance?

- said the "patriot."

In addition, Gebrich complained that in the city of Bergamo, local residents complain about the boorish behavior of doctors from Moscow. Allegedly there were several scandals. However, she did not provide any evidence. However, this is the whole essence of Russophobia.

By the way, in Italy, before the COVID epidemic, there were more than 500 thousand immigrants from Ukraine and “zarobitchans” who regularly traveled from country to country. Therefore, it is not surprising that among such a huge number of people, there were a small number of Russophobes.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 9 2020 14: 51
    If these 500 thousand Ukrainians return to their homeland to help it in difficult times, then they are real patriots. And if even the masks were not sent home from Italy, what kind of Ukrainians are they? The American taxi driver in the film "Brother-2" said about such. I hope everyone remembers what he said?
  2. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) April 9 2020 14: 51
    Well, where without the brothers in bloomers?
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) April 9 2020 15: 09
    Already the opinion of the Ukrainians does not matter at all.
    And the Italian authorities should check the legality of finding immigrants from Ukraine in Italy. I bet that Italians will find a lot of surprising things for themselves.
  4. Pacifist Offline Pacifist
    Pacifist (Victor) April 9 2020 15: 29
    They can put an opinion on this issue for themselves .... They have not had any brains for a long time. Interestingly, only the opinion of Italians and their government. And the desire of stubborn banderlogs to make sounds for every reason is not interesting to anyone.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 10 2020 17: 14
      They spread like cockroaches all over Europe, and still have the audacity to say something there. What are you, zarobitchites? Who generally called you there and who asks you ???
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 9 2020 15: 32
    Therefore, it is not surprising that among such a huge number of people, there were a small number of Russophobes.

    People from Donbass work at our plant. Ukrainian equipment is installed by "specialists" from Ukraine. And believe me, these are already other people and a different nation, although they speak Russian. Donbass will never be Ukrainian again. How can you communicate with people who in all seriousness believe that the Second World War was won by the Ukrainians with their Ukrainian front? On May 2 in Odessa, people set themselves on fire from the inside, but on the ground they were not finished off, but saved? On the Maidan in 2014, did the Berkut people shoot people in the square? There is all this on the video, but they see exactly what they believe in! Yes, I forgot, are Russian troops still fighting in Donbas? They cannot believe that people are capable of defending themselves.
    This is a country hostile to Russia! Something must be done before they really went to war because of their hatred. Or close the border tightly and let them be there like spiders in a jar!
  6. Ivan Orlovsky Offline Ivan Orlovsky
    Ivan Orlovsky (Ivan Orlovsky) April 9 2020 17: 37
    Somehow, it’s deeply irrelevant what Ukrainians think in Italy, we don’t care what Ukrainians think in Ukraine, or anywhere else. Their performances are not worth our attention.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF April 9 2020 18: 39
    If the Italians listen to the opinion of the "patriots", then a new bordoina may appear ...
  9. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) April 10 2020 00: 27
    No, well, these forelocks have already gotten it! Here's how to close them up?
  10. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) April 10 2020 18: 40
    Ukrainian, he is also Ukrainian in Italy ...
  11. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) April 10 2020 18: 57
    And who are the Ukrainians in Italy? This is a hired labor force to serve the indigenous population and has nothing to do with Italians, and therefore their opinion is not interesting to anyone.