Iran may be the main winner of the war in Syria

A month ago, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan decided among themselves the future of Syria, re-dividing the northern province of the IAR of Idlib between Damascus and Ankara. At the same time, the third most important side of the Syrian conflict - Iran, which, we recall, came to the aid of Bashar Assad much earlier than the Kremlin, did not take part in the meeting.

Now, Tehran, apparently, intends to show who in the Middle East is the new owner, despite the sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic that swept the Islamic Republic.

As a matter of fact, the Iranian authorities have no particular choice precisely because of the aforementioned reasons. Things are bad, a retreat on all fronts will only aggravate the existing problems, therefore we must, on the contrary, advance.

For example, in Iraq, there seems to be a serious upheaval. The famed rocket attacks on US military bases in that country following the assassination of General Kassem Suleimani, the “Iraqi resistance group” behind Iran, have been called the “minor response.”

Seriously and rightly fearing retaliation from the Shiites, the United States abandoned its four bases in this country, transferring the contingent to real fortified areas in Erbil and Ain al-Assad. Now they are good targets, so the Pentagon covered them with all available MIM-104 Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries. Apparently, these air defense systems will soon have a great opportunity to demonstrate their real combat capabilities.

The Iranians are strengthening their presence in neighboring Syria, but they are doing it more subtly and smartly. While a month ago, Russia and Turkey were balancing on the fine line separating them from the regional war over Idlib, the successor to the murdered Kassem Suleymani, Brigadier General Ismail Kaani, appeared in Aleppo and declared this important center a zone of influence of Iran. Idlib is important, but control over Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor is even more important, which is well understood by all parties to the conflict.

So how is Tehran gaining a foothold in Syria?

At first, Iran took note of the tricks that the US and Turkey have long used. In all significant Syrian cities, the Islamic Republic, as an ally of Damascus, opens spiritual and cultural centers where they familiarize the local population with Persian culture, religion and language. The American specialized publication Foreign Policy writes on this subject the following:

These centers are designed to integrate local youth into the Persian culture and Shiite religion. They teach Farsi, and well-performing students are awarded. In addition, trips from Deir ez-Zor to Iran are organized.

In the long run, such activities always give their results, forming certain views and public support.

SecondlyTehran is gradually taking control of the Syrian army. The process of transferring officers from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) to the SAR Armed Forces is noted. If this process is accompanied by the acquisition of Syrian citizenship by the fighters, then there is a creeping expansion of Iran into the power structures of the ally.

While Moscow is fighting the “barmaley” and “butting” with Turkey over the demarcation line, the Persians came to Syria to stay. Ultimately, it is Iran that may turn out to be the main winner, and Russia will only get leased military bases in Tartus and Khmeimim.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 9 2020 13: 15
    I have already said that if WE came to war, then we must fight, not arrange a truce. Moreover, only terrorists benefit from these truces. So our military presented an ultimatum to a terrorist. The time of the ultimatum ended nine days ago, and if our military was not ready to prepare in two weeks, why these show-offs? Therefore, I agree that if we continue to fight like this, then others will take advantage of the victory.
    1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) April 9 2020 13: 43
      You cringe all the time. VKS do not fight, but help the Syrians. To fight, you need to enter the ground units there, but they are not there. Russia cannot lose in a war that it is not waging. All this abomination you Svidomo picked up, or one of them? The question is rhetorical, you can not answer.
  2. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 9 2020 13: 51
    If Russia gets at least a base, it’s good, I’m afraid, and this may not be possible, seeing the current state of power in Russia. But here, that Iran will get pies and cakes - is also doubtful .....
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) April 10 2020 19: 25
      There is no chance that the Persians will break off something in the former. Syria - the Israelis will not allow. They destroy Iranian facilities there and do not allow the emissaries of Tehran to gain a foothold thoroughly near the borders of the Jewish state. But for now these are just flowers, light cuffs, if the need arises, then from the Persians in Syria only a wet place will remain ...
  3. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) April 9 2020 14: 46
    Keyword - can.

    - maybe this is an evil ostrich
    - or maybe not evil
    - or maybe it was a janitor
    - he walked through the countryside
    - to the nearest hazel
    - for a new broom.
  4. Ivan Orlovsky Offline Ivan Orlovsky
    Ivan Orlovsky (Ivan Orlovsky) April 9 2020 17: 44
    Russia does not care who will be the winner in Syria, the main thing is that the terrorists will be destroyed and the power in the country will be in the hands of the Syrians themselves. We don’t need anything else.
  5. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 9 2020 21: 05
    Iran may be the main winner of the war in Syria

    belay We cannot sleep or eat directly, so that we cannot directly find rest. Who will be the winner in Syria? Let's go without it. Who wants to fight for the Syrian people-all there. Fight for health. How to win, we will rejoice for you. Make money there. Etc. Look for adventure at your fifth point. Romance and all that. Just don’t whimper later on TV that someone drove you there by force and all that. Here at your side is where and for someone more abstract than the Syrian people to fight.
  6. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 10 2020 13: 40
    Iran may be the main winner of the war in Syria

    - Personally, I would say ... - China will win ...
    - China has let the virus in all the states of the globe; and he escaped with ridiculous losses ... - And at the same time he managed to squeeze all responsibility with the sly glanders onto the Americans ... - The whole world today is fighting this next Chinese misfortune ... - and China again only squints aside and watches the consequences .. - And the consequences have already begun to take shape in favor of China ...
    - Yes, yes ...- just like that ...- neither in favor of Russia; neither in favor of the United States ...- but in favor of China ...
    - Well, that China, by and large, has lost from the man-made (with its own hands man-made) epidemic ... -Yes, absolutely nothing ...
    - Just acquired ... - This "own epidemic" (like a "small victorious war") allowed China to distract its own population from pressing problems; mobilize and rally the Chinese during the economic downturn; and prepare the population for "new economic surprises" ... - That's all ... - everything is very simple and very clever ... and at no special cost ...
    - As for Iran ..., then China today needs a very, very huge coronavirus pandemic in Iran ... - a pandemic with huge casualties ... - To then "come to the aid of the Iranian people"; save the Iranian people ... and some of the most "intractable" ... - just eliminate during the epidemic (very convenient moment) ... - Etc. etc...
    -It seems that China is going to "come" to Iran "for a long time" ...
    -The author of the topic -my plus ...