“Not a single chance”: Americans compared the capabilities of the MiG-31 and F-22

F-22 "Raptor", entered service with the US Air Force in 2005, today is considered the most modern western fighter to gain air superiority. The Reptor has been developed since the late 1970s to restore lost ground. Previously, it was supported by the F-15C Eagle fighter, but it was undermined by the Soviet Su-27 and MiG-31 fighters, writes the American Military Watch magazine. The latter is nicknamed in the West as "Fox Hound."

While the F-22 is the heaviest and most combat-capable western fighter, the MiG-31 in its latest versions of the BM and BSM is considered the most effective Russian jet aircraft for air combat.

With a weight of about 29 kg, the F-400 retains the title of the heaviest western fighter, and can accommodate one of the largest and most powerful radar AN / APG-22, whose weight is about 77 kg. However, even compared to the “Reptor”, the MiG-554 remains an extremely heavy and powerful combat aircraft. Weighing more than 31 kg, the Fox Hound can accommodate the 41-kilogram Zaslon radar, which provides a much greater detection and tracking range than its smaller counterpart on the F-000.

Comparing the combat capabilities of the MiG-31 and F-22 in the air, Deputy Chief Designer from 1971 to 1999 and Director of the Consulting Engineering Center at the Mikoyan Design Bureau Valentin Stepanov noted:

Today, Americans admit that if there is one aircraft that can be compared with the F-22, then this is the MiG-31. Firstly, it carries a more powerful radar. Secondly, it has a large payload, and its missiles have more advanced tactical and technical characteristics. In this case, the MiG-31 is significantly faster than the F-22. Its dynamic field of interception is wider. MiG-31 is actually the most versatile interceptor with the best capabilities in the world.

Although this comment ignores the objective advantages of the F-22, they give some idea of ​​the strengths of the MiG-31, writes Military Watch.

Stepanov’s statement was made long before the latest modifications of the MiG-31BSM and MiG-31BM were developed, although the capabilities of the Raptors have not changed much since then.

Comparing air-to-air missiles of both aircraft, the following can be said: The F-22 carries six AIM-120D AMRAAM missiles with a range of 180 km, as well as two short-range AIM-9X missiles in its internal weapons compartments. The payload is comparable to its predecessor, the F-15C, and doubles that of the F-35A.

The MiG-31 carries six long-range missiles R-37 (up to 300 km) and two short-range missiles R-73 (up to 40 km). In addition, the R-37 boasts a hypersonic speed of 6 Mach numbers.

Moreover, the Fox Hound is the fastest combat aircraft in the world, capable of operating at altitudes above 21 km and at speeds above Mach 2,8. This allows the interceptor to launch missiles with significantly greater kinetic energy than the F-22, which provides a longer range for its missiles.

Even if we take into account the indisputable advantage of the F-22, namely its “invisibility”, then for the MiG-31 this will not be a problem. Its huge radar will find a "needle in a haystack," and will not leave a single chance to the American fighter, concludes Military Watch.
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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 8 2020 12: 33
    Again from "empty to empty". We have just "discussed" such garbage with the F-35. Everything is itching to someone. Yes, of course, "will not leave", to anyone and never. Of course, he will find, catch up, force, hug, kiss, spit in the soul, etc. Again this militaristic frenzy. Calm down finally.
    1. mor7d Offline mor7d
      mor7d (mor7d) April 8 2020 12: 57
      this militaristic waste. Take it easy finally

      Gold words!!!
      1. Dear sofa expert. April 8 2020 16: 26
        You both calm down, and better go to ... your Ukrainian sites. Discuss there, of course, if there is anything.
        1. mor7d Offline mor7d
          mor7d (mor7d) April 8 2020 17: 21
          better go to ... your Ukrainian sites

          We will go wherever we want. There are no borders on the Internet, this is free space. You old guardians are not used to this, you want to drive everyone into the zones, we understand you. You already had attempts to cut off the Internet from the world, continue this, cut yourself off, and then you will be inflated with arrogance in front of each other, but for now you have to endure us who do not want to sit under lock and key.
          1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
            Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) April 9 2020 11: 54
            You will go where you are allowed to, here is Russia, and not Zhmerynka, Lviv region ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. GRF Offline GRF
      GRF April 8 2020 13: 13
      If this American media listens to you, then you will be cooler than Trump!
      I hold my fists for you! Perhaps they will really calm down their militaristic waste ...
    3. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) April 9 2020 12: 02
      This is a military theme. She is for men. If you are sausage from her and you have nothing to say, go to where they discuss, for example, tight pants and bras.
    4. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 6 May 2020 14: 33
      Dear, you tell the mattress makers to leave their militaristic frenzy and finally calm down. They are clearly obsessed with some kind of paranoia about the alleged threat from Russia. Nobody threatens you. We are simply forced to defend ourselves and not allow our sworn "partners" to impose their will on us with the help of military force, calm down and stop talking to us from a position of strength, then calm and order will come in the whole world !!!
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 8 2020 14: 10
    And, again, adults ........ are measured.
    Not a single chance, hats for hat-making, always in bulk.
  3. shadow Offline shadow
    shadow April 8 2020 15: 09
    Why was such a good aircraft taken out of production? Maybe he is not so good?
    1. Dear sofa expert. April 8 2020 16: 28
      F-22 was discontinued because it is unreasonably expensive.
      1. shadow Offline shadow
        shadow April 8 2020 16: 33
        Interestingly, how much 2.5 trillion dollars could be bought for such a good airplane that they spent to create a new aircraft: F-35, and even with such shortcomings and still spend?
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) April 8 2020 16: 51
    Wonderful article. laughing Particularly pleased with the comparison of radars in kilograms good Feels the "hand of the master" yes
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 8 2020 18: 02
      Though not in pounds, or pounds. A range of action in the tops, or fathoms.
      1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
        sgrabik (Sergei) 6 May 2020 14: 40
        Well, it’s understandable, for you it would be much better in feet or miles.
    2. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) April 8 2020 18: 47
      The author apparently wanted to designate the dimensions in this way ... Much depends on the size of the "plate".
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) April 8 2020 19: 17
        Apparently. But it would be more reasonable to compare at least approximate characteristics, the more so there are no plates, HEADLIGHTS on both aircraft.
        1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
          Kristallovich (Ruslan) April 8 2020 19: 49
          You did not pay attention to quotation marks, as I understand it ....
          1. 123 Offline 123
            123 (123) April 8 2020 19: 52
            Aha laughing Did not pay.
  5. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 April 8 2020 21: 26
    The MiG-31 is an interceptor, and the F-22 is a multirole fighter, so comparing them is foolish. The F-22 has no maneuverability on the horizontal, due to the lack of horizontal control of the thrust vector on the F-22, which immediately puts him in the situation of the rear wheel of a cart in a maneuverable air battle ... The Yankees hope in vain for the notorious invisibility, this myth in Yugoslavia ... US stealth coverage is vulnerable to rain and dampness, and does not save even from Soviet export MiG-29B radars.
  6. Serge Tixiy Offline Serge Tixiy
    Serge Tixiy (Serge Tixiy) April 9 2020 09: 17
    To be honest, the BBC for me is at the level of user interest. Front-line aviation is closer to me, in which I understand something, at least in terms of the customer. But after reading the article, I was surprised who is lying or is not clear. Here is such a passage "MiG-31 in its latest modifications of BM and BSM is considered the most effective Russian jet aircraft for air combat." We do not climb into the jungle, Viki is enough - "The MiG-31 is designed to intercept and destroy air targets at extremely low, low, medium and high altitudes, day and night, in simple and difficult weather conditions, when the enemy uses active and passive radar jamming as well as false heat targets. " It turns out that the MiG-31 is an interceptor and for it the air battle is not quite comme il faut, i.e. American "experts" compare the not quite comparable. As usual, they either dissemble or engage in profanity. Who knows about aviation, correct. Experts from "Katya girls" do not worry.

    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 9 2020 13: 13
      Meanwhile, the "authoritative American magazine" Military Watch, appeared only in February, and over the past month has collected a little more than 100 thousand visitors (more or less serious media usually get as much as 1 material), and they link to this site only in Russia. The domain name of the site was registered only in February 2018, and the Kremlin publications mainly refer to it, and this is not surprising - many materials on the site are devoted to the power of Russian weapons and the impotence of the West before the greatness of Russia and China. So, in early May, Vesti.Ru (the website of the Russia 24 TV channel) quoted Military Watch claiming that the Russian aircraft carrier Storm would change its balance in three regions of the world at once: in the Mediterranean, the Arctic and Southeast Asia. At the same time, the ship itself is planned to be built only by 2025. Also, several news from Sputnik Türkiye, the Turkish branch of the Russian news agency, is dedicated to this “American site”.
      On the site itself, all articles are anonymous, and in the About Us section there is not a word about the owners and the editors, however, for the magazine about the Asia-Pacific region, The Diplomat is written by a certain Abraham Ait, who is represented by the chief editor of Military Watch. He is represented at Diplomat as "a military analyst who specializes in the security of the Asia-Pacific region and the role of aviation in modern military conflicts." None of the Western media refers to the “military analyst” anymore, but his blank page is on the pro-Kremlin Russia Insider website (not to be confused with The Insider).

  7. turbris Offline turbris
    turbris (Boris) April 9 2020 14: 12
    How tired of these stupid comparisons of incompetent experts. Compare fighters of completely different generations can only journalists who are very far from military aircraft.
  8. master3 Offline master3
    master3 (Vitali) April 9 2020 14: 18
    "MiG-31 and" F-22 "- an article for the hooray of the patriots. It's like comparing a diesel locomotive and a steamer.
    1. Oleg. Gorbunov Offline Oleg. Gorbunov
      Oleg. Gorbunov (Oleg Gorbunov) 3 May 2020 11: 04
      To the point, bravo. good
  9. Rus Offline Rus
    Rus April 9 2020 19: 14
    MiG-31 is a cool airplane, I saw it in the museum of Pyshma. Power.
  10. yuriy inanimate Offline yuriy inanimate
    yuriy inanimate (yuriy inanimate) April 11 2020 11: 01
    How to understand this ... ????

    Air Force Commander General Viktor Bondarev stated that the MiG-31, which used to give speeds of up to 2,83M, does not accelerate to 1,5M because of problems with the reliability of the cabin lamp glass, such glass is not produced in Russia. He also said that the element base of the on-board electronics of the MiG-31 is based on the technologies of the 60s and cannot be upgraded, “it’s completely outdated, it’s impossible to change the program.” Aircraft are stored in the open air, there is a "swelling of cars, and so on and so forth."
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 6 May 2020 14: 52
      This is where you dug up all this nonsense? In your opinion, is Russia unable to produce new improved cabin lights for its own aircraft and completely modernize avionics? Well this is how you have to be a naive fool to write such nonsense !!!
  11. Oleg. Gorbunov Offline Oleg. Gorbunov
    Oleg. Gorbunov (Oleg Gorbunov) 3 May 2020 11: 00
    Two errors, author. Mig-31 is heavier and is considered an aircraft. You can give names. Fighter - well, yes, of course, it is a high-altitude interceptor and also directs fighters to the target. As a fighter for gaining dominance in the sky, he is none. It was not created for this. The main task is to intercept cruise missiles even at extremely low altitudes. Well, I don’t know, well, at least find out a little about what you are writing. Before the F-22, I do not care, it's not as good as they say in the USA. They met SU-35 in Syria and sent photos to the Americans, like their garbage in the sight of SU-35, and the pilot did not even notice this. Here they were running with a photo.
  12. Oleg. Gorbunov Offline Oleg. Gorbunov
    Oleg. Gorbunov (Oleg Gorbunov) 3 May 2020 11: 09
    Complete nonsense.
  13. Michael1950 Offline Michael1950
    Michael1950 (Michael) 2 February 2021 12: 56
    Quote: bear040
    The MiG-31 is an interceptor, and the F-22 is a multipurpose fighter, so it's silly to compare them. The F-22 has no maneuverability on the horizontals, due to the lack of thrust vector control on the F-22 along the horizon, which immediately puts it in the situation of a rear wheel of a cart in a maneuverable air battle ...

    - I've heard any stupid nonsense about "maneuverable air battles" - but this is absolutely "beyond good and evil"! laughing Not to imagine the diagram of forces on a bend so much is a complete shame for an adult boy! The F-22 ranks third in maneuverability in the world, after Eurofighter and Raphael ... In any plane - horizontal, vertical, inclined!

    The Yankees are vainly hoping for the notorious invisibility, this myth was scattered back in Yugoslavia ...

    - Is it true? Out of 850 sorties in 78 days, 1 (one) F-117 was shot down. Compare the number of Russian planes shot down by Georgians in 5 days of the 2008 war ?!

    The US stealth coating is vulnerable to rain and dampness, and does not even save from the radars of the export Soviet MiG-29B.

    - They came up with a stupid fairy tale, retell it to each other and rejoice like children! laughing lol