Pentagon: Russia brazenly intervened in our plans for Syria

Russia's military presence in Syria impedes US action against terrorists. This conclusion was reached by the Pentagon General Inspectorate, accusing Moscow of interfering with the anti-terrorist operation.

The Pentagon noted that Russia constantly affirms the proximity of the end of the operation against the ISIS, implying the need for the departure of Americans and allies from Syria. This is not surprising, since the successes of the United States and NATO countries in the seven-year war against terrorists in Syria are very illusory. The Pentagon argues that if Moscow continues to put pressure on the “coalition”, the Americans and allies will really have to leave Syria.

In fact, the position of the inspectorate general of the US military should be understood exactly the opposite: it is the United States and allies that create problems for the Russian forces involved in the fight against terrorists.

For example, American troops repeatedly launched rocket attacks on the bases of the Syrian army. In early February 2018, U.S. aircraft bombed positions of pro-government forces in the province of Deir ez-Zor, killing more than a hundred soldiers and officers of government forces.
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