NASA introduced a new plan for the exploration of the moon after the astronauts land

On April 2, at a meeting of the National Space Council, NASA presented a new plan for the development of our natural satellite after the sending of American astronauts in 2024. In the 13-page report, in addition to the main steps to carry out the landing, the procedure for further research activities is described, providing for the constant presence of people on the moon.

So, the new program involves the construction of a lunar base (presumably in Shackleton Crater), in which up to 4 astronauts can simultaneously be present. At the same time, in order to be able to use this facility in the long term, it will be necessary to create additional infrastructure.

In particular, a radiation shield, landing site, as well as systems: power supply, communications and waste disposal will be required. In turn, robotic rovers are supposed to be used to collect the necessary samples for research.

It is worth noting that the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration has included the future Gateway near-moon station in its new plan. The object will be operated not only as part of the transport system, but also as a platform for training astronauts for upcoming missions to Mars.

Four astronauts will be in a lunar orbit for several months, which will make it possible to work out a long flight to our "red neighbor" in the most realistic conditions. At the same time, two crew members during the mission will land on the surface of the moon.
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  1. mor7d Offline mor7d
    mor7d (mor7d) April 6 2020 12: 14
    moon exploration plan

    Big plans, only the efforts of the entire planet under the force of such a waste.
    1. cmonman Offline cmonman
      cmonman (Garik Mokin) April 6 2020 23: 20
      Participants include Japan, Australia, European Agency, Canada. Russia refused.
      1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 7 2020 09: 37
        Cut them, why is it Russia?
        1. cmonman Offline cmonman
          cmonman (Garik Mokin) April 8 2020 16: 42
          Cut them, why is it Russia?

          Absolutely right! To participate in “cutting them up” you need connections / intermediaries / time, it’s easier to cut on your own soil - the logistics “saw” is established ...
  2. mor7d Offline mor7d
    mor7d (mor7d) April 6 2020 12: 16
    erection of a lunar base

    The surface of the moon is sold out. First you need to find out if they haven’t gotten into someone’s territory, or else they can make a lawsuit.
  3. Afinogen Online Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 6 2020 12: 21
    First you need to figure out how to protect astronauts from radiation (the thin skin of the ship will not save), and then dream about flying to the moon. The American scientist proved that between the Earth and the Moon there is a radioactive belt and all living things, flying through it, will perish.
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 13: 53
      What "American scientist" proved what?
      1. Afinogen Online Afinogen
        Afinogen (Afinogen) April 6 2020 19: 10
        He proved that the Americans could not be on the moon, they would be killed by radiation.
        If interested, then here:

        -na-lunu / vyshe-24-000-km-nad-zemle
        1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
          Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 19: 25
          Astronauts were sent to the moon, having a good idea of ​​what the conditions (in particular, radiation) are on its surface and in outer space? Both the Americans and the Russians have launched many spacecraft with scientific equipment, including radiation counters. Long before the Apollo flights, the Earth's radiation belts (or Van Allen belts), regions with a high concentration of high-energy charged particles trapped by the Earth's magnetic field, were discovered with the help of automatic scientific stations.
          Before sending people to the moon, a dozen "automatic scouts" were sent there: "Rangers", "Surveyors", "Lunar Orbiters". Thanks to them, it became known that there is no such monstrous radiation, from which it is necessary to protect one-meter layers of lead, on the Moon and in the circumlunar space.
          Although the level of radiation in the Van Allen belts is very significant, but the Apollo flew through them in a few hours - during this time the astronauts should not have received a dose of radiation that would noticeably affect their health. An additional reduction in this dose was obtained by the appropriate choice of the flight path. The concentration of charged particles in the Van Allen belts is maximum above the Earth's equator and decreases strongly towards the poles. Therefore, the lunar trajectories of the Apollo in the initial phase passed north or south of the equatorial plane. Consequently, the survey point was significantly south of the equatorial plane. The dose of radiation that the Apollo crews should have received when crossing the radiation belts, according to preliminary estimates, was relatively small - about one rad.
          1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 6 2020 19: 31
            Did you fly with them?
            1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
              Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 21: 07
              Sure. Seven times.
              1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 6 2020 21: 17
                Quote: Arkharov
                Seven times.

                They launched dogs into space, I don’t know about rams.
          2. Afinogen Online Afinogen
            Afinogen (Afinogen) April 6 2020 19: 43
            Astronauts sent to the moon

            laughing Which moon ??? Do not make me laugh. laughing No one was on any moon.

        2. The comment was deleted.
          1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 7 2020 09: 38
            And b / y is Tse Europe.
  4. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior April 6 2020 13: 57
    The Americans were NOT on the Moon, they were in Hollywood - the whole world already knows ... What plans for the exploration of the moon can they represent? ... They are ordinary BREAKERS ... Only Russia and China can make such plans, whose Lunokhods traveled ALL The moon ....
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 19: 47
      it already knows the whole world ...

      - it is not your faith, it is knowledge. A person who has completed at least 8 classes, it is clear that deception in this case is absolutely impossible. By that time, the ground stations in the USSR Kama, Snowdrop, Taiga, who remembers would not let me lie, calculated the position of any artificial object in space with an accuracy of 10 cm, and with the same accuracy could determine where the radio signal was coming from. In addition to ground stations, the USSR had two ships on which the same equipment was installed. Any launch of a spacecraft from the United States was recorded after a few seconds and its orbit was tracked. Another interesting thing is that the number of people who believe that the Earth is flat almost completely coincides with the number of people who do not believe that the United States delivered people to the moon six times. Most likely, these are the same people. In percentage terms, their number exactly corresponds to the number of the mentally retarded.

      Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov said that the stay of the Americans on the moon in 1969 does not require verification, since there is enough evidence, reports the NSN. 
      As such evidence, he proposed to listen to the talks of astronauts who had launched on Saturn 5, to see telemetric information from the moon, and pictures of Chinese stations. 
      “There are pictures of the Americans landing on the satellite, there are modules. What else can you talk about? ”, Vinogradov believes. 
      “To prove that stupidity is stupidity is the most ungrateful thing,” said Vinogradov.
      Chinese scientists have successfully used a laser rangefinder system mounted on a telescope to work with a corner reflector left by the American Apollo 15 mission on the moon. The laser beam was successfully reflected and returned, which allowed Chinese astronomers to calculate the distance to the lunar landing site with maximum accuracy, reports. 

      By the way, the landing sites of American astronauts on the moon from the Earth are perfectly visible. There is still a technique left by them. This removes all doubts that the moon landing was staged. The Americans on the moon really were, no matter how bitter and insulting some are.
      1. Warrior Offline Warrior
        Warrior April 6 2020 20: 42
        Therefore, hundreds of films and original photographs of their landing on the moon, samples of the lunar soil and much more disappeared in the United States .... The American astronauts themselves have already admitted that they were not on the moon. The author of the American filming of the landing of their astronauts admitted that they were made by Hollywood, so the American flag fluttered on the moon, although there is no atmosphere, and the shadows on the American moon were from different directions because the light was from spotlights .....
        And most importantly, the Chinese lunar rover was on the moon at the landing site of American astronauts, but did not find their traces ....
        And why are there still no rocket engines in the USA?
        1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
          Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 21: 04
          You repeat the most primitive, refuted and explained hundreds of times questions for clinical id ... comrade. Please don’t read any shit from internet dumpsters and don’t watch REN TV. There is 56 kg. lunar soil, including rather large samples that no probe could deliver (for example, the Soviet Luna-15 delivered as much as 105). Falsification? Neither Western nor domestic scientists notice this falsification. Based on the logic of such articles, these scientists are either fools or scammers. 
          For "Hurray for patriots" I advise you to read the article by M. A. Nazarov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Head of the Meteoritics Laboratory of the GEOKHI RAS.

          And where did this nonsense come from:

          And most importantly, the Chinese lunar rover was on the moon at the landing site of American astronauts, but did not find their traces ....

          - can you explain, or just throw shit? There is a whole site with photos of Apollo landing sites, traces and left rovers themselves are visible, etc. Search the Internet if you can.
          And what kind of engines they need at the moment, the Americans have, do not worry about them. Outdated models that do not make sense are temporarily bought at a cheap price.
          1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 6 2020 21: 32
            Quote: Arkharov
            questions for clinical id.

            Are you asked questions?
      2. shinobi Offline shinobi
        shinobi (Yuri) 12 May 2020 05: 47
        One single question, why is their current lunar program starting from scratch?
        PS: To the heap. Where are the engines from SATURN-5 and why do they buy the RD-180 from our N-1? Who and why gave the order to destroy the NASA archives for the lunar program? What happened to the Yankees on the Moon and why did Spielberg filmed 80% of the "documentary" in the pavilions?
    2. mor7d Offline mor7d
      mor7d (mor7d) April 7 2020 07: 37
      Americans on the moon WERE NOT

      The Americans were not on the moon and Gagarin did not fly anywhere.
      1. Warrior Offline Warrior
        Warrior April 9 2020 02: 32
        Here Gagarin just flew into space .... and the United States-ordinary liars and crooks.
        1. mor7d Offline mor7d
          mor7d (mor7d) April 9 2020 09: 42
          Here Gagarin just flew into space .... and the United States-ordinary liars and crooks

          No one knows where Gagarin flew. Judging by the fact that he had to be eliminated, he could not stand the lie about the flight, he began to drink, and they were afraid that he would eventually slip out.
          1. Warrior Offline Warrior
            Warrior April 9 2020 22: 35
            Did you dream about it or did you come up with it yourself?
  5. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 6 2020 19: 30
    Who is the author of the script? Are the scenery the same?
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 7 2020 07: 19
      Do you believe in flat earth? And the reptilians and the planet Nibiru? Ren TV watch every day? Should, in general, judging by the level of development.
      1. Lieutenant Rzhevsky I April 7 2020 09: 41
        I’m not Arkharov to believe in flat earth and in Hollywood.
        1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
          Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 7 2020 12: 20
          Just embarrassed to be shy?
          1. Warrior Offline Warrior
            Warrior April 7 2020 17: 38
            You probably still in childhood, just believe different tales that Americans were on the moon, and not scientific and documentary facts ....
            And there is no mention of the American lunar soil, it is only in your imagination ...
            1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
              Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 7 2020 18: 18
              About the ground, a really scientific article, and not what you read from Internet dumps:

              An article by the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, head of the meteorics laboratory of the GEOCHI RAS M.A.


              And in general, I confess, your brain looks like after a meat grinder.
              1. Warrior Offline Warrior
                Warrior April 7 2020 19: 28
                Do not tell my slippers .... here's an article about the American flight to the moon and about the lunar soil, and about A. Nazarov:

                1. Americans have never flown to the moon
                2. Why NASA hides the "lunar soil" from the whole world

                1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                  Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 7 2020 20: 30
                  I don’t need to try to palm off do not understand whose articles from third-rate sites. In general, these publications are quite illiterate and are simply a collection of rumors and Internet stories.
                  Words of the famous writer, journalist, popularizer of space research, who has been a special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda at Baikonur Cosmodrome and in the Mission Control Center for more than 10 years:

                  And the thing is that, having started the space race triumphantly, we began to lag by the mid-60s, and in 1969, when the Americans landed on the moon, we lost this race. But to acknowledge this, intelligence and nobility were not enough.

                  Y. Golovanov "The truth about the APOLLO program" (
                  1. Warrior Offline Warrior
                    Warrior April 9 2020 02: 30
                    So it turns out to you that the TRUTH is hurting your eyes .... and you’re climbing to argue ...
                    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 9 2020 08: 18
                      I look, you can’t even understand the meaning of what you read? What do you mean by that? Read if you can read:

                      Ya. Golovanov "The truth about the APOLLO program"

                      1. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 9 2020 22: 58
                        We have never flown to the moon, Trump's scientific adviser admitted, and the Apollo landing is a global fake.

                        Generally speaking, it draws a good sensation. Not anyone, but the US Presidential Aide for Science, said that the Americans had never been on the moon!

                        "How can we organize an American manned orbital mission to Mars by the mid-2030s if we have never even flown to the moon?" Said Yale University professor David Gelernter. "This idea is as ludicrous as the Obama administration was."
                      2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 10 2020 08: 19
                        So, we check the statement that Trump's "adviser" confirmed that the American astronauts were not on the moon. Let's figure out together how it really happened and who this mysterious "advisor" is.
                        So, in search of a mention of that David Gelernter is an adviser to Trump, there are no official sources of information on this subject. The only thing the professor mentioned was offered for the role of adviser to the president on science.
                        By the way, under Barack Obama, an American scientist and professor at Harvard University, John Holdren, was an advisor on science and technology, and this is the official position and its name "Science Advisor to the President".
                        In July 2018, Donald Trump approved meteorologist Kelvin Drohmeiner as a science adviser, but all the formalities have not been overcome yet and the professor has not yet been confirmed by a full Senate vote.
                        By the way, there are no references in official sources that Kelvin Drogmeiner said anything about the American lunar space program Apollo, at least there are no loud statements in this regard.
                        It turns out that David Gelernter is not an official adviser to Trump, at least on the Internet about this is not said a word. But where did this information come from, which later became widespread in the media:

                        "Landing on the Apollo Moon is the biggest fraud in human history, even worse than all this global warming bullshit."
                        “In the modern era, we have never been outside the Earth’s magnetic field. With the exception of the estimated 24 people who performed lunar flights under the Apollo program over a four-year period spanning 1968–1972, all manned flights into space took place in low Earth orbit (LEO) or lower. Even the International Space Station carries out all its operations at LEO, ”he explained in his book.
                        "It was assumed that the Apollo missions would be the first event when people travel through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known to mission planners, but even today, NASA scientists admit that they cannot go through the Van Allen belts," he claims in his 2012 book.

                        This is all taken from a comic site that made a lot of noise on the Internet -


                        It is hoped that it was possible to reveal this issue and explain the nature of one of the largest myths in the theory of the "lunar conspiracy". This is another step towards our enlightenment and education.
                      3. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 04
                        Talk that Apollo is a scam in which, at best, the launches of Saturn 5 launch vehicles began, began in December 1968, during the Apollo 8 flight around the Moon. The countdown of the Apollo “exposing” campaign begins in 1974, with the release of the first book on this subject, entitled “We Never Fly to the Moon: Thirty Billion Fraud,” written by Bill Kizing and Randy Reid. Moreover, Kizing worked at the Roquetday company, where engines for the Saturn 5 were made. This fact gave particular weight to his opinion.

                      4. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 08
                        Serious suspicion is also a circumstance. that along with the original video of the first steps of people on the Moon, tapes of telemetry of the operation of the lunar module systems and the data on the health of Armstrong and Aldrin transmitted by telemetry to the Earth while they were on the Moon were also lost: a total of about 700 boxes with various kinds of films . However, according to the Florida Today newspaper, film and television evidence of not only the Apollo 11 mission, but all eleven Apollo flights, including near-Earth, near-moon and landing, disappeared. In total - 13 films.

                      5. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 10
                        The main whistle-blower of this entire lunar production turned out to be ... Photoshop. After all, no one knew that 30 years after the "moon landing" this damned computer program for processing images will appear. When, with her help, photos were added maximum brightness and contrast, instead of an absolute black sky, colored backs appeared on the pictures, on which streaks of light from spotlights and shadows from astronauts clearly became visible. And traces of retouching were literally everywhere. The picture was especially touching: the astronaut at the American flag, right above the flag - the distant Earth. With an increase in brightness-contrast in the moonlit sky, the astronaut’s shadow became clearly visible, and the Earth turned out to be a cardboard circle, and then some cunning mathematicians, combining two photos taken with a pause of a few seconds (therefore, the camera shifted 20 centimeters to the side), calculated the distance to the lunar mountains that are visible behind the astronauts. On the globe to them - 5 kilometers, on measurements - 100 meters. The backdrop, with the painted mountains, definitely. Yes, and the line between the sandbox and the backdrop is very well visible ... Then fans of the Americans gritted their teeth: “Well, yes, something was finished in Hollywood for clarity. These are the Americans. But on the moon they were, were, were! What color is the moon? According to NASA - the moon is gray, according to Soviet scientists - brown. On December 15, 2013, the Chang'e-3 Chinese space mission transmitted images from the moon: the moon is brown! Then supporters of NASA (Vitaly Yegorov, aka Zelenyikot) came to their senses and came up with an explanation: "the white balance was not trite on the cameras." This video shows that NASA supporters are wrong.

                      6. The comment was deleted.
                      7. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 14
                        And further. The Americans, together, "collected on the moon" as much as 400 kilograms of soil. The Soviet automatic station "Luna-16" brought only 100 grams. When the Americans were offered to exchange samples for research, they pulled for almost three years and only in 1972 they gave us as much as ... 3 grams. Skeptics claim that it was then, finally, that the automatic station "Sequer" flew secretly to the moon and brought the same gram of one hundred moon powder. And nobody saw those 400 kilos of moonstones, they are kept behind seven castles and are not given out to anyone. In total, the Americans gave us 28 grams of regolith - the moon sand, which three of our automatic stations delivered about three hundred grams. No moonstone! There was a case. when some prince was given a pebble, but after the death of the prince this pebble turned out to be a piece of petrified wood.

                      8. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 16
                        The Americans, like gypsies, who inflate an oath to sell to her, fictitiously increased the size of the launch rocket. A. Popov dismantled the take-off of the Saturn-5 rocket. And that’s what I discovered. A quarter of a second before the separation of the first stage, a bright explosion occurs on the surface of the rocket. And for a hundredth of a fraction, it becomes clear how the outer hull collapsed under this giant, under which a hull was found that was much smaller than the much less powerful American Saturn-1 rocket. All the same evil tongues suggested that the Americans simply increased the size of the Saturn-1 using a casing. When she took off and disappeared from her eyes - her remains fell into the ocean. Unfortunately, our distinguished specialist and honored astronaut, the respected Alexei Leonov, like everyone else, fell for the American lure of deceit. He fiercely defends the Americans and repeats all the time: “We monitored all stages of the flight of the Apollo. Alas, they did not track ... Our space specialists monitored the flight as well as the whole world, i.e. by the "picture" provided by NASA. Only two Soviet scientific vessels, which were in the Atlantic Ocean, could monitor the take-off of Saturn 5. So, an hour before the “take-off”, our ships surrounded the American Navy, helicopters, which turned on jammers at full power.

                      9. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 28
                        The most famous Russian author, Yuri Mukhin, has written the book Anti-Apollo: The United States Moon Scam. The relatively new argument in anti-Pollonian conspiracy theories concerns the engine. If the United States really managed to create such a powerful oxygen-kerosene engine as the F-1960 in the mid-1s (there were five of them on Saturn-5), then why did they ask Russia at the end of the 1990s to sell them almost half the less powerful RD-180, also working on oxygen and kerosene? Is this not confirmation that the Saturn 5 was actually a flying "rattle", the purpose of which was to create the impression of an ultra-powerful carrier supposedly capable of delivering people to the moon?

                      10. Warrior Offline Warrior
                        Warrior April 11 2020 00: 30
                        The study of the moon, Chinese scientists began not so long ago. And the first practical results were obtained about 10 years ago, when the Chang'e-1 research vehicle to the Earth’s satellite was launched. Throughout the year, Chang'e-1 collected and transmitted data. These were photographs of the surface from which they subsequently formed a three-dimensional map. The second launched spacecraft studied a specific section of the moon, where it was planned to land the next lunar module under the name Chang'e-3 in 2013. China has become the third country in the world to successfully land a research vehicle on the surface of an Earth satellite. However, for technical reasons, the module failed to complete all the tasks. In addition, Chinese scientists are constantly monitoring the space object using modern telescopes and equipment. The purpose of these studies is a detailed study of the lunar surface, as well as the search for the landing site of astronauts from the USA. Plots of the alleged site of the Americans' landing were photographed, as well as an area within a radius of 50 kilometers around. In the course of these observations, it was possible to examine in detail lunar craters. Even traces of the impact of large meteorites were visible. The giant telescope “Red Star” was aimed precisely at the place which, according to NASA documents, is listed as the area where the American lunar module was left after the Apollo expedition. However, the landing steps of the Americans' spaceship, as well as the star-striped flag, did not come into the view of scientists. Based on the studies, representatives of the PRC made a statement on the official website of the China Space Agency that the Americans had not been to the moon. This caused a stormy public reaction due to the fact that many do not believe in astronaut flights from America to the moon.

                      11. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 11 2020 08: 03
                        Are you all posting me some fake "books" and sites from the backyards of the Internet? In general, the first to be replicated by you and the nonsense that made him rich was invented by William Charles Keysing. In 1956 he joined the Rocketdyne Company as technical writer and worked there for 7 years in positions, including the head of the department of technical publications. In 1963, while occupying the position of publications analyst (publications analyst), he left the company. Those. at the time of the first launch to the moon, for 5 years he had nothing to do with the US space program.
                        And for a person who has looked at this (special for people like you) site and has brains that are cooler than cats, I think the question should be closed:
                        Already up-to-date (2009) photos of the Apollo landing sites taken from a circumlunar orbit:


                        If modern devices made by devices from different countries are not enough for you, then I cannot help you with anything. On this, I personally end the discussion with you, continue it with your "brothers in mind." I think you will find many grateful interlocutors here.
                    2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 11 2020 08: 13
                      Mukhin, speak? This is enough for me personally:

                      Critic of genetics, apologist T. D. Lysenko and his Michurin agrobiology. [1]. T. D. Lysenko was right in all the main provisions of his theory, and his opponents were pseudoscientific charlatans [9].

                      Feel free to refer to him. Opened -


                      Mukhin, Yuri Ignatievich, I almost felt ill ....
  • 69 Offline 69
    69 April 9 2020 10: 10
    Quote: mor7d
    No one knows where Gagarin flew.

    Only you do not know, these are the costs of an independent education.