"Russia is growing irritated": US media on the response to assistance in the fight against the virus

Russian authorities are struggling with growing population irritation. All the fault is the help that their country renders to other states because of the COVID-19 epidemic. It is reported by National Public Radio (NPR, National Public Radio) - the largest NGO in the United States, with 797 radio stations.

Nearly a dozen Russian aircraft filled with medicines landed in Serbia on April 3, 2020. This is the last action in a series of controversial Kremlin humanitarian missions carried out amid the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

Indeed, for some Russians, these supplies are an example of generosity in times of global need. But others see the Kremlin pursuing broader foreign policy and propaganda goals, the website of the radio station writes.

Another mission preceded the delivery of aid to Serbia - to Italy “destroyed by the coronavirus”. As many as 15 aircraft delivered medicines, equipment and doctors there. Moscow called this action "from Russia with love."

On April 1, 2020, a Russian plane arrived in New York by agreement between US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The delivered cargo, weighing 60 tons, included personal protective equipment and ventilation devices. The White House administration thanked Russia.

The arrival of the Russian transporter in New York was broadcast live by Russian international news RT channel, which described the cargo as humanitarian aid.

Against this background, public irritation in Russia about the distribution of vital equipment to the right and left is growing, while the fight against infection is also gaining momentum inside the country. Russian doctors claim that they lack personal protective equipment.

At the same time, photo and video materials from Russian hospitals appear on social networks, where medical personnel manually make gauze masks.

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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 6 2020 11: 19
    Everything is correct. Even enemies understand that their people and their economies must be saved first. And here Putin has given more rights to the regions, and helps outright Russophobes (Serbia is an exception).
    1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
      Afinogen (Afinogen) April 6 2020 12: 31
      First you need to save your people and your economy.

      This is how they save "their" people and "their" economy. As they say, one's own shirt is closer to the body. All officials, ministers, deputies, oligarchs have dual citizenship, they have everything "their own" abroad - houses, apartments, bank accounts in dollars, kids all live there and enjoy life.
    2. Dear sofa expert. April 6 2020 22: 47
      Even the enemies understand ...

      - are you talking about yourself?
    3. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) April 7 2020 02: 29
      Quote: steel maker
      Putin gave more rights to the regions ..

      Putin gave "more rights to the regions" to remove responsibility from the ruling regime as much as possible! Like .... "my hut is on the edge ... I don't know anything!" No matter what happens ... the "local" governors are to blame for everything!
  2. Andrey Goncharov (Andrey Goncharov) April 6 2020 11: 30
    Big chess board. Alas. We do not see the edges. In their footsteps and judge them ... (Sorry for paraphrasing free).
  3. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 6 2020 11: 57
    In Russia, insignificant State Department grant-eaters are annoyed, and the vast majority of Russians welcome Russian assistance to other countries at their request.
    Russia has always helped and will help them.
    The Americans WILL LIKE about this and compose all sorts of democratic bullshits about Russia and our help to other countries.

    Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov spoke about the lies of the American media about the fight against COVID-19 in Russia.
    “It is disturbing the appearance of false information in the American media about the allegedly inefficient work of the Russian government to combat a new type of pneumonia.
    Absurd references are made to certain "pseudo-specialists" who rely in their judgments only on statements made by Russian officials taken out of context.
    It’s obvious that there are gross attempts to switch public attention from the USA from the difficult situation with coronavirus in the country to the situation in other states, ”the Russian ambassador said in a statement.

    1. Europe wonders why there are so few people infected with the virus in Russia. The Austrian newspaper Der Standart, in an article on the publication’s website, notes that Russia, which the West is used to underestimating, copes with the epidemic much better than many governments of developed European countries.
    Der Standart admits that even with all the shortcomings of the built-in system for filtering passenger traffic (the publication does not specify which ones - approx. Ed.), In general, the actions of the Russian authorities were more consistent and logical than the measures taken by their colleagues in European countries .
    Der Standart concludes that the REASONS for SUCCESS of the Russian state in the fight against coronavirus are due to the effectiveness of its sanitary-epidemiological service, whose work was debugged during the Soviet era, as well as a number of measures taken by the government almost immediately after the appearance of coronavirus in Chinese Wuhan.

    2. And the Director of the Institute for Health Economics at the Higher School of Economics Larisa Popovich confirmed that the success of the Russian government in the fight against coronavirus was made possible thanks to the rich experience of Russian doctors and the clear actions of federal and regional authorities.

    The whole country joined the battle with the overseas coronavirus.

    Everyone wants to contribute to the victory over the epidemic.
    The action #WeTogether already united four thousand companies and 50 thousand volunteers from all over the country.
    Volunteers buy food for older people so that they do not put their lives at risk and stay at home.
    Businessmen provide hospitals with medical equipment.
    In just one day, more than a thousand applications were received from medical students who were ready to fight for the lives of patients with coronavirus as volunteers.

    In Russia, a movement is gaining momentum - "WE ARE TOGETHER", designed to unite all Russians in the fight against the overseas coronavirus!
    Workers in industrial enterprises and medical institutions came forward as a united front to repel the coronavirus enemy.

    The Russians participate in the self-isolation movement, saving themselves and others from infection, and professionals around the clock, at the forefront, at the risk of their lives, fight with coronavirus in their workplaces - in ministries, in law enforcement agencies, in hospitals, hospitals and clinics.
    They fulfill their sacred duty.
    Unaware of all the habits of the overseas, in the board of a democratic, coronavirus enemy, medical workers, in protective white gowns are PLANNING inflicting, SARS-CoV-2, the American coronavirus infection, blow after blow.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin began his appeal to the nation with the words of gratitude to the doctors.
    “Doctors, nurses, all staff of medical institutions continue to work in a tense regime.
    They are now very difficult.
    And they are the ones in hospitals, in their areas, who are defending themselves from the upcoming epidemic.
    They treat and save people.
    I am sure that all citizens of the country will join the words of heartfelt gratitude to our medical workers, ”the head of state said.

    The "WE ARE TOGETHER" movement has developed and is expanding throughout the country.
    The real competition of the times of "developed" socialism - JOIN!
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) April 6 2020 13: 09
      ... American coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2.

      - and this is what and why? Didn’t you get it from that place? The ensign will notice, punish, again toilets will be washed out of turn.
    2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) April 6 2020 16: 49
      You can help anyone but an exceptional nation. Washington must be destroyed, and it doesn’t matter, by an epidemic or something else.
    3. Ser sash Online Ser sash
      Ser sash (Ser Sash) April 6 2020 18: 28
      Is it generally treated?
  4. Serge Tixiy Offline Serge Tixiy
    Serge Tixiy (Serge Tixiy) April 6 2020 13: 56
    Judging by their reaction, the Americans must send cyanide or nuclear warheads .... they don’t agree on anything less.
  5. Nick Offline Nick
    Nick (Nikolai) April 6 2020 14: 33
    The article is a provocation. To help a neighbor in the tradition of many peoples of Russia. Moreover, the situation with morbidity in our country is much better compared to Italy or Serbia.
    1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 6 2020 22: 20
      So then a neighbor or friend. But the peoples of Russia acted with enemies humanly (as, for example, in 1812 or 1945), that is, complete surrender.
      1. Nick Offline Nick
        Nick (Nikolai) April 7 2020 21: 14
        Quote: Citizen Mѣshkov
        So then a neighbor or friend. But the peoples of Russia acted with enemies humanly (as, for example, in 1812 or 1945), that is, complete surrender.

        Did I miss something? Are we at war with Italy?
  6. Athos. Offline Athos.
    Athos. (Tahiti Tahiti) April 6 2020 15: 11
    This is how you have to hate your own population in order to take away the last hope for life from your people and send them to the worst "partners". We are advised to sew the masks ourselves. In their hospitals they write - there is nothing. Apparatus for artificial lung ventilation, probably, the latter were sent to Italians and Americans, these are the most backward countries in the world and the poorest. They have their own industry and are working, they will do it, but we do not, they cannot sew masks on the ruins. They are ... not rulers.
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) April 6 2020 16: 52
      Not that they really hate it, it's just a PR campaign, and Putin is a great specialist in these matters.
    2. oracul Offline oracul
      oracul (leonid) April 7 2020 06: 25
      There is no need for unprofessionalism and inability to organize work on the ground to blame the President and the Government. This was, this is and will be like this at all times - whether someone likes it or not, but this is dialectical materialism. This is the cost of personnel work. "Probably" you do not know how to curb your desires and pass guessing as reality.
  7. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) April 6 2020 15: 16
    In my opinion, the problem is that Russia, providing assistance, prevents someone from getting their gesheft.
  8. Rus Offline Rus
    Rus April 6 2020 17: 24
    Over power! Great Russia))) patroness, assistant, and just a peace-loving country!)
  9. Xuli (o) Tebenado April 6 2020 19: 43
    I personally perceive these actions of the Russian federal administration as an objective reality, which I am not able to change.
    It should be borne in mind that different peoples in different parts of the world behave very differently in the same situations: for example, in South Korea, volunteers give out masks for free on the streets, and in Russia (not to mention their shortage) some restrictions are set at the level of government acts. The mentality, panimash, is completely different for Russians and Koreans.
    Historically, it’s impossible to do anything about it: ((
  10. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior April 6 2020 20: 09
    In the US and Europe have forgotten how to sew medical masks ....
    And in Russia they still know how to sew them on their own, especially since it is not difficult ...
    Therefore, the USSR won the Great Patriotic War because everyone knew how to do it themselves .... and tanks, and aircraft, and gauze dressings.
    1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 6 2020 22: 22
      We would have to learn how to remove noodles from our ears, which is hanged by various bureaucrats ...
      1. Dear sofa expert. April 6 2020 22: 53
        Which hang you your Kiev authorities.
        1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 7 2020 02: 55
          Saw, Shura, saw, they are gold !!!
  11. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) April 6 2020 20: 53
    The Americans threw odorous on the fan, and you quickly picked up this throw-up ... You are used as useful idiots! The help we provided is simply insignificant in comparison with what countries really need. If you want a topic, discuss why there were no medical masks, gloves, and medical equipment in the civil defense warehouses! But this state is obliged to allocate money in case of war.
  12. xilia72 Offline xilia72
    xilia72 (xantos) April 6 2020 20: 58
    The first philanthropy is mine. For the rest, I think I have the right to provide only what remains on their lot after satisfying the last of Russian interests.

    General Evdokimov
  13. Dear sofa expert. April 6 2020 22: 58
    I’m wondering, the author of the article is probably pleased when any “Ukrainian-liberal” raven is going to his liberal “handouts”? It seems that it is for them to write.
  14. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) April 7 2020 05: 47
    SADOMASOCHISM It turns out ...... Even after the arrival of our Airplanes in the USA and Italy, they again extended the sanctions for a year ..... We are "fucked" with the sanctions. We send them help ....
    On the one hand ... it is very good that we will learn how to grow and produce products and goods ourselves. Oh, still China and Turkey would stop the supply of goods ....
    You see, they themselves learned in two or three years to produce something ....
    1. mor7d Offline mor7d
      mor7d (mor7d) April 7 2020 12: 16
      Oh, still China and Turkey would stop the supply of goods

      It would be interesting to take a look at this.
  15. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) April 7 2020 06: 31
    Ah, how I would really like to give out quite significant facts and troubles on the ground for the growing irritation of the people. The thunder of the epidemic struck, and much becomes clear: who is worth what, who is able to organize a business, and who, by their action or inaction, can harm him. And that is a plus.
  16. nikolaj1703 Offline nikolaj1703
    nikolaj1703 (Nikolai) April 7 2020 08: 24
    Do not count your chickens before they are hatched...

    Count at least one step forward.
  17. Our "savior", as usual, hid in the bushes, shifting all responsibility to the governors and regional authorities. Now he is sitting out in some bunker, observing the situation.
  18. mor7d Offline mor7d
    mor7d (mor7d) April 7 2020 12: 14
    There were no masks. And it won’t be at all: in Russia, state regulation of prices for masks, gauze, and respirators. Turkey: banned the sale of masks, gives away for free.
  19. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) April 7 2020 12: 22
    It's just that the Kremlin is well aware that the crown is another scam and is using the situation. I recommend to all non-believers to hammer the question "frequency of epidemics" into the Internet and look at the statistics by years and "brands" of viruses. Pay attention to the Spanish flu. What consequences did N1H1 have at the beginning of the century, in the middle and at the end? Any virologist will tell you that it is not the virus itself that is dangerous, but the accompanying pneumococcus and in this regard it is not original. Any of the strains of influenza drags it in a trailer, and in this regard, the coronavirus is the same as everyone else. At the moment, there is no specific treatment for any viral infection. Roughly speaking, a person must get sick and gain immunity. All treatment is reduced to supportive therapy. And it comes down to taking antiviral drugs (blockade of virus reproduction), antibiotics (prevention and destruction of bacterial concomitant infections), vitamin support and antipyretic drugs. Everything. Viruses, although tenacious, do not tolerate long-term freezing or drying under natural conditions; a living carrier is definitely needed. This is me about the benefits of quarantine and self-isolation.
  20. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) April 7 2020 14: 30
    I didn’t see a damn thing from this government. There were even no masks! Soon I will hit the TV screen with a duster!
  21. rusich Offline rusich
    rusich (rusich) April 8 2020 03: 10
    Serbia is an exception. And TAN annoys with its exclusivity. Even for the greens do not need to help them.
  22. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) April 8 2020 09: 51
    Bacteriological danger is better to fight in a foreign territory. We have allegedly growing irritation, and you have our progressive, allegedly not the number of corpses ...