Boris Johnson on a ventilator: who else from the world leaders risks becoming infected with COVID-19

From the UK, it is reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was rushed to the hospital. COVID-11 was identified at the head of the British Cabinet 19 days ago, since then he has been in self-isolation at home, leading the government remotely.

Johnson is urgently hospitalized, he will undergo mechanical ventilation

- declared RIA News" a source close to the leadership of England's national healthcare system.

Before that, an official spokesman for the prime minister informed the public that Johnson was still having health problems. Fever and cough do not go away. Therefore, the attending physician recommended Johnson to be transported to the hospital.

Moreover, Downing Street emphasized that Johnson continues to lead the Cabinet and is in touch.

Currently, 47806 infected with COVID-19 have been identified in the UK. 4934 people died, only 135 patients were cured.

We remind you that on April 3, 2020, 71-year-old Prince Charles opened the first hospital in the UK, built specifically for the treatment of COVID-19. March 25, 2020 the prince was identified coronavirus. He successfully underwent a course of treatment and quarantined on March 30, 2020.

Before that, on March 22, 2020, 65-year-old German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to self-isolation. She made this decision after visiting her doctor, who, it turned out, was infected. Merkel now leads the German government remotely.

And even earlier, on March 7, 2020, 73-year-old US President Donald Trump was having dinner with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach. It later turned out that the assistant to the Brazilian public relations leader Fabio Weingarten, who also saw Trump, was infected with COVID-19. At the same time, the coronavirus was not detected in the president of Brazil. March 13, 2020 Bolsonaru denied all the rumors about himself.

At the same time, it became known that the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Trudeau became infected with COVID-19, as evidenced by the results of her analyzes. After that, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to quarantine for two weeks.

The 67-year-old president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been working for the second week from his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, and, according to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, regularly passes coronavirus tests.
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  1. mor7d Offline mor7d
    mor7d (mor7d) April 6 2020 09: 48
    Boris Johnson on a ventilator

    May God give him health.
  2. Termit1309 Offline Termit1309
    Termit1309 (Alexander) April 6 2020 10: 43
    Quote: mor7d
    Boris Johnson on a ventilator

    May God give him health.

    A little more. And so that all the teeth hurt.
  3. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 6 2020 12: 09
    Who else from the world leaders risks becoming infected ???

    Yes, everyone who does not observe safety precautions.
    Everyone is equal before the virus, but those who follow the guidelines for non-infection are saved.

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    The remaining dose is suitable for closed use until full use, and then a new solution can be prepared.
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    They can rub their hands and face, rinse their mouths, spray masks for breathing.
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    Quarantine, of course, is not canceled.
    The method will allow you to leave the house to the store for other urgent matters.
    The main thing is not to panic, but to protect yourself from the virus.
    Fresh vegetables and fruits greatly enhance immunity.
    In the first place apples, carrots, cabbage, greens. Fresh.
    Nutrition, treatment, healing of the body and its strengthening goes simultaneously.
    Good health to all.
    Take care of yourself, relatives and friends.
  4. For the first time I hear that Cove is transmitted through the anus!
    1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 7 2020 00: 39
      This is probably such English humor. And it is possible that this was a signal to all husbands to stop the disgrace))
  5. Port Offline Port
    Port April 6 2020 22: 41
    If the fins stick together, it means that he was ill; if not, he advertised ventilators.
  6. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) April 7 2020 00: 33
    It seems that the old elite began to merge under the guise of quarantine.