Sarmat’s power forced US to change opinion on START-3

On the eve of the US State Department demanded that Russia include the Sarmat ballistic missile and other types of advanced weapons in the future START-3 treaty. But what made “proud” Americans change their mind about the inexpediency of extending the agreement, which expires in February 2021? Let's figure it out.

The thing is that the US strategy, in the case of a hypothetical nuclear war, provides for the destruction of 70% of our missiles at the stage of dispersal. It is for this purpose that American missile defense systems are getting closer and closer to Russian borders. Another 20% of the head blocks of Russian ballistic missiles must be destroyed in orbit, which is much more complicated. The remaining “premises” will be intercepted by anti-ballistic missiles at the last frontier, but the effectiveness of this method is only 42%.

The US tactics described above could be considered effective if it were not for the emergence of the most powerful intercontinental missile RS-28 Sarmat. Active acceleration of a rocket ends in the zone of its own air defense, which means it is impossible to destroy it at this stage. In addition, the presence of the Avangard hypersonic maneuvering unit, which develops speeds of up to 27 max, makes the RS-28 absolutely unattainable for American anti-aircraft gunners. “For starters” we add the ability of “Sarmat” to plant warheads at far-off targets, which does not allow one to predict in advance the place of “receipt of the parcel”.

As a result, many American experts were forced to admit that the United States today has no way to intercept our missile. Moreover, the "antidote" from the "Sarmatians" is unlikely to be found in the next 15 years. So the “Western partners” decided to moderate their ardor and return to diplomacy.

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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 1 2020 11: 55
    On the eve of the US State Department demanded that Russia include the Sarmat ballistic missile and other types of advanced weapons in the future START-3 treaty

    I want to shout, do not believe them, they will deceive again. They have such an entity. Already had believed them.

    1. Orange big Offline Orange big
      Orange big (Max) April 1 2020 12: 58
      The fact is that Sarmat’s ICBMs already fall under START-3, just like the previous generation of heavy silo-based ICBMs represented by Voevoda ICBMs, which are accounted for in START-3. And as for the other types of latest weapons, let the lip roll up. Signing a new contract at the expense of yourself is not worth it. Only bash on bash.
  2. Peter Tverdokhlebov April 1 2020 13: 01
    And does anyone know that a guided combat unit (hypersonic glider winged unit) is very visible in the infrared range, and that 2-3 units will be installed on Sarmatian units?

    In addition, some Sarmatians will be equipped with an orbital warhead, and this is one missile warhead, the flight time will be 1,5 hours (in the case of flying through the South Pole) and the complete absence of false targets.

    Americans have no special fear of Sarmat!
    1. Kostyar Offline Kostyar
      Kostyar April 1 2020 14: 10
      Immediately to see - a specialist .... Everything was gone, boss ...
    2. Dear sofa expert. April 1 2020 16: 52
      Immediately I imagined a group of Americans standing and, turning their heads, fearlessly viewing infrared binoculars approaching maneuvering units approaching at a speed of 9 km / sec.

      “John, are you scared?”
      - No, they are clearly visible in the infrared range. Are you afraid?
      - No, I'm not afraid either. Some garbage ... and there are only three of them .. three.
      1. Peter Tverdokhlebov April 1 2020 17: 28
        9 kilometers per second is more than the first cosmic speed, the warhead will simply fly into space and will not return to earth!
        If you think that Mach 27 is 9 km / s, then you are deeply mistaken. 1 Mach at an altitude of ~ 80 km is 282 meters per second, which means 27 * 282 = 7614 meters per second. Putin generally spoke of 20 Machs (5640 m / s), so it’s not known where the truth is — 20 or 27 Machs.

        Do you know what a maneuver of a controlled warhead is?
        On the net you can find a patent registered at the Makeyev SRC. It is called, if I am not mistaken, "Method of flight of a hypersonic aircraft", where a controlled warhead at a range of ~ 15 made a maximum of 000 maneuvers!

        So, all this is nonsense, that UBB cannot be intercepted!
        1. Dear sofa expert. April 1 2020 17: 40
          I take the information just like you from the Internet, they write there that the unit flies at a speed of 27 Machs equal to 32 thousand km / h. This is 8,88 km / s. So don't be smart)
          4 maneuvers on the final trajectory, where the time is calculated in seconds, you will be more than enough not to repel.
          1. Peter Tverdokhlebov April 1 2020 18: 05
            Source about 9 km / s?
            About 4 maneuvers NOT on the final trajectory, but over the entire flight path.
            The patent is called "Method of Controlling a Hypersonic Aircraft". The owner of the patent is the developer of the Sarmat SRC named after Makeev. The patent specifies a flight diagram of a hypersonic vehicle with a range of 15 km; on the diagram, he made about 000 maneuvers.
        2. Styletton Offline Styletton
          Styletton (Alexey Dementiev) April 1 2020 18: 18
          Petya, Petya ... You can fly at any speed, at least 10 space ones. But to fly into space or not to fly out is determined solely by the direction of flight ... Children, teach physics ...
          Not only that, you can go into space at the speed of a pedestrian, but you need a lot of fuel ... :)
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 1 2020 14: 06
    Spend a lot of money to create such a weapon, and then put this weapon under a contract? Putin for the show off can go for it. Peace must be saved!
    1. Dear sofa expert. April 1 2020 16: 54
      This is better than spending money on "fraternal peoples."
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 1 2020 14: 45
    In fact, 3 Vanguard warheads, according to the article (say, they shot down 0%), have less destructive power than 10 ordinary warheads (shot down under Article 20+ (100-20) * 43 = 55%, total 4-5 )

    And take into account that there is no Sarmatian, no Vanguard, but there are ordinary ones ...
    1. Dear sofa expert. April 1 2020 17: 16
      Oh, who said that 3 blocks of the Vanguard must be inserted into Sarmat? You can have one. For a breakthrough. With an electromagnetic warhead, for example. And behind it already “slow” other “fillings” will fly down. There you will have power and false goals, and whatever you want.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 1 2020 17: 41
        In cartoons, just one. But in thematic articles up to 3.

        And the rest - this is a tactic ...
        1. Dear sofa expert. April 1 2020 17: 46
          Well, cartoons are there or not anymore, it makes no sense to guess. Time will tell. I think Americans are not stupid enough to believe cartoons. Since they are discussing this topic, then it is.
        2. Peter Tverdokhlebov April 1 2020 18: 08
          In Putin's cartoons, the Vanguard missile system is shown, and it has one UBB.
  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) April 2 2020 11: 52
    Not before the US withdraws ALL of its troops outside the United States, abandon the missile defense system and reduce its fleet to the size necessary for coastal defense. And before that, the Yankees have nothing to talk about!