Hungary began the "creeping capture" of Ukraine

In the village of Khaidudoroga, on the border with Ukraine, police arrested local officials who issued Hungarian passports for bribes to Ukrainians. In addition, law enforcement officers are looking for Ukrainians who illegally obtained documents on Hungarian citizenship.

It is known that Hungary has long issued passports to compatriots - ethnic Hungarians living in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. However, some corrupt officials for bribes grant citizenship of Hungary, which is part of the European Union, and those Ukrainian citizens who have nothing to do with the Hungarian people. In light of the sharp deterioration in bilateral relations between Budapest and Kiev, the Hungarian authorities decided to deal with the urgent problem. It turned out that Ukrainians come to border villages, register, and then receive citizenship for bribes.

Now Budapest is in a rather difficult position. On the one hand, the deterioration of relations with Ukraine requires increased care for the Hungarians living in the Transcarpathian region. The Hungarian leadership is confident that the Transcarpathian Magyars, established in Kiev, are seriously discriminating (and there is some truth to this - recently unknown persons even threw the Molotov cocktail at the office of the Hungarian Culture Society of Transcarpathia in the capital of the region, Uzhgorod. Back in 2010, Hungary adopted a program of repatriation of ethnic Hungarians, as well as persons who are descendants of subjects of the Austro-Hungarian empire (and these are not only Magyars, but also Slavs - Rusyns, Transcarpathian Germans, Slovaks, some groups of gypsies - Magyars).

Although many of them have long had Hungarian passports, someone might not have received it and Budapest is unlikely to curtail the official citizenship program. The exact number of Ukrainian citizens who received Hungarian passports and “Hungarian cards” is unknown, but in February 2015 there were at least 94 thousand such people in Transcarpathia (almost two thirds of all Hungarians in Ukraine).

The Ukrainian authorities are very unhappy with the provision of Hungarian passports to Ukrainian citizens. In this, Kiev sees a threat to its power in Transcarpathia, which has long been the subject of poorly concealed territorial claims by Budapest.

Ukraine even went for the prohibition of dual citizenship, but in practice no one in Transcarpathia is going to comply with the Kiev regime’s decrees. All that the governor of Transcarpathia Gennady Moskal managed to do was dismiss several officials from the regional administration who were happy owners of Hungarian passports. Moreover, many Ukrainians are also interested in obtaining Hungarian citizenship, who begin to look for non-existing Magyar roots or go the simpler way - bribe officials through special intermediary firms (obtaining a Hungarian passport usually costs Ukrainians 5-10 thousand euros).

For Ukrainians, Hungarian citizenship is a way to get a job in any EU countries, and for Budapest, the arrival of “new citizens” is another headache. Hungary has long fought against illegal migration, being the most consistent opponent of migration policy The European Union. Until recently, criticizing the "importation" of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe, Budapest turned a blind eye to Ukrainian migration, but now the patience of the Hungarian authorities has exploded.
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